Estimation of a Building with Plan

Estimation of A Building With Plan

Estimation of a Building with Plan

It is process predicting probable cost of project by calculating material quantity and their costing with help of market rates before undertaking of any construction project.

Data Required Preparing Estimate:

  • Plan, Elevation & section.
  • Schedule of opening of door and windows.
  • Foundation drawing.
  • Column & Beam drawings.

Steps for Estimation of Building:

1) Interpretation of Drawing:

Before you directly start calculating quantity, you must precisely and correctly read the construction drawing.

  • Check dimension of each block is provided or not.
  • Check Schedule of opening is there.
  • Check specification of work.
  • Check thickness of wall is same or changes.
  • Check Rise and tread dimension of stair.
  • Check type of foundation and its details drawing.

2) Prepare Estimation Sheet:

Following is a sample sheet for preparing estimate.

While taking length, width and depth/ height dimension remember that not all dimension are given in drawing. Some dimension you need calculate from drawing also.

3) Calculating Quantity:

For example, first quantity of estimation sheet is excavation in foundation. So find out dimension of length, width and depth of excavation from drawing.

Building Estimation Sheet

Estimation of a Building with Plan

Keep in mind:

  • Excavation depth is calculated from ground level to bottom of PCC work.
  • Size of trench much be larger than size of footing to provide easy for workers.

Here, Size of footing is 1 m x 1 m. So, consider 0.25 m extra margin on both side of trench.

Length will be = 0.25 + 1 + 0.25 = 1.5 m, and Size becomes 1.5 m x 1.5 m. Depth is given 1.5 m from ground level.

Now, find number of Footing in building = 12 nos. Put this all values in Estimation sheet multiple with each other will gives you quantity of excavation.

In Similar way, you can calculate other quantity like PCC, Footing Concrete; Earth filling, Plinth beam concrete, DPC, Brick Work in Superstructure, RCC Slab Concrete etc.

Building Estimation Sheet

Watch Full video: How to Calculate building quantities in excel sheet.

Building Estimation in Excel

Estimation of a Building with Plan

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