First Home Checklist

First Home Checklist – Before You Buy (2021)6 min read

First Home Checklist

Buying the First home is always special and exciting for anyone. Every person has dreamed of buying their first home, but be careful before buying. Before taking the decision of buying any property you much prepare your First Home Checklist which ensures your requirement and quality of your first home.

11 First Home Checklist You Must Consider Before Buying

Following are important first home checklists before you buy a new house.

  1. Foundation of House
  2. Doors & Windows Condition
  3. Plumbing and Appliances
  4. Furnace Age and Condition
  5. Water Heaters Working Details
  6. Sump Pump Details
  7. Sewer Ejector Pump
  8. Electrical Panel
  9. Air Conditioning Unit
  10. Gutters and Downspouts
  11. Roof Condition

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1. Foundation

First Home Checklist
House Foundation Check

The Foundation should be at top in first home checklist,

  • Inspect inside and outside all the way around the house.
  • Outside: Check if their large tree too close to the house; roots could cause future issues.
  • Inside: Check walls and ceilings for cracks; larger cracks could be costly.

2. Doors and Window

First Home Checklist - Before You Buy (2021)
Doors & Windows Check
  • Open and close doors – check their action it is stuck/jammed? If so, the house may be shifting.
  • Check windows: Are they crooked?  Check if they are spaces, cracks, or separation between window and caulking?
  • Check if there is a foundation settlement, which can lead to sinking.
  • Check the age of windows – old windows can be costly to replace.
  • Check, if there is a lead paint issue, which can be harmful to kids. Most houses built before 1940, generally used lead-based paint, so check if windows have been updated.3

3. Plumbing and Appliances

First Home Checklist - Before You Buy (2021)
Plumbing Check
  • Check bibcock, tap, tub, water tap, bathtub, faucet in kitchen and bathrooms; weird noises, discolored water or slow drains could indicate issues.
  • Take advice from real estate agents about the age of the appliances and if they have an existing guarantee that would cover them if it tears apart/broken Or you could ask your agent if this can be covered by your warranty when you buy the new house.
  • Observe the floor area near the dishwasher and refrigerator for stains or leaks, which could indicate plumbing issues.

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4. Furnace or Fireplace

First Home Checklist - Before You Buy (2021)
Fireplace in House
  • Ask about the age of the furnace.
  • If the furnace still running check if it is it noisy? If so, it requires cleaning/maintenance or maybe an older model that needs replacement.
  • Closely observe if there is a rust stain around the floor or cabinet, which may indicate previous repairs/issues. An essential item in your First home checklist.

5. Water Heater

First Home Checklist
Water Heater Check
  • Check company mark or sticker on the heater or ask for the age of heater.
  • Observe around the heater to check for leaks.
  • Check pipes or tank, if there are stains or corrosion on itself are common in older models and may indicate it needs cleaning.

6. Sump Pump Condition

First Home Checklist
Sump Pump
  • Check for stains or odors, leaks that may indicate issues.
  • Ask for the facility in the event of a power outage? Inverter or battery back up.

7. Sewer Ejector Pump

  • Do check for fiberglass or plastic container for cracks, breaks or damage.

8. Electrical Panels

First Home Checklist
House Wiring Check
  • Open the cover of the switchboard to look for the age of the wiring.
  • Check for the Fuse panel? The wiring may be older. Circuit breaker? Wiring is likely more up-to-date.
  • Check any electric panel expandable for appliances or remodeling. Important check of first home checklist.

9. Air Conditioning Unit

First Home Checklist
AC Check
  • Properly observe the AC unit outside the house.
  • Check if any plant is not too close to the unit – extra space keeps it more efficient.
  • Check for loud noises outside the house.
  • Observe any rust stains, which may indicate an old unit.
  • Request previous maintenance and utility bills to estimate heating/AC costs.

10. Gutters and Downspouts

  • Check for loose connections and damaged sections.
  • Check and observe that downspouts extend away from the foundation.
  • Observe the downspout extensions, which carry water away even further.
  • Check the overall slope or grade of house flooring; it should slope away from the house, not toward it.
  • Never forget to put this check-in on your first home checklist.

11. Roof Foundation

First Home Checklist
Roof Inspection
  • Get details about the age of the roof and if there are any warranties.
  • Get details about when it was last inspected.
  • Check how the looks from the street at a distance: Is it laying flat? If wavy, it could be old or have issues.
  • Check if there are any missing shingles or curled edges.

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