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6 Ways To Transform An Ordinary Kids Bedroom Into A Smart Bedroom6 min read

It’s hard to raise a kid when you have a hectic routine to deal with. However, the advancement in technology can help you keep an eye on your children’s O’clock.

6 Ways To Transform An Ordinary Kids Bedroom Into A Smart Bedroom
Smart Bedroom

All you have to do is convert their ordinary room into a smart room, and Bob will be your uncle. Don’t you know how to make that happen? Here are the top 6 ideas to get the job done:

1. Add Smart Light Features

We know the struggle is real for kids when they have to switch lights off before falling asleep. In the same way, children don’t like getting out of their beds to turn the light on when they have to read or watch something.

If these are your point of concerns for your little ones, hold your horses, we have got you covered here.

Invest in smart lights to let your kids operate them from the comfort of their beds. The best thing about smart lights is you can create timers and turn them on or off via your voice or mobile phone.

If you want to add a fun touch, bring a multi-color 3D gorilla shape lamp for your kids to play with.

6 Ways To Transform An Ordinary Kids Bedroom Into A Smart Bedroom
3D Multi Coloured GorillaLamp

The use of smart bulbs is also recommended inside kids’ rooms to make sure they can dim the light or change the light color without leaving the bed.

Smart lights were once a dream, and right now, we are living that dream. On top of everything, smart lights and bulbs consume less electricity than ordinary lights and illumination options.

We bet your youngster will love spending time inside a smart room because aforementioned features.

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2. Invest In Smart Shades

After taking care of lights and bulbs, the next thing you need to consider is the other light source: the windows.

6 Ways To Transform An Ordinary Kids Bedroom Into A Smart Bedroom
Smart Window Shades

Just like smart lights, you can install smart shades in your children’s room to make sure they can raise and lower them while sitting in their comfort zone.

The shades can be operated with the help of a voice or a smartphone (whatever suits your little one). Apart from that, timers can also be created to make sure shades can be raised and lowered depending on your kid’s routine.

Just imagine how happy your infant will feel when a “morning” or “night” protocol can be established via voice or mobile phone? Believe us or not, your kids will feel like magicians.

Last but not least, these shades aren’t something for which you have to break the bank. Plenty of options are available in the market. Go for those shades that fall within your range.

3. Bring Voice Assistants Come Into Play

There is no way the idea of a smart child’s bedroom can be executed flawlessly without voice assistants and smart speakers.

6 Ways To Transform An Ordinary Kids Bedroom Into A Smart Bedroom
Voice Assistant

Home automation devices can be used most ingeniously, both for entertainment and educational purposes.

One of the brilliant features of voice assistants linking them to smart devices like smart lights, shades, hubs, etc. You can either operate them from your room or let your youngsters deal with them from theirs.

We suggest you let your kids handle voice assistants because it’ll make them more curious to explore how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Moreover, operating smart devices will surely improve their communication and speaking skills.

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4. Smart Plugs For All The Dumb Stuff

Kids room generally has myriad of electronics such as chargers, fans, heaters, LEDs, TVs, etc.

Smart plugs can prove to be ingenious for a bedroom as they give intelligence to all the devices without breaking the bank.

6 Ways To Transform An Ordinary Kids Bedroom Into A Smart Bedroom
Smart Plugs

Another top-notch reason to rely on smart plugs is that they can be installed easily. All you need to do is plug one into the electrical outlet and then plug something into it.

However, make sure you set it up with an application and connect it to google assistant. Once it is done, you will have full voice command over them.

It’s always challenging and troublesome to deal with electronic devices throughout the night because it disturbs your sleep pattern. We recommend you invest in smart plugs because they can help you significantly save your overall cost.

If your little one has a habit of leaving the bedroom with all the appliances running, those smart plugs can take care of it without losing electricity.

5. Smart Lullaby Can Seal The Deal

Making a kid fall asleep is not a child’s play, especially if both are working parents. However, this particular problem can be taken care of for once and all with the help of smart lullabies.

We bet your kid will enjoy a sound and healthy sleep with a smart lullaby because it has sleep trackers to make kids remembers when they should go to bed for taking a nap.

Not only will your children get to sleep promptly, but these smart gadgets will also help them get up on time because of the built-in alarm clock.

Parents are always worried whether their kids are sleeping or not, and with a smart lullaby, a slight noise will be detected to notify parents that they need to see their kids.

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6.   Self-Making Duvets Can Do Wonders

You can talk about as many kids as you want, and you’ll find one thing common in them, they hate making up their beds.

If you have kids who hate making their beds up, you better bring them self-making duvets in place of traditional bedding.

Generally, these duvets come with a control box that can be hidden underneath the bed for 100% functionality. The duvets can also be connected to mobile phones so the youngsters can operate them on their own.

Once you bought these duvets for your place, you will surely make your children get rid of the hassle of making up their beds every now and then.

Final Thoughts

That’s it. That’s how you can transform a traditional kid’s bedroom into a smart bedroom.

So, which one of the aforementioned ideas has inspired you the most? We’d love to know!

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