Floor Space Index Calculator

Floor Space Index Calculator, Just enter your floor area details in appropriate bracket. it will automatically calculate the F.S.I. of your building.

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Floor Space Index Calculator For Various Cities of India.


In India capital city , the FSI is between 1.2 and 3.5,


The permissible FSI in the Mumbai city is 1.33 to 1.83.

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai allows an FSI of 2.5 for development of land parcels under MHADA and 2.5 plus incentives for redevelopment works.6

The Maharashtra govt. has approved an additional 0.5 FSI on payment of a premium.


In New Town Kolkata Building Rules, 2009, the range of FSI for residential structures in Kolkata is between 1.5 and 2.5.


Construction of residential buildings in Chennai, under Chennai Second Masterplan 2026, must conform to the FSI limit of 1.5 for ordinary residential buildings and 2 for high rise buildings.


The permissible FSI in the central areas  of Ahmedabad is 1.2 while it goes up to 1.8 for localities in the suburbs.

The permissible FAR in Ahmedabad is much lower compared to other cities of the country.


The Bengluru is called ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is divided into three zones like the intense developed, moderate developed and sparsely developed for allocation of FSI.
In Bangalore Revised Master Plan 2015, the FSI varies from 1.75 for smaller plots to 3.35 for larger plots, with consideration of factors like area, building activity, plot size and road width.
There are separate regulations for integrated townships as well, with 40 per cent designated for residential use and rest for IT/BT related areas with FSI ranging between 2.5 and 3.25 based on road width.


Hyderabad state has not put any FSI restrictions.
The municipal corporation and urban development (MA&UD) department is however considering reintroduction of floor space index (FSI) norm for high-rise buildings in Telangana.


The allowable floor space index in Gurgaon ranges between 1 and 1.45, as per the official website of Haryana Urban Development Authority.
The maximum value of FSI for industrial setups is kept at 1.25. For  public buildings Construction also permission to an FSI of 1.5.


For Border area of Delhi and UP developed area is Noida and Greater Noida which witnessed high housing demand, the value of FSI is set between 2.75 and 3.5, group housing project are allowed an FAR of 2.75.
The industrial buildings are permitted a maximum FAR of 1.5 while commercial buildings have a maximum FAR of 4, depending on building height and ground coverage.


Pune authorities permit an FSI between 1.5 and 2.5, depending on various factors, as per the Draft Development Control Regulations for Development Plan Pune and a high FAR of 5.5 is allowed for slum redevelopment projects.

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