Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculator | Boundary Wall Construction Cost Calculator

What Is Compound Wall?

A compound wall is constructed around the periphery of your house land/plot area which ensures the safety and privacy protection. The major function of a compound wall is security. The compound wall prevents trespassers from moving into your house and also restricts any unknown personal entry into your personal space.

The brick and precast compound walls are the most popular in the world.

Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculator | Boundary Wall Construction Cost Calculator
Compound Wall

Today’s modern house is constructed as a single unit with more glass windows and open space around the house. Therefore it is compulsory to have a compound wall.

Compound wall constructed around the house helps households to be separate from road noise.

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What Is Boundry Wall?

A boundary wall is constructed around any land or open property to keep away trespassers entry. The boundary wall serves the purpose to surround an immovable property.

The boundary wall divides two properties, particularly residential ones, which are one of the main causes of disputes between neighbors.

Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculator | Boundary Wall Construction Cost Calculator
Boundary Wall

Whenever you purchase a new property it is essential to identify where the boundaries to the property are located and who has responsibility for maintaining them.

The following are types of compound walls based on material and construction methods.

Types of Compound Wall

  1. Precast Compound Wall
  2. Masonry Compound Wall
  3. Ornamental Compound Wall
  4. Cladding Compound Wall
  5. Security Compound Wall

1. Precast Compound Wall

The precast compound walls are generally made of steel and concrete. Precast walls are cheaper compare to brick walls.

Precise compound walls are available in strong and attractive designs compare to traditional brick walls. The precast boundary wall reduces the project cost by up to 50%.

As the components of these compound walls are manufactured in a factory and shifted to the actual site, there is only a need of assembling all parts to construct the compound wall.

Precast wall construction needs very little time compared to other compound wall construction.

How to Calculate Precast Compound Wall Cost

The precast concrete wall construction cost can be calculated by multiplying its total area of work in sqft with the rate of construction per sqft.

Precast Compound Wall Cost = Compound wall area in sqft x rate of construction per sqft

Suppose, there is a rectangular compound wall with a length is 60 ft and width is 40 ft with a height of the wall is 5 ft.

Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculator
Compound Wall Plan
Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculator | Boundary Wall Construction Cost Calculator
Precast Compound Wal

Total length of compound wall = 2 x 40 ft + 2 x 60 ft = 200 ft

Total area of compound wall = 200 ft x 5 ft = 1000 sq ft

The rate of compound wall construction with material and labour is 80-100 rs./sqft

Precast Compound Wall Cost = 1000 sqft x 80 Rs./sqft

Precast Compound Wall Cost = Rs. 80,000

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Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculator (boundary wall construction cost calculator)

The following calculator to know the compound wall construction cost,

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