Estimation and Costing MCQ

Civil engineering MCQ and estimation and costing MCQ for competitive exam.

Q. 1 The rate of payment is made for 100 cu m (per % cu m) in case of

Excavation in trenches for foundation

B. Earth work in excavation

C. Rock cutting

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 2 The rate of an item of work depends on

A. Specifications of materials

B. Proportion of mortar

C. Specifications of works

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 3 The main factor to be considered while preparing a detailed estimate, is

A. Transportation of materials

B. Availability of materials

C. Quantity of the materials

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 4 Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. The formal acceptance by the administrative department for incurring an expenditure on the work, is called administrative approval

B. The actual expenditure involved to complete a work including incidental, establishment and travelling charges, is called actual cost

C. The estimated value of the work excluding the amount for contingencies, work charged establishment, tool and plants, is called work value

D. All the above

B. Fat lime

Q. 5 Brick walls are measured in sq. m if the thickness of the wall is

A. 15 cm

B. 20 cm

C. 10 cm

D. None of these

C. 10 cm

Q. 6 The plinth area of a building not includes

A. Area of cantilevered porch

B. Lift and wall including landing

C. Area of the walls at the floor level

D. Internal shaft for sanitary installations up to 2 sq m. in area

A. Area of cantilevered porch

Q. 7 If the formation level of a highway has a uniform gradient for a particular length, and the ground is also having a longitudinal slope, the earthwork may be calculated by

A. Prismoidal formula

B. rapezoidal formula

C. Mid-section formula

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 8 While estimating a reinforced cement structure, the omitted cover of concrete is assumed

A. For reinforcing longitudinal bar in a beam 25 mm minimum or diameter of the largest bar which is more

B. At the end of reinforcing bar, not less than 25 mm or twice the diameter of the bar

C. In thin slabs, 12 mm minimum or diameter of the bar whichever is more

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 9 A cement concrete road is 1000 m long, 8 m wide and 15 cm thick over the sub-base of 10 cm thick gravel. The box cutting in road crust is

A. 1500 m3

B. 500 m

C. 2000 m3

D. 1000 m3

A. 1500 m3

Q. 10 While estimating the qualities for the construction of a building, the correct metric unit is

A. Cubic metre for area

B. Square metres for volume

C. Metre for length

D. Litre for capacity

D. Litre for capacity

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