long wall and short wall method

Long Wall Short Wall Method

The long wall short wall methods are used to estimate the quantity of different work. In this method, the longer walls in a building (generally in one direction) are considered as long walls and measured from out to out and the shorter walls in a perpendicular direction to the long walls are considered as short […]

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What IS Bar Bending

Bar Bending Schedule

Bar bending schedule is a table form data in which various diameters of steel, the shape of bending, length of each bent and straight portion, angles of bending, the total length of each bar, and the number of each type of bar. This information is very useful for site engineer who is working on-site and

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Construction Estimation Software

Free Construction Estimating Software Excel

Construction Estimating Software is a tool that helps to build owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and other professionals within the construction industry to prepare cost estimates to determine the labor and material expenses, overheads, and profit goals. The basic components of the construction estimating software are labor, materials, services, equipment, etc. It helps in checking the

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Download Construction Excel Sheet

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