Types of Timber Defects

Defects in Timber: Natural To Artificial

The wood which is suitable for engineering purposes or construction is called timber. The word timber is derived from an old English word ‘timbrian’, which means ‘to build’. Timber develops many growth characteristics during or after milling. These may be considered defects in timber if they are undesirable visual attributes or structurally affect the timber. […]

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Hardwood trees list

15 Types of Hardwood Trees

What Are Hardwood Trees? Hardwood trees mean that leaves are falling off in the autumn season and through the spring season tree remains less, also the hardwood produces a nut and fruit and is often dormant in the winter season. There are many different types of hardwood trees, each with unique properties that make them

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Which Is Best Wood For Furniture | 8 Types of Wood For Funiture | Types of Wood Furniture

Top 10 Best Wood For Funiture

Wood is a popular material used in furniture making due to its natural beauty, durability, and versatility. However, not all wood types are created equal when it comes to furniture making. Each wood species has unique properties that affect its appearance, strength, and workability. Choosing the right type of wood for furniture is essential to

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