Construction Material Testing

Civil engineering and construction material testing for Concrete, Cement, Aggregate, Bricks, Stone, Bitumen, Sand, Steel, etc. full detailed method and calculation.


Core Test of Concrete

Concrete Core Test

The Concrete Core Test Is required when concrete is hardened and the laboratory cube test result shows a negative result then to ensure the quality or strength of concrete work the Core Test on Concrete is performed. In the Concrete Core test, the sample or core is collected from the hardened concrete and extracted using […]

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Aggregate Testing | 7 Test On Aggregates | Coarse Aggregate Test

7 Aggregate Test: Method & Procedure

Aggregates are the most basic material used in construction. Whether you’re constructing a parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk, the foundation of the infrastructure requires high-quality aggregate. Aggregates are raw material used extensively in the construction of streets, concrete, tiles, bridges, and beyond. Aggregate tests evaluate the quality of construction materials. These assessments ensure optimal performance

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