Building Materials MCQ

155. The minimum compressive strength of 1st class bricks should be

A.75 kg/cm2

B. 90 kg/cm2

C. 100 kg/cm2

D. 120 kg/cm2

156. The cast iron when heated to red heat with powdered red haematite in an oven for increasing its toughness is converted to

A. Grey castiron

B. White castiron

C. Mottled castiron

D. Toughed cast iron

C. Mottled castiron

157. A well-seasoned timber may contain moisture up to57.

A. 4 to 6%

B. 6 to 8%

C. 8 to 10%

D. 10 to 12 %

D. 10 to 12 %

158. The usual percentages of clay and metal in cermet are:

A. 50%,50%

B. 60%,40%

C. 70%,30%

D. 80%,20%

D 80%,20%

159. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. The plastic bottles are made by the process of blowing

B. The application of thermo-setting resins on sheets of paper is called laminating process

C. The plastic articles made by placing raw material in the desired molds, is known as molding process

D. All the above

D. All the above

160. The specific gravity of marble is

A. 2.50

B. 2.60

C. 2.66

D. 2.72

D. 2.72

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