Design of Steel Structure MCQ

Q. 11 According to IS Specifications, the maximum pitch of rivets in compression is

A. Lesser of 200 mm and 16 t

B. Lesser of 3 00 mm and 24 t

C. Lesser of 200 mm and 12 t

D. Lesser of 300 mm and 32 t

A. Lesser of 200 mm and 16 t

Q. 12 Poisson’s ratio for steel within elastic limit, ranges from

A. 0.25 to 0.24

B. 0.25 to 0.33

C. 0.15 to 0.20

D. 0.33 to 0.35

B. 0.25 to 0.33

Q. 13 The minimum width B of a solid casing for a cased beam, is equal to

A. B = b + 50 mm

B. B = b + 75 mm

C. B = b + 25 mm

D. B = b + 100 mm

D. B = b + 100 mm

Q. 14 Horizontal stiffener in a plate girder is provided to safeguard against

A. Compression buckling of web plate

B. Yielding

C. Shear buckling of web plate

D. All of the above

A. Compression buckling of web plate

Q. 15 If W and L are the total superimposed load and the span of a plate girder in metres, the approximate self weight (W) of the girder, is taken as

A. M = WL/200

B. M = WL/300

C. M = WL/100

D. M = WL/400

B. Fat lime

Q. 16 Maximum permissible slenderness ratio of a member normally acting as a tie in a roof truss, is

A. 200

B. 250

C. 180

D. 350

D. 350

Q. 17 Normally, the angle of roof truss with asbestos sheets should not be less than

A. 35°

B. 30°

C. 26½°

D. 30°

B. Fat lime

Q. 18 An imaginary line along which rivets are placed, is known as

A. Back line

B. Gauge line

C. Rivet line

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 19 Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Column load is spread over a large area on the concrete

B. Column bases transmit the column load to the concrete foundation

C. Loaded columns are supported on column bases

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 20 The capacity of the smallest pressed steel tank is

A. 1650 litre

B. 1950 litre

C. 1000 litre

D. 2450 litre

B. 1950 litre

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