Design of Steel Structure MCQ

Q. 21 The permissible stress to which a structural member can be subjected to, is known as

A. Working stress

B. Tensile stress

C. Bearing stress

D. Compressive stress

B. Tensile stress

Q. 22 Tacking rivets in tension members, are provided at a pitch in line not exceeding

A. 50 cm

B. 75 cm

C. 25 cm

D. 100 cm

D. 100 cm

Q. 23 In case of timber structures, the form factor for solid circular cross-section is taken as

A. 1.67

B. 1.18

C. 1.414

D. ) 1.81

B. 1.18

Q. 24 The distance between the outer faces of flanges of a plate girder, is known as

A. Effective depth

B. Overall depth

C. Clear depth

D. None of these

B. Overall depth

Q. 25 Which of the following conditions is to be satisfied both in elastic and plastic analysis?

A. Yield condition

B. Plastic moment condition

C. Equilibrium condition

D. Mechanism condition

C. Equilibrium condition

Q. 26 If the pitch is 6 cm and rivet value is 4 tonnes, the number of rivets required for a riveted connection carrying an eccentric load of 15 tonnes at a distance of 30 cm from the centre line, is

A. 8

B. 10

C. 8

D. 15

A. 8

Q. 27 In a grillage footing, the maximum shear force occurs at the

A. Centre of grillage beam

B. Centre of base plate

C. Edge of grillage beam

D. Centre of base plate

B. Centre of base plate

Q. 28 The difference between gross diameter and nominal diameter for the rivets up to 25 mm diameter is

A. 2.5 mm

B. 1.0 mm

C. 1.5 mm

D. 2.0 mm

C. 1.5 mm

Q. 29 Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Horizontal stiffeners may be placed alternately on opposite sides of the  web

B. Vertical stiffeners may be placed in pairs one on each side of the web

C. Single vertical stiffeners may be placed alternately on opposite sides of the web

D. All the above

D. All the above

Q. 30 The greatest permissible clear dimension of the web of thickness t in the panel of a plate girder, is restricted to

A. 220 t

B. 230 t

C. 180 t

D. 270 t

D. 270 t

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