Highway Engineering MCQ

Q. 21 Along a hill road, a side drain is provided on

A. Outer side of a spur curve

B. Outer side of a re-entrant curve

C. Inner side of both (a) and (b)

D. Outer side of both (a) and (b)

C. Inner side of both (a) and (b)

Q. 22 The total length of a valley formed by two gradients – 3% and + 2% curve between the two tangent points to provide a rate of change of centrifugal acceleration 0.6 m/sec2, for a design speed 100 kmph, is

A. 42.3 m

B. 84.6 m

C. 16.0 m

D. None of these

B. 84.6 m

Q. 23 If V is speed in km/hour and R is radius of the curve, the super-elevation e is equal to

A. V²/325 Rq

B. V²/25 R

C. V²/125 R

D. V²/225 R

D. V²/225 R

Q. 24 The weaving length of a roadway is the distance

A. Equal to total width of adjoining radial roads

B. Equal to diameter of rotary

C. Between the channelizing islands

D. Equal to half circumference

C. Between the channelizing islands

Q. 25 Following type of pavement is generally known as flexible pavement

A. Road constructed with various layers of building material well compacted

B. Stabilised soil roads

C. Water-bound macadam roads

D. All the above

B. Fat lime

Q. 26 First operation during the detailed survey of a hill road, is

A. Adjustment of alignment along with curves

B. Derivation of longitudinal and cross-sections

C. Hydrological and soil surveys

D. Fixation of Bench Marks

D. Fixation of Bench Marks

Q. 27 Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The width of the right-of-way is decided so as to accommodate

A. Formation width

B. Side slopes

C. Horizontal curve

D. Vertical curve

D. Vertical curve

Q. 28 The type of transition curves generally provided on hill roads, is

A. Cubic parabola

B. Lemniscate

C. Circular

D. Spiral

D. Spiral

Q. 29 When a number of hair pin bends are introduced, a minimum intervening distance in between is kept

A. 60 m

B. 20 m

C. 40 m

D. 100 m

A. 60 m

Q. 30 If cross slope of a country is 10% to 25%, the terrain is classified as

A. Plain 

B. Steep

C. Rolling

D. Mountainous

C. Rolling

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