Bedroom Decor & Inspiration

Bedroom Decor & Inspiration

Bedroom decorating ideas can range from the simple to the complex, depending on what suits you best. Even minor modifications like adding a headboard or accent chair can have an immediate and dramatic effect.

An art print hanging over the bed draws the eye upward and serves as an eye-catcher, drawing attention away from other decor pieces in this soothing room. The green hues in its composition create an extra soft atmosphere in this soothing space.

Add a gallery over the bed.

Create a gallery wall above your bed to dress up the area and add personal flair. For an eclectic aesthetic, mix picture sizes while arranging in different orientations and experimenting with frame styles. Or hang colorful tapestries for instant boho vibes in the bedroom.

Bedroom Decor & Inspiration
Bedroom Decor & Inspiration 5

One way to add interest and create a focal point on a wall is with wallpaper or solid color paint. For an eye-catching design statement, choose wallpaper with shades darker or lighter than those already present on your bedroom walls.

Shelves and ledges provide the ideal place for the display of trinkets and collectibles, especially if you enjoy switching things up often. Exhibiting various woven baskets offers texture and organic shape which will complement any room color scheme or style scheme.

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Look for a unique seating option

Seating options that will create an eye-catching aesthetic in the bedroom include ottomans, benches and chairs – with built-in storage units offering added benefit as a place for blankets or extra pillows without taking up too much room.

An armchair provides an ideal spot for reading and relaxing in this bedroom. An upholstered headboard adds warmth while providing an attractive focal point in this space.

Fabric wallhangings offer an easy way to create custom seating that’s both stylish and comfy, like this simple length hung above the bed as a beautiful focal point.

Add a gold bar cart

Add an elegant accent to your contemporary decor with this gold bar cart, featuring elegant metal and mirrored glass elements that elevate any space. Ideal for living rooms and entryways alike, its locking casters ensure easy mobility.

Bedroom Decor & Inspiration
Bedroom Decor & Inspiration 6

Gold drink carts make the ideal accessory for entertaining, with shelves ideal for storing and displaying bottles of wine, decorative books and other accessories. For an added touch of elegance consider choosing one with built-in wine rack; that way guests will always have your drinks close at hand when entertaining guests. These carts are also great options for smaller spaces as their footprint is significantly less than other types.

Arched windows

Arches are a versatile choice for windows that work in many home styles and create a striking focal point that draws attention upward.

Curves are ideal for large homes and two-story buildings, yet can make even small houses appear grander. Curved elements like sofas and light fixtures help tie a space together seamlessly.

Arched windows complement beautifully with window treatments that match their shape. Roman shades and drapes are timeless choices; add an architectural feature like metal grille inserts that emulate historic styles for added drama!

If you want your arches to stand out, using deep paint colors such as charcoal or black will help make them stand out more against rectangular elements such as picture frames and furniture. This helps them contrast against one another more readily. Replacement windows team in Calgary has extensive experience in installing arched windows, as well as other window replacement solutions so you can enjoy the perfect view!

Alberta showroom where you’ll find replacement windows and doors to naturally bring in light and give your home that extra touch of style and sophistication.

Think about a theme

One of the best bedroom decor ideas is to select a theme. This could range from something as basic as choosing colors to creating an atmosphere based on location or even an interest or hobby.

Choose an eye-catching piece as the centerpiece for your theme, such as an abstract painting or floor-to-ceiling print, then incorporate elements of that theme throughout the space – for instance, coastal-themed rooms might include sandy paint colors on walls and accessories with rattan accents that add coastal charm, plus linen upholstery in coral and turquoise hues.

As with any theme, it’s important to keep things within reason. For instance, if your daughter fancies owls, limit yourself to adding some wall stickers, art pieces, and accent pieces featuring them along with an accent table featuring trees as her focal point.

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