The Best Material for a New Home Entryway Door

Just like we want the best for ourselves and our families, we want the best for our homes. Even a modest house can reach heights of style and appeal.

That inspire satisfaction in you and your family, envy in your neighbors and onlookers, and respect in the real estate marketplace.

And one of the simplest, most immediate ways to do that is installing a spiffy new front entryway door.

The challenge: in an internet-driven consumer space where the level of choice presented to us can be daunting, what kind of door do you choose? There are metal doors and fiberglass doors, which come with their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

But if you’re really trying to up your home improvement game, the best choice for exterior entryway doors will always be wood.

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Why Wood?

If you’ve never had a premium wood front entryway door, you’re probably wondering why you should choose wood over newer materials like metal and fiberglass.

The truth is that all door materials have their strengths, but wood stands above its competitors for these


It’s Just Beautiful

Simply put, nothing comes close to natural wood when we’re talking about sheer beauty. Natural wood doors are absolutely eye-catching, and because wood can be shaped so many different ways, there’s a wood door to match anyone’s aesthetic preference.

If you like entryway doors with window inserts, nothing looks better than a wood door with windows, whether it’s an angular, contemporary design with strikingly simple shapes and frosted glass, or a classic design with crystal-clear beveled windows.

Sure, you could have a fiberglass door in most styles, but you’d be missing the luxurious grain and warmth that comes from popular door woods like mahogany, which just can’t be matched by veneers and fake laminates.

Real wood is real beauty. And, when it comes time to perform some needed rejuvenation on your wood door, you’ll find all kinds of possibilities for stains and finishes that bring out that lovely visual texture.


Believe it or not, wood stands right up to metal as one of the most durable materials you can use to build a door.

And trust us, you’re going to want something durable if you expect to be opening and closing it multiple times every day.

There’s a reason wood has remained the most common and widespread building material in the world since prehistory, and why it takes so much pain, effort, and machinery just to harvest timber from one tree.

Wood is unbelievably strong. If you outfit your home with a solid core wood entryway door, not only will you not have to worry about the door suffering structural damage from regular use, but you can rest assured any would-be intruder will think twice before trying to bust through that solid wood.


Here’s something most door-shoppers don’t think about until it’s too late, and they’ve already caused themselves a massive headache: door frames are not all constructed according to a set of universal standards.

While there are some generally accepted standards for door measurements and sizes, there’s no guarantee the door you buy will fit the frame you have.

The wonderful thing about wood doors is that they can be easily cut to fit just about any frame, due to the workable nature of wood.

While fiberglass and metal doors will often need to be purchased with their own proprietary door frames already attached — because there’s no practical, cost-effective way to neatly alter their dimensions — wood doors can adapt to their surroundings, and if you’re shopping in the right place, you’ll find great manufacturers who are more than willing to modify your wood door at purchase.

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Home Valuation

Wood is not cheap. We can all acknowledge this. In recent years especially, wood has undergone a massive price swell, with the pandemic having no small effect.

It may be a renewable resource, but trees just don’t grow back fast enough. When shopping for a new door, you may be tempted to opt for cheaper materials.

However, the money you save is nothing compared to the investment return of a real wood door.

Quality, solid core wood doors, especially those that are well maintained, will only contribute to the overall value of your home.

When fiberglass and metal doors degrade, there’s not much you can do to spruce them up. With wood, you’ll always be able to return it to its shining glory, and even slap on a different stain in the event you want to spice things up, or complement your home’s new exterior color scheme.

Whenever you’re shopping for a new wood entryway door, make sure you consult the experts at ETO Doors.

ETO is proud to provide gorgeous, high-quality, ecologically sustainable wood doors in any style, and to suit any application.


What are the most common materials used for a new home door entry?

The most common materials used for a new home door entry include wood, fiberglass, and steel.

What are the benefits of using fiberglass for a new home door entry?

Fiberglass doors are durable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. They can also mimic the look of wood or other materials.

How do I choose the best material for my new home door entry?

Consider factors such as your personal style, climate conditions, security needs, and budget when choosing the best material for your new home door entry.

Can a new home door entry be energy-efficient?

Yes, doors made from energy-efficient materials such as fiberglass and insulated steel can help to reduce energy costs by keeping your home well-insulated.

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