Standard width and height of door

Standard Door Size In Feet: Main Door Size & Internal Door Size

A standard door size refers to a typical size of a door that is commonly used in construction and building projects. The standard size can vary depending on the location and purpose of the building, but certain dimensions are generally accepted as standard.

These dimensions are often used as a starting point for planning and designing doors in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

In the United States, the standard door size is 80 inches in height and 32 to 36 inches in width, while the standard height for residential doors is usually 80 inches. These measurements are used as a guideline for builders and architects but can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.

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What Is Standard Door Size?

In the United States, two types of door sizes are mostly used for home interior and exterior doors. The standard size for internal and external doors are as follows,

What Is Standard Door Size | Standard Door Height | Standard Door Width | Standard Door Frame Size
Internal and External Size of Door

Exterior Door Standard Size in inches = 80 Inch. (Height) x 42 Inches. (Width)

Interior Door Standard Size in inches = 80 Inch. (Height) x 36 Inches. (Width)

Exterior Door Standard Size in feet = 6 ft 8 In (Height) x 3 ft 6 In (Width)

Interior Door Standard Size in feet = 6 ft 8 In (Height) x 3 ft (Width)

Standard Size of Door Frame

The standard size is 6 ft 8 which does not include the size of the door frame. The door frame size is generally wider than the door opening. The door frame post has a width between 2 to 4 inches.

The total width of door frame = Width of door frame + width of door + width of the door frame

What Is Standard Door Size | Standard Door Height | Standard Door Width | Standard Door Frame Size
Standard Door Frame Size

= 2″ + 36″ + 2″

Width of door frame = 40″

Similarly height of door frame = height of door + width of a door frame

= 6′ 8″ + 2″

Height of door frame = 6′ 10″

Therefore, the size of the door frame is 82″x40″

Standard Door Width

The door width is not fixed, it can vary depending on materials and uses. However, the most utilized standard internal door width is around 32″ and the external door width is 36″. The 32″ wide door is a minimum width required for any passenger passing door.

There are also narrow-width doors available in the market such as 30″, 28″, and 24″ wide doors.

If you choose a 36″ width door, it will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are a popular choice for homes whose residents have mobility issues.

Standard Door Height

The door height ranges from 80″ to 96″ depending on its purpose to serve. The taller door heights are selected for the big entrance of the hall or public building entrance.

In the United States, The standard door height is around 80″ (6 ft 8 inches).

In India, The standard door height is around 84″ ( 7 ft)

However, the door heights can be 96″ for custom doors and personal choice to have taller doors of own house.

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Internal Door Size In the UK

  • 78″ x 18″ to 21″ – These sizes are mostly used for cupboards and wardrobes.
  • 78″ x 24″ to 27″ – This size of the door is usually preferred where wall space is limited and for small door fitting work.
  • 78″ x 30″ – It is also called a 2’6″ door and It is the most used size of door in England and Wales.

78″ x 33″- It is most suitable for wheelchair movement inside or outside. It is also called 2′ 9″ door size.

Standard Door Size in India

The standard size for various rooms, the entrance of schools, hospitals, halls, etc. are fixed by govt of India. The standard height and width of doors are recommended in IS code based on use, function, and movability requirements.

The standard door sizes in India is as follows

1. For Main entrance door = 36” x 84”, 42” x 84”, 48” x 84” , 36” x 96”

2. For Living room, hall, bedroom, etc = 36” x 84”, 36” x 96”

3. For Bathroom, Toilet = 30”x 84”, 33” x 84”

The following table shows the standard door size for different rooms,

Door Type Sizes In Inches
1. Main Entrance Door 36” x 84” 42” x 84” 48” x 84” 36” x 96”
2. Living Room & Bedroom 32” x 84” 36” x 84” 42” x 84”  
3. Bathroom & Toilet 30”x 84” 33” x 84”    

Types of Doors and Their Standard Size

There are various types of doors used in building construction. In the case of residential construction, we can categorize them into two parts: external doors and internal doors.

The door in residential houses must have a standard size that proves to be economical while replacing it with a new door of the same size.

The building bylaws followed by the authority must consider the easy and comfortable movement of all members of society, including kids, seniors, tall people, and those with special needs.

A. Main Door Size

The entrance door is the main entry point of any house. It means everyone whether it is human or any object, furniture has to pass the door. Therefore entrance door must have sufficient width and height.

1. Single Entrance Door

A single main door can have the following sizes,

80 x 32″ (2,032 x 813 mm)

80″ x 30″ (2,032 x 762 mm)

80″ x 36″ (2,032 x 914 mm) – Most Prepared Size

80″ x 42″ (2,032 x 914 mm) – Most Prepared Size

Entrance Door Size
Entrance Door Size

However, some people want a taller front door that looks more attractive and impressive to visitors.

A Door Size 96″ x 36″ (2,438 mm) has now become popular among US homeowners.

3. Double Front

Single front doors are basic door types and old house owners used them. Single front doors are less costly compared to double front doors.

Even if they are affordable they look basic and they are not visually attractive or impressive in look. Single-entry doors are certainly the norm, yet they are quite basic compared to double-entry doors.

 Double Front Door Size
Double Front Door Size

If you are thinking about buying new furniture, large electronics, or other big sizes items, a double door may better serve your needs.

The standard size of a double entrance door consists of two equal halve of the same height 80″ to 96″ and the width of the halves can vary depending on the width of the entrance owner want for his home.

  • 80″ x 60″ which includes two wings of 30″ size each
  • 80″ x 64″ which includes two wings of 32″ size each
  • 80″ x 72″ which includes two wings of 36″ size each

B. Interior Door

The interior door is primly used for the in-house movement of a person or object. The bedroom, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, and toilet doors are considered interior doors.

The standard size of the interior door is as follows,

  • 80″ x 28″
  • 80″ 32″
  • 80″ x 36″

The standard size of the interior double door is as follows,

  • 80″ x 60″ (Two halve 30″ each)
  • 80″ x 64″ (Two halve 30″ each)
  • 80″ x 72″ (Two halve 30″ each)

Door Size In mm, Inches & Feet

Size in mmSize in inchesSize in feet
1981 X 45778″ X 18″6’6″ X 1’6″
1981 X 53378″ X 21″6’6″ X 1’9″
1981 x 61078″ X 24″6’6″ X 2’0″
1981 x 68678″ x 27″6’6″ X 2’3″
1981 X 71178″ X 28″6’6″ X 2’4″
1981 X 76278″ X 30″6’6″ X 2’6″
1981 X 83878″ X 33″6’6″ X 2’9″
1981 X 91578″ X 36″6’6″ X 3’0″
1981 X 106778″ X 42″6’6″ X 3’6″
1981 X 116878″ X 46″6’6″ X 3’10”
1981 X 122078″ X 48″6’6″ X 4’0″
1981 x 137278″ X 54″6’6″ X 4’6″
1981 x 152478″ X 60″6’6″ X 5’0″
2032 X 81380″ x 32″6’8″ X 28″
2134 X 91584″ X 36″7’0″ x 3’0″

e in the overall appearance and functionality of a building.

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