Steel Quantity Calculation Excel Sheet3 min read

Steel Quantity Calculation Excel Sheet

Slab Section - Calculate Steel Quantity For Slab
Slab Section

1) Data Required

i) Length, Width, and Thickness of slab.

ii) The diameter of main steel bar and Distribution steel bars.

iii) The spacing of main steel bar and Distribution steel bars.

iv) Cover Details: Side Cover, Top & Bottom Cover for Slab.

2) Assumption

i) Bent up bar has bent up angle 45°.

ii) All Bent ups are provided at Effective Span/4 Distance as per IS.

iii) Standard Hooks length is taken as 9D (D = Diameter of steel bars)

iv) The supporting wall has a fix width of 300 mm or 0.3 m.

Rcc Slab Reinforcement Details - Calculate Steel Quantity For Slab
Plan of Slab Reinforcement

Steps to Calculate Steel Quantity

  1. Enter Length and Width of your slab in ft in Excel Sheet. (Convert Inches to feet)
  2. Enter the Thickness of the slab in mm only.
  3. Enter Main and distribution steel diameter in Excel Sheet.
  4. Enter Cover Details. (If Don’t have cover details let it be, they are standard cover)
  5. Enter Spacing of Main bent bar and Distribution steel bars in mm only.

As you Enter these data correctly in excel sheet on right-hand side you can see the following quantity of slab:

No. of bent up bars =______

No. of Distribution bars = ______

Length of Main Bars = ______

Length of Distribution Steel = ______

Weight of Main Steel bars = ______

Weight of Distribution Steel bars = _______

Total Steel Required For Slab = ________

Cost of Total Steel at rate of 45 rs./ kg =______

How to calculate steel quantity for slab

Slab Reinforcement Calculation

Sample Calculation for slab having Size Length 35 feet & Width 14 feet

Calculate Steel Quantity For Slab

Steel Quantity Calculation Excel Sheet Download

Download Slab Steel Quantity Calculation Excel sheet from below link,

Steel Quantity Calculation Excel Sheet

Watch Video: How to Use Slab Steel Quantity Calculation Excel Sheet


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