Bill of Quantities Excel Sheet Free Download

Method of preparing Bill of Quantities in Excel Sheet

Bill of Quantity Excel Sheet
Bill of Quantity Excel Sheet

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Bill of Quantity Excel Sheet
Bill of Quantity Excel Sheet

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What is the Bill of Quantities?

Bill of Quantities (BOQ or BQ) is documentation established to define the quality and quantity of works required to be carried out by the main contractor to complete a project. It is prepared by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant.

What is the purpose of the Bill of Quantity?

Various Purpose of Bill of Quantity listed below:
1. It is useful in cost planning before tendering process.
2. Tendering- useful in passing important construction tenders.
3. It provides a basic idea to investors about the cost of the project. 
4. It provides a basis for the valuation of variation.

What is the meaning of BOQ in the tender?

BOQ stands for Bill of Quantities in Tendering.  Bill of Quantity gives an idea about the cost of a project that is tendering firm willing to offer. This information is important for them to fill a higher or lower rate with respect to their rate while contracting. 

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