Types of Chimney Caps For Home

A chimney cap is one type of large concrete slab, and it is mainly constructed to prevent the entrance of rainwater inside the chimney, as well as to prevent animals from nesting in your chimney. Also sometimes it is known as a chimney crown.

Chimney Caps Or Crown
Chimney Caps

In the local market, different types of chimney Caps are available, so it is important to know which In this article, we discuss various chimney crowns and caps.

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Types of Chimney Caps

The diverse types of chimney caps available in the market cater to different needs, weather conditions, and architectural styles. Let’s delve into some common types:

  1. Weather shield Chimney Caps
  2. Top Mount Chimney Crown
  3. Band-Around Chimney Caps
  4. Electric Draft Chimney Caps
  5. Draft Increasing Chimney Caps
  6. Standard Chimney Caps
  7. Integral Damper Chimney Crown
  8. Custom Chimney Caps

1. Weather Shield Chimney Crown

Weather Shield Chimney Cap
Weather Shield Chimney Crown

The weather shield chimney cap is particularly used in that areas where have strong winds and colder climates, generally, it can be made with galvanized metals, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The use of this weather shield type of chimney caps is that they are corrosion resistant and can withstand very harsh weather conditions.

The weather shield chimney can be used on both prefabricated chimneys and masonry chimneys, and additionally keep out fallen leaves, precipitation, and chimney pest, also easy to install and maintain so that mostly used these chimneys.

2. Top Mount Chimney Crown

Top Mount Chimney Cap
Top Mount Chimney Crown

The top mount chimney cap as the name suggests is attached with screws through a flange into the chimney crown, use this chimney cap if your flue sticks are above your chimney crown.

It is generally made up of galvanized metal, stainless steel, and copper, and the same as the weather shield chimney cap is used for prefabricated chimneys and masonry chimneys.

Before picking a type of chimney cap or crown always is sure to select it according to your needs and the design of the chimney.

3. A band around brick Chimney Crown

A band around Brick Chimney Cap
Types of Chimney Caps For Home 7

This chimney crown consists of a metal skirt with an adjustable band to the outside of your chimney and it covers the entire chimney. But require a professional person to install it.

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4. Electric Draft Chimney Crown

This is one of the most innovative chimney caps or crowns, and it is equipped with a fan with different specialized settings to help you get a solid draft going on your fire.

This electric cap is made up of metal and comes in various sizes and anywhere from 3 to 12 inches.

The biggest advantage of using this draft chimney cap is that they have adequate ability to help fireplace drafts, and it improves overall performance by decreasing the amount of the draft based on weather.

5. Draft Increasing Chimney Crown

This draft Chimney cap is the most popular type of cap, it is used in both older homes and modern homes and the biggest advantage is that they increases the amount of wind updraft inside of a chimney, it is an essential feature if you struggle with the fireplace warmth in your house.

This draft-inducing cap cycle releases the cold air quickly and you can see a significant change in the amount of warmth in your house.

Its caps are easily available in different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal and they can be used in both fireplaces namely prefabricated places and masonry places.

But the biggest disadvantage is using draft-increasing chimney caps is that using a spinning turbine can get gummed up with smoke and other deposits from your fireplace.

6. Integral Damper Mechanisms

This integral damper chimney cap prevents cold drafts from shooting down the fireplace and blowing out the fire that is best for masonry-type fireplaces and is generally made up of stainless steel.

The integral damper cap is installed on the interior phase of the chimney and attached with a hose that runs down the chimney into the fireplace, where a lever is attached to the wall.

7. Standard Chimney Crown

Generally, the standard chimney cap is mounted in one of three ways; you can also mount it by screwing it to the base angle of a cap and then tightening it to the tile of your flue.

Additionally, some standard chimney cap comes with mounting angles, as well as other types of fasteners that help for attaching them to your chimney. The biggest advantage is that it helps to increase updraft when the climate is windy.

8. Custom Chimney Crown

Custom Chimney Cap
Custom Chimney Crown

The custom chimney cap as the name suggests can be customized according to your requirements, and they are available in copper, stainless steel, and galvanized metal.

This type of chimney cap can come with various features and attachments to ensure that they fit with your flu properly and perform perfectly. So if you have fireplace sparks pest infestation downdrafts or updrafts.

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