Types of Door Locks: Their Security Level

A door lock is a device that is used to secure a door and prevent unauthorized access. It is an essential component of home and building security and can range from simple mechanical locks to more advanced electronic locks.

There are different types of door locks, including deadbolts, doorknobs, lever handles, and smart locks, each with its level of security and convenience. When choosing a door lock, it’s important to consider factors such as the level of security needed, ease of use, and compatibility with your door.

With the advancement of technology, door locks have become increasingly sophisticated, offering features such as remote access, keyless entry, and integration with smart home systems.

Types of Door Locks

Door locks play a crucial role in securing homes and businesses. There are various types of door locks, including deadbolts, lever handle locks, knob locks, smart locks, and more.

1. Pad Locks

Pad Locks

This padlock is a pretty popular and common one in the door lock category, also it comes in various sizes but the shape of the lock is square or rectangular with u shape bar.

One end of the lock bar stays in the lock and another bar end is free to position but they move up and down to lock and unlock the door lock.

These door locks come in two essential varieties key the combination padlock and the keypad lock, in combination one can set up several dials for opening the door lock and does not need to carry the key or lock that is plus point to the combination padlock and for key padlocks, there is particular lock key is given to you for opening the door lock.

This padlock is the quickest and easiest lock variant among the different locks, a perfect fit for office doors, house doors, and cabinets.

2. Knob Locks

Knob Lock
Knob Locks

These knob locks are pretty popular and commonly used in residential building or apartment; this is attached to the exterior side of the entrance door, and beside deadbolts fit for security and safety purpose, and the biggest advantage of using this lock does not carry to lock only carry the key of door lock, the lock is already attached inside the door.

These door locks have mechanisms of locking the home door with single-cylinder and double-cylinder mechanisms. However, they are not the most secure locks, because you can break off the knots with the use of any heavy material, rod, or hammer.

So that it is always better to also have a deadbolt along with the door knob on the exact exterior phase, but this knob lock is very handy for locking and unlocking the door.

3. Lever Handle type lock

Lever Handle types of door lock
Lever Handle type lock

These lever-handle door locks are a popular choice to use for inside doors within offices or houses. They are mainly used in commercial places such as offices, shops, and shop cabinets.

This has a sizable pushdown style handle in this kind of lock that works to open and close the locks. But the drawback is it is not suitable for the main gate or exterior door, but suitable for the bathroom door lock and bedroom door.

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4. Deadbolt-type lock

Deadbolt type lock
Deadbolt-type lock

This deadbolt lock gives stronger protection against break-ins or burglary. Also, they have a lock bolt that moves with the turning of a key without a spring or turning the knob.

This unique locking mechanism is better equipped for resisting physical attack, boring, battering, and making them less susceptible to a hand tool.

The deadbolt lock comes in three primary locks, namely single deadbolt lock, double deadbolt lock, and vertical deadbolt lock. This single-cylinder deadbolt lock has the simplest mechanism it can be activated from one side with a key.

The double-cylinder door lock can be activated with a key from both sides and the vertical deadbolt lock can operate similarly to single and double deadbolt locks.

5. Cam Locks

Cam Lock
Cam Locks

Cam locks are merely named because of their appearance, these cam locks are mostly there around lockers, cabinets, deposit boxes, mailboxes, and many more.

This is quite a simplified version of a door lock, only need to key to turn on a cam that rotates to unlock or lock the door. This lock comes in a flat or tabular shape with the same shape as a key requiring opening or closing.

6. Smart or digital lock

Smart Lock
Smart or digital lock

These smart locks are the modern technology revolution of door locks that do not require any type of key to lock or unlock the door, they simply function with a pin code, card, and biometrics.

But be careful using this lock system because once you enter the room and forget the pin code or type it too many times the wrong code to open the door then raises a problem.

Some smart locks are often more than just simple locks, though smart locks can be a system of video and audio monitoring and other smart features. It is also known as a digital lock.

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7. Chain Lock

Chain Lock
Chain Lock

These chain locks are generally used in hotel doors, terrace doors, store rooms, and so on. The advantage of this chain lock is that one can unlock the door slightly to see who is standing outside without opening the door.

This chain lock is similar to barrel bolt locks, also its name suggests they come with a chain that is fixed to the door. You can simply slide a chain and unlock or lock the door.

8. Latch Lock

Latch Door
Latch Lock

This latch locks key is fit to the cylinder, and the inside components move to engage the latch or bolt within the door. This latch moves inside and outside within the door frame to lock and unlock it.

Engaging the bolt or latch within the door space. Also, the mechanism is similar to the deadbolt door lock.

9. Mortise or Rim Lock

Mortise Door Lock
Mortise or Rim Lock

This Mortise door lock is mostly used for large commercial doors, fancy buildings, or glass doors, also known as a Rim lock. The mortise locks are attached and mounted inside the door and that looks like a long metal piece extended outside.

This rim lock provides high privacy and security and also come with various pattern and material.

10. Furniture lock

Furniture Lock
Furniture lock

Furniture lock as the name suggests, this kind of locks are perfect for furniture locks like cabinets or desk, in the local market two types of furniture lock is available, namely bolt-style furniture lock and push-style furniture bolt.

Also, the furniture lock is a flat metal door lock that comes from the side of the lock for closing and securing. On other hand, the push-style buttons have a rod that comes from the backside of the lock for securing the place.

When the inside lock button, the device is locked. This door is suitable for sliding doors and filing cabinets.

11. Multipoint locks

Multipoint Lock
Multipoint locks

These multipoint locks are newly arrived door locks in the market and gain popularity due to their additional security and safety for main large-size doors or gates.

These are highly ideal for a French door, UPVC door, composite door, and patio door, this door lock works at multi-point as the name suggests.

12. Barrel bolt lock

Barrel Bolt Lock Door
Barrel bolt lock

The barrel bolt lock door is one kind of sliding bolt that comes under the traditional category of door lock also easily available in different sizes and materials.

This barrel sliding bolt helps to lock and unlock the door and the two components is fixed on the door and door frame.

Also, this barrel bolt lock gives extra security indoors and they are mostly used in residential and public bathroom doors.

13. Electronic locks

Electronic Lock Door
Electronic locks

This electronic lock is consisting a new-age locking mechanism, one does not require any mechanism or keys to unlock or lock the door, instead, a keypad or card is used via a bar or unique code to door unlock or lock the door automatically.

Electronic locks are widely used for offices, hotel rooms, restaurants, and residential properties and one of the biggest advantages of using these door locks is the feature of a log that can track the use of the lock and time.

14. Disc locks

Disc Lock
Disc locks

This disc lock work as a padlock, but this lock gives high security due to its heaviness and thickness.

The disc lock consists curved bar as the main component and this lock moves towards the handle of the door and locks back, also this is a detachable type of door lock.

15. T Handle lock or vending lock

T Handle lock
T Handle lock

This T Handle lock as the name suggests the most preferred choice for a vending machine, T-Handle lock is quite an easy choice to use, One pulls out the T Handle to unlock it. So the replacement of new locks is what takes time.

There are the most famous door locks and handle knocks for easy use. Generally, vending machines are secured with what is called a pin tubular lock, or, very similarly, a barrel lock.

These locks are also found on many other kinds of equipment, such as pay phones, ATM machines, computers, and expensive bike locks.

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