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Types of Paint Brushes and Their Uses

Choosing new colors for your home is the most exciting work. We can probably spend hours for searching inspirational looks but not think about which type of painting brush is used.

However, selecting paint colors and paint brushes are equally important. Because just only expensive colors do not give a good vibe to the home how to apply paint is the main part. So the below described the type of brushes used in paint.

Their different types of Paint brushes are available in some variations in size, shape, the material of filaments, and Bristle style. For example, for water-based paint, you can only use synthetic Bristle brushes.

It is a different area like a painting of a wall or ceiling area where the use of a large brush. For finishing work use different paint brush types.

Types of Paint Brushes

The following are different types of paint brushes and their uses

Natural Bristle Brushes

Natural Bristle Brush
Natural Bristle Brush

Natural bristle brushes are made up of animal hairs which include the hair of ox, camel, horse, etc. this type of brush is used for only oil-based paints, varnish, enamel, and decorative chalk paint. This brush holds more paint and is also easy to apply.

Natural bristle brushes are not suitable for latex paint (water-based paint) because it absorbs too much water which is present in latex paint. Where advanced finishing is required at that time ox hair bristles brushes are used for painting.

Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic Bristle Brushes
Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Synthetic bristle brushes are generally used for latex paint. Synthetic brushes are made from high-quality plastic like polyester, polyester blend nylon, or a combination of nylon and polyester.

A nylon bristle brush is used for water-based paint or latex paint and polyester bristle brushes are used for wood, shellac, etc.

Large Paint Brushes

Large paintbrushes are generally used for a large area of the house. Also, it is used for the exterior face and interior face. Because large paintbrushes hold more paint comparatively to any other brushes

so that they cover a large area of houses such as ceilings, walls, etc. they have longer bristles and short handles.

Small Bristles Paint Brushes

This type of brush is used for a small area of painting such as door and window frames, ceilings, corners, etc. small paintbrush is delicate and tiny. They have a long handle.

A small brush is known as a cutter brush. It is generally used for water-based paint.

Medium Size Paint Brushes

As the name suggests this is used for a medium area of paint such as a painting of doors, windows, cabinets, walls, ceiling areas, etc. in medium brush sizes of brushes are changed according to the work.

Flat Sash Brushes

A flat brush is long, thin, and narrow in shape with a trim bristle. Thin in shape so that easy to flip the paint on the surface.

it is used for painting cupboards, doors, and windows.

Angled Sash Brushes

Angle Sash Brush
Angle Sash Brush

Angles sash brushes are short and narrow in shape with slant edges. This slant is provided at 14 degrees on the tip of a brush.

Due to the slant, it gives greater flexibility for work. This type of brush is used for detailing work.

Round Sash Paint Brushes

Small Bristles Paint Brushes
Small Bristles Paint Brushes

Round sash brushes have a soft edge with a tapered end. Its size range is available from 20 to 44 mm. generally used for decorative work like furniture paint, painting faux, etc.

Flagged-Bristle Paint Bushes

Flagged-Bristle Paint Brushes
Flagged-Bristle Paint Brushes

This brush is splitting in nature at the end and flagged bristles. So that they hold more paint and give full coverage.

Also, give a smooth and clean finish.

Finishing Brushes

This brush gives a smooth finish to paint due to its soft bristles. Also, it is easy to use and inexpensive.

The finishing brush is used for painting cabinets and doors, windows, etc.

Foam Brushes

Foam Brush
Foam Brush

Foam brushes are not suitable for full-wall painting. These brushes are specially designed for use with stain, urethane, and paint.

Stencil Brushes

Stencil Brush
Stencil Brush

A stencil brush is used for stenciling work on the wall. This brush is unique. They have more compact bristles and round shapes.

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Roller vs. Paint Brush

Paint Brush                         

  • Paint brushes are used for cutting in and cutting out of the smaller areas and also used for trims, corners, and painting of edges.
  • Paintbrush is used to give a textured effect.
  • Brushes are small in size and flexible so that easy to work with a brush.
  • Before using a paintbrush verify the type of paint.
  • Synthetic or nylon paintbrushes are suitable for water-based paint.
  • Natural paint brushes are suitable for varnish, satins, and oil-based paint, etc.

Paint Roller

  • A roller is more suitable for large and plain areas such as walls, ceilings, and furniture.
  • Rollers have porous surfaces so that they hold more paint as compared to paint brushes.
  • Different finishes can be achieved by using different rollers.
  • Also, rollers have a smooth finish so they produce an even and smooth finish of the paint.

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Care Should be taken for Paint Brush:

  • Buying good paint for your home is as same important as taking care of your paintbrush.
  • Because the finishing of paint is more important for aesthetic purposes. This finishing depends upon how to apply paint using painting tools.
  • After finishing painting work, brushes can be cleaned using soapy water or warm water. Then hang your brushes for drying the bristles.
  • Alternatively, brushes are laid on flat surfaces to prevent the curling effect of bristles.

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