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Check These 14 Legal Documents Before Buying A Property6 min read

In order to avoid problems from coming up in the future, there some important Things to Check Before Buying House or selling one in metropolitan cities or any other urban or suburban cities. There is no doubt own house purchasing is a dream of every man. But we should be aware of frauds and avoid any legal dispute by verifying the important Legal Documents Before Buying A Property

It is always suggested to hire someone or take advice when are buying it from a builder or from some Gram Panchayat of a State.

Important Legal Documents Before Buying A Property:

The following are the important Legal Documents Before Buying A Property.

  1. Ownership and Title Deed
  2. Construction Clearance Certificate or Commencement Certificate
  3. Building Approval Plan or Approved Layout Plan
  4. No Objection Certificate or NOC
  5. Land Use Certificate
  6. Encumbrance Certificate
  7. Completion Certificate
  8. Occupancy and Possession Certificate

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1) Ownership and Title Deed: 

things to check before buying house
Title Deed Sample

The Title deed and ownership of property is one of the most important things to check before buying a house or anything else that helps in signifying the actual ownership of it.

It is also advisable that to check the rights and obligations of the owner along with the rights of a mortgage, if at any time required by the owner.

2) Construction Clearance Certificate or Commencement Certificate:

This document is essential when you are purchasing any under-construction property from a builder. A Commencement Certificate is one of the documents and things to check before buying a house or flat from a builder or land, house, etc.

No construction work may start without getting approval, license, and permission from the local authorities. 

3) Building Approval Plan or Approved Layout Plan:

There should be a pre-approved plan and layout plan of house or building by the local authorities and there are no issues related to it. Never prefer a house for purchasing that plan and layout does not have the approval from local authorities.

4) No Objection Certificate or NOC:

things to check before buying house
No Objection Certificate

No Objection Certificate is one of the crucial important things to check before buying house or flat from a builder which is issued by the concerned local authorities.

Also, they should be assurance regarding that there are no discrepancies in the present plan and that it can be duly executed.

No objection certificate serves as proof to show that the project or the building is approved by the authorities and no objections are raised with regards to the construction of it. 

5) Land Use Certificate:

Land Use Certificate is essential to document that indicates the purpose for which the land is to be used. The land is also classified into three categories base on land-use certificates.

For example, in Gujarat, there some cities where there are regulations for documents to check before buying agricultural land is essential. Inland certificate, the purpose of use should be clearly mentioned, which indicates the types of land and activities that could take place on that particular land.

The papers work required in Gujarat and any other State may differ from the documentation process of other types of lands. It is clearly stated that you cannot use commercial land for residential purposes you cannot carry out any commercial activity on agricultural land.

6) Encumbrance Certificate:

An Encumbrance Certificate is an important thing to check before buying a house. It gives information and assurance that the property which you intended to buy is free from any kind of dispute over its title. Also, it assures that there is no loan or mortgage against it which the buyer is intending to buy. 

7) Completion Certificate:

Before buying a house one should essentially check that project completion certificate so that there no dispute after buying a house.

8) Occupancy and Possession Certificate:

Occupancy and possession certificate is generally issued by local authorities in the state. This certificate is only given after the completion of the construction of the project. This certificate gives an assurance that the property or house is fit for occupation purposes and can be possessed by people who are purchasing the property.

The following are some official documents to be verified before buying a flat, house, land, plot, etc and it is included in things to check before buying a house.

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10) Sale Deed:

things to check before buying house
Sale Deed Format

The Sale Deed Document includes all essential information about the buyer as well as a seller of the real-estate possession. Only after the sale deed is completed we can say the sale of possession becomes final.

11) Mother Deed:

It is also known as the “Parent Deed” for a real estate business. The Mother Deed is provided the information regarding the actual origin of the property and act as an essential document in case of resale of the property.

12) Conversion Certificate:

The Conversion Certificate is the certificate of conversion of land from agricultural land to residential land. This certificate can only be issued by the competent revenue authority. Only revenue authority can to convert the land for non-agricultural purposes. 

15) Khata Certificate:

The khata resembles the account. Khata certificate is essential while transferring property ownership from one person to another person.

16) Power of Attorney:

The Power of Attorney means the person appoints another person to act on their behalf. The actual owner of property legally appointed person by way of either General Power of Attorney or the Special Power of Attorney. 

17) Tax Paid Receipts:

things to check before buying house
Tax Paid Receipts

Among the lots of document required while buying home but the receipts of tax paid is also one of important documents and paper for deal. House Tax paid details are important for things to be check before buying house.


Just keeping in mind buying a house is not important, but there are lots of crucial Check Legal Documents Before Buying A Property is also important.

We suggest you never just buy a house but buy a house that has legal clearance. Buy a house that is free from any dispute and approved by local authorities.

Because you are going to invest your saving into a buying house for you and your family.

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