What color light helps you sleep

What Color Helps You Sleep?

You may use fluffy pillows, smooth sheets, a firm mattress, blackout blinds, and maybe some white noise still you cannot sleep early. There are many reasons behind your sleep time in your time, but the surrounding color effect also plays an important role in your early sleep.

After reading this fact you might search now What Color Helps You Sleep well, so yes you will find all information regarding this question. Color light helps sleep well over eight (or seven!) hours.
The color of any room not only has an impact on the look of space, but it can also affect the way the room makes you feel.

what color light helps you sleep
What color light helps you sleep

Sleep is just not providing rest, but it also offers time to our body repairs, revives, and re-energize for the next day. That’s why good space is important to rest and recover in is so vital for a healthy happy life. Our bedrooms are the special space made only for rest and relaxing during night or day whenever you have time.

But, for a good amount of piece and early sleep, there are the colors in your bedroom that can affect the quality and amount you sleep. Yes, it is said right the colors in your bedroom can affect your mood, which in turn affects your sleep.

So before you make the decision to paint your home or buying a new bed sheet take a look at the question of What Color Helps You Sleep. It is important to know the effect of each color light on your mood. Color of bedroom and effect of light can change your mood.

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What is the Psychology Behind Colors?

Why color light so important for any room. It can boost your energy and good sleep hours. Color light also affects the emotions and your state of mind. For example, there are many studies shown that the color red increases the heart rate and adrenaline flow. If it is happening before you sleep on bed then you can imagine how it will affect your sleep.

what color light helps you sleep
Psychology Behind Colors

Different colors created a different impact on your mood, which makes you behave differently. Remember the color red? Why the bullfighter wear red color caps.

Red color might increase passion, even anger, and excitement. Red color also indicates the taste of food, and how warm or cold something feels.

If you understand the various effect of color on your psychology, it will be easy for you to decorate your room for better sleep. Therefore you must ask the question that What Color Helps You Sleep early in bed.

Light toned or dimed light effect offers better sleep than more vibrant primary ones. Thinking about what color helps you sleep well in the bedroom goes beyond just opinion.

A study is conducted on over 2000 hotel rooms to determine which colors help and hurt sleep. This hotel room also recommended to flat finish over glossy. This effect of colors appears softer and softer means sleepier.

Based on, research, color psychology and the recommendations of sleep specialists following are the colors that help you sleep well and colors that are not suitable for good sleep.

What Color Helps You Sleep

Following are the Best Color light helps you sleep well in night,

1. Blue Color

The blue color is one of the first choice colors for the bedroom. As we know that blue color gives the clamming feel and clamming means sleep. The human eyes have some special receptors in the retinas called ganglion cells, which makes the brain especially receptive to blue.

what color light helps you sleep
Blue Color is Bed Color For Bed Room

The first thing you should do while decorating your bedroom is that paint your bedroom blue. The blue color is on top of our list because its effect on early sleep is proved by many studies.

Same according to Travelodge study in a hotel room with a blue room slept approximately 7 hours and 52 minutes. It is fact the in other color light average person doesn’t even get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

According to a study, nearly 60% of participates are wake up happily after having great sleep they admitted that they had great sleep in blur color compared to other colors.

2. Yellow Color:

what color light helps you sleep
Yellow Color Bed Room

The yellow color is the second best color for having early and good sleep in a bed. It also gives a cool and clamming feel to the human brain. In the yellow color room, the participants got 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep. The yellow color definitely helps you to have long sleep and wake up with a happy face in bed.

3. Orange Color:

what color light helps you sleep
Orange Color Bed Room

Orange may be the first choice of many people, but the study on participants says that an orange room enjoyed 7 hours and 28 minutes of sleep. The orange color is a symbol of a warm and happy feeling. Orange color sometimes also helps with indigestion, which could be keeping you awake at night as well.

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4. Silver Color:

Silver is a light and unique color which is suitable for good sleep. People got 7 hours and 33 minutes of sleep in silver painted color. Silver is one of neutral color which offer mind clamming and relaxing effect.

5. Pink Color:

what color light helps you sleep
Pink Color Bed Room

This color is popular among the female who loves the pink color. But especially if pick up a muted pink color that is more natural and close to a skin tone.  A soft natural pink tone offers a piece and a relaxing effect. I suggest you select a light shade of pink color and if you choose dark pink it gets too close to the red family which is aggressive, energetic, and difficult to sleep around.

6. Green Color: Symbol of Piece

what color light helps you sleep
Green Color Bed Room

Research reveals that people who slept in the green room get 7 hours and 36 minutes long sleep. Green is an organic color that represented the green environment. Green is a symbol of nature and people love nature. Green also be the best color for your question of what color helps you sleep well.

What are Bad Colors for Sleep

Following are the bad color for good sleep in bed Room,

1. Red Color:

what color light helps you sleep
Red Color is Symbol of Anger

When we think about bad colors for sleep, the first color that comes in your mind will be Red. The color red is a symbol of anger and energy. This color may increase your blood pressure and help you move faster. The red color shade of the room not good at all, you do not want negative energy around you. So stay away from red.

2. Purple Color:

Study on hotel rooms reveals that the people slept in the room painted with purple gets only received 5 hours and 56 minutes of sleep. It’s one of the hands-down color for sleep. Purple is actually mind-stimulating color, so it keeps the mind awake. The purple color is good for creative thinking and which is great during the day but creates more vivid nightmares at night.

3. Brown Color:

Brown color gives a drab and gloomy feeling. When you think about brown, it gives you sort of a frown doesn’t it? The brown color actually increases restlessness. That color resembles fire that not suitable for sleep.

4. Grey Color :

Grey color gives you dreary and isolated feeling which result in restless sleep.

What Color Helps You Sleep

Tips Choosing Best Colors for Sleep: 

Here are some tips you follow while choosing the best color for a bedroom to have a good and long sleep and answer a question about What Color Helps You Sleep

  • Even if you select sleep conducive color, choose a light, pastel, or mute shade. Light color tone spread positive energy in the room.
  • The expert also suggests that painting your bedroom in natural tones, or even skin tones. But, if the color tone is too bold or bright, it will actually stimulate and excite you.
  • Judge your experience to select the colors for the living room.
  • Always use flat paint instead of an eggshell or glossy finish. Generally, a glossy wall paint finish will reflect light, while a flat wall paint finish will absorb it. This finish will make bedroom wall paint stay darker and feel softer.
  • It’s not all about choosing the right color for your wall. But, the accent color you choose for your bedroom décor also evenly important every décor color should be complementing, not contrasting.

What Color Helps you Sleep Well at Night:

Overall the color that will get good and long sleep should be natural soft colors that are not overly pigmented or stimulating.

We recommend that the light-shaped Blue Color is best suited for the bedroom. Meanwhile, you can choose other colors like yellows, pinks, greens, silver, or oranges for the most part of the house. A simple principle to be following that keeps away from anything too dark or bright. As this color share paints tend to be depressing or overly stimulating.

The colors red, purple, brown, or dark gray are the colors are not suitable for any room which is made for relaxing purpose in the house.

In case you love any of this color that I suggest you use it as an accent color to another more dominant relaxing color that is complementary to your more stimulating colors. In this way, you still have your favorite colors without it being so dominating that it makes it difficult to sleep in.

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