French Door Types

Types of French Doors For Your Home

What Is A French Door?

The door which is made out of glass panels for most of its length with a wooden or any other materials frame is called a French door. Various types of French doors have evolved over time, each offering unique features to suit different architectural styles and functional requirements.

French Door
French Door

A French door is a very light structure or door compared to other types of doors. The French doors are operated through a hinge support and it opens in the outward direction of the room. And with the advanced system, these doors are very safe and durable.

From traditional hinged French doors to contemporary sliding and folding variants, the diversity in design caters to the preferences of homeowners and complements the aesthetic of diverse interiors and exteriors.

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Types of French Doors

The following is a classification of different types of French door based on various parameters

1. French Doors According To Their Location

The main reason for providing doors in the house is safe and to the entrance of different spaces in the house. So for that, we can use two types of doors which is external French door and internal French door.

External French Door

External French Door
External French Door

The doors that we are placed outside of the house or we can say in the main entrance of the house which is known as the external French doors.

The main function of the external French door is to provide entry and exit of your house. Where we can see people who come from outside through the glass panels of the French door. This type of door is made out of wood aluminum and glass panels.

Internal French Door

Internal doors are mainly used to enter from one space to another space or room of your house. Also to get a beautiful view of the interior this type of internal French door is provided in the house.

Internal French Doors
Internal French Door

Internal doors are not that much stronger than external doors because its function is different. The main function of the external door.

To provide safety whereas the main function of the internal door is to provide an entrance between different rooms. So we cannot use internal doors as external doors.

Internal doors are quite cheaper than external doors because the materials and the function of the doors are different.

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2. French Doors according to their Material 

To make a French door we can use many different types of materials like wood glass metal UPVC and UPVC. The material of the door is a very important factor, which can affect the price of the door and strength of the door. 

Generally, we cannot use any material doors at any place. There are different criteria for the material of the door which are discussed below. 

Wood French Door

Wooden French Door
Wood French Door

Wooden doors are the doors in which as a friend we can use wood or Timber. Sometimes these types of doors are cold timber doors. The main purpose of providing this type of door is the aesthetic and traditional look of this door. Also, this weekend gets high strength and stability of the door.

Nowadays wooden French doors have a lot of different options for the design of the doors. So many different patterns and styles in the layouts of the wood of the door. So the modification is very easy for wooden type of doors.

Glass French Door

Glass French Door
Glass French Door

Generally, in every French door, there is a glass panel. But we can say that if the frame of the door is very less than the total area of the glass panel then the door is known as the glass friend’s door.

In most cases, we can use this type of door in the internal French door types. With a lot of different patterns in the glass and the colors and grading, this type of door become very popular in the world. In some clubs and cafes, this type of door is used as decoration of bars. 

Metal French Door

Metal French Door
Metal French Door

As steel is a very strong and very durable material, at high traffic places and shops these types of doors are very useful. There are many materials used in the French doors like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.  Aluminum French doors are also a good option because it is very easy to maintain. 

UPVC French Door

UPVC French Door
UPVC French Door

The full form of UPVC is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material is very strong and low maintenance this it is also a very lightweight plastic material for doors.

RPVC French Door

Resin polyvinyl chloride another material in PVC which is also the same as UPVC.

Composite French Door

Composite French Door
Composite French Door

Composite French doors are doors made out of more than one material or with the composition of different materials known as composite French doors. Every material has its strengths and weaknesses but the composition is the best way to use only the strengths of different materials in one place.

In this door, we can get strength and low maintenance to reduce the weight of the door and overall customization of the door.

3. French Doors According to their Function

The functions of the French door are different according to need. Like sliding doors, bifold doors, french pocket doors, and single french doors. So we can use doors according to function as mentioned below.  

Sliding French Door (single sliding, telescopic sliding)

Sliding French Door
Sliding French Door

The entrance or door that slides through a wall or beside the door is known as a sliding door but if it’s made up of glass panels like a french door then it is known as a sliding french door. 

These types of doors are great for space-saving and very convenient to use. Also, sliding doors are used in cafes, schools, offices, and many other places where the lock is not so important. In sliding doors, there are two types of sliding doors. Single sliding doors and telescopic sliding doors in which single sliding is very commonly used throughout the world.

Sometimes it is called French pocket doors because they went into the wall and the wall is just like a pocket and the door goes or rests in that pocket. So it is just like a sliding door but if we set the door on the wall then it is called a French pocket door.

Bifold French Door

Bi-fold French Door
Bifold French Door

When the width of the door is too much then this bolding function is very useful. In this type of door, we fold multiple doors and it becomes one door and less space consumption with convenience.

We have many different materials for this type of door but the aluminum type is best because of its lightweight and durability. Which also gives a professional look to the home.

In & out swing Doors (single & double)

Swing French Door
In & out swing Doors (single & double)

This is a very common door that we can find in every place. This is a very simple functional door that is hinged at both sides and it opens and closes by a swing in out or in. 

With these types of doors, we get high privacy or security because are highly used in external doors. There are two types of swing doors, single swing doors, and double swing doors. Center-hinged doors are also a type of swing door. Which are swing from the center and always have double doors.

so, we can choose a door according to material, function, and requirement. Above are mentioned types of French doors in which swing is a very common and widely used door with metal and wood frame and multiple glass panels, other types of doors are used for particular functions only.


Type of French DoorDescription
Classic French DoorsTraditional design
Folding French DoorsAccordion-style folding panels
Sliding French DoorsPanels slide for space efficiency
Outswing French DoorsSwing outward
Inswing French DoorsSwing inward
French Patio DoorsDesigned for patio access
Double French DoorsPair of doors opening in the middle
Exterior French DoorsFor outdoor use, often to a garden
Interior French DoorsUsed to separate rooms
Modern French DoorsContemporary designs
French Closet DoorsSpace-saving doors for closets

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