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Free Construction Estimating Software Excel

Construction Estimating Software is a tool that helps to build owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and other professionals within the construction industry to prepare cost estimates to determine the labor and material expenses, overheads, and profit goals.

The basic components of the construction estimating software are labor, materials, services, equipment, etc. It helps in checking the feasibility of the construction project and getting a basic idea about how much would be the total cost of the project.

Using free construction estimating software excel in business can help in enhancing accuracy, speed, and productivity, which ultimately results in increased profitability of a construction business.

free construction estimating software excel

 The followings are free construction estimating software excel used in Construction Industry:

1. Estimator 2.0

Estimator 2.0 is a free and open-source construction estimating software. It is a fast, accurate, and intelligent solution for small to large enterprises.

This software is convenient for architects, builders, engineers, and construction companies who want to make detailed estimates for residential & commercial buildings.

This software allows users to prepare tenders, a cost abstract, purchase orders, and other documents needed for proper estimation work.

Its database and codes are freely available, so the companies can customize the application as per their business logic and add new features as per their requirements.

Construction Estimating Softwares
Estimator 2.0

Key Features:

  • Quickly create an estimate and then print it out.
  • Ability to maintain assemblies and bills of different materials.
  • Prepares tenders, cost abstracts, and purchase orders.
  • It can maintain multiple costing standards.
  • Can generate the bill of quantity and extensive cost sheets.
  • Ability to manage suppliers and client databases.
  • Estimator 2.0 software helps users to save time and achieve accuracy in estimating the number of different items.

Official Website: Free Download

2. STACK Takeoff

STACK provides free construction estimating software for firms looking for a bid process and accurate estimation of the materials, equipment, and labor.

It generates an estimate based on your input of how much of each material will be needed and what labor, equipment, and overhead will be needed.

The software is cloud-based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere if there is an internet connection. It is compatible with all types of platforms, from smartphones to desktop computers.

In addition to being free, another advantage is you will be able to customize and adapt the software to fit your business.

Construction Estimating Softwares
STACK Takeoff & Estimating Software

Key Features:

  • Ability to upload digital plans.
  • Takeoff tools provide shortcuts for measurements, making it quicker to produce an estimate.
  • Free training feature is available.
  • Cloud-based software

Official Website: Construction Takeoff & Estimating Software | Cloud Takeoff

3. Estimate

  • Construction Estimating software aims to be a simple and fast tool that can be adapted to any size of firm to make or produce an estimate of any construction-related work very quickly.
  • It is ideal for those who have less time for the completion of the project and want to quickly estimate without spending a lot of money on premier software.
  • By using this software, construction companies can create estimates for construction projects including concrete structures, earthwork, masonry, plastering, and all other related works with accuracy.
Free Construction Estimating Software Excel

Key Features:

  • Ability to achieve projects and documents for references.
  • Can have up to 200 users
  • It can generate reports in PDF format & complete with tables and charts.
  • A centralized database for backup

Official Website: ACCASoftware

4. CatalystK

  • CatalystK is a free Construction estimating software for construction works that can be used in estimating quotations for all construction projects accurately.
  • CatalystK guides you in calculating all types of work estimation like material cost, labor cost, job scheduling, budget planning, etc. with ease and accuracy.
  • CatalystK also helps in computing all the necessary plans like cost estimation, work tracking, monitoring the work done, etc.
Construction Estimating Softwares

Key Features:

  • Can create customized quotations with images
  • Allows leads and task management
  • Allows you to mail quotations
  • Can create sales orders
  • It can generate reports helping to make estimates quickly

Official Website: Catalystk

5. Methvin

Methvin is a user-friendly and intuitive online construction estimating software and procurement software.

Methvin helps in estimating projects, publishing tenders or bids, and creating a comparison that can help businesses in grabbing potential business opportunities.

It automates the entire process of pre-construction planning perfectly, thus making your workflow smooth and consistent.

Methvin Estimation Software
Methvin Estimation Software

Key Features:

  • Provides simple & complex estimation with a worksheet.
  • It includes the Gantt chart scheduler.
  • It provides quick and accurate estimates for any construction plan.
  • It makes coordination easier between the contractor and the client.

Official Website: Methvin Estimation Software

6. Clear Estimates

ClearEstimates is easy to use when compared with other estimating software. It consists of powerful templates that allow getting complete and accurate estimates within seconds.

ClearEstimates combine email marketing tools to provide extra functionality. It can have multiple users and allows for easy coordination between different teams.

You can try it free for 1 month and know whether it suits your business or not before purchasing it.

ClearEstimates charge $59 for professional software on monthly basis.

Clear Estimate
Clear Estimate

Key Features:

  • Can create accurate estimates in minutes.
  • It includes pre-loaded data with material and labor costs.
  • Includes 60 estimation templates that can be customized as per the project requirements.
  • It allows the creation of professional-looking reports quickly and easily.

Official Website: Clear Estimate

7. PriMus

PriMus is the complete construction estimation software for accurate planning and controlling costs in higher-budgeted projects.

This software can be used by project designers, site managers, and construction companies for simplifying collaboration, coordination, and data exchange among teammates.

You can try it free for 30 days trial and know whether it suits your business requirements or not.

PriMus Plus software charges $25.44 for the full version of it.


Key Features:

  • It allows for generating fast & accurate construction cost estimates.
  • Includes extensive construction cost estimation database.
  • Helps in optimizing work execution costs.
  • It also helps in reporting daily site reports easily and quickly even from mobile devices.

Official Website: PriMus

8. StackPlus 2.0

StackPlus 2.0 is an all-in-one free construction estimating software designed for an excellent pre-construction process.

StackPlus 2.0
StackPlus 2.0

It helps to get maximum efficiency and improve project profitability by smooth-running team collaboration, quantity & material takeoff, and project reporting.

It works as a centralized hub for construction processes and accurate estimations.

StackPlus 2.0 is also helpful to the material supplier, who requiring to keep customers updated with the material they need.

Key Features:

  • It helps in organizing plans, specifications, and important documents.
  • Allows customers to access documents, projects plan, reports, etc. from anywhere.
  • Increases speed and eliminates mistakes in construction estimation and executions.
  • Keep informed or updated team members, contractors, business owners, and stakeholders related to project work.

Official Website: StackPlus 2.0

9. ProEst

ProEst is a cloud-based software that allows us to make construction estimating reports with proper accuracy and ease.

Instead of spending more time in excel, you can now focus on profitable initiatives with the help of one of the best construction estimation solutions.

ProEst Estimation Software
ProEst Estimation Software
  • By using this software, you get 24/7 access to your cost and labor estimates, digital takeoffs, estimation reporting, client relationships, and much more.
  • It has become one of the most used constructions estimating software for general contractors and subcontractors due to the flexibility, speed, and accuracy it provides.
  • ProEst does not provide a free trial and it charges $500 for one year of subscription.

Key Features:

  • It includes a high-rated interface, helping to create quick and accurate construction materials.
  • All estimates and related files are stored in a centralized location from which you can get quick access.
  • Helps in analyzing estimates based on the estimator, work, and department.
  • Provides a customized view of important data.
  • It includes the tool to search and add new items within the estimates.

Official Website: ProEst

10. BidScreen XL

By using BidScreen XL, you can measure, estimate, and identify the areas, counts, and lengths from your digital drawing files with just a click on a spreadsheet cell.

Estimating excel template files are readily available for all types of construction projects so that it becomes easy and quick to prepare estimates and share them.

This software can work with vector files and get exact measurements by isolating layers and simply snapping to the object.

BidScreen XL
BidScreen XL

Key Features:

  • This software helps in measuring on-screen from PDF, DWG, DXF, TIF, and other file types.
  • Can measure the cut and fill areas for each cross-section and give the number of materials and accurate estimation.
  • BidScreen XL allows working with the original drawing files and no file conversion
  • is required.

Official Website: BidScreen XL

11. EZ Construction Estimator

EZ Construction Estimator can assist you in creating estimates for building contractors and builders. This software has a simple drag & drop interface through which it allows you to build estimates in just a few mouse clicks.

To get profitable and accurate estimates many building contractors, roofers, remolding experts, and painting contractors use this software. It allows using this software free for 30 days on a trial basis.

EZ Construction Estimator
EZ Construction Estimator

Official Website: EZ Construction Estimator

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