What Is Collapsible Door? Its Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

What Is a Collapsible Door: Details, Types

Collapsible doors, a practical solution for space optimization, offer a simple yet effective way to enhance accessibility. These doors, designed to fold and stack neatly, are commonly employed in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. This introduction explores the basics of collapsible doors, outlining their versatility and convenience.

Whether you’re looking to save space in a small room or seeking an aesthetically pleasing entrance, understanding the functionality of collapsible doors is essential. Join us on a journey to discover how these doors contribute to efficient use of space while adding a touch of practicality to various environments.

What Is Collapsible Door?

The Collapsible Door is one that could be opened and closed by a slight pull or push having a channel-type arrangement. When the size of the door is large and hence accommodates it in limited space a preferable door type is a collapsible door.

It is an advantage over two leafed hinged shutters where the opening provided is large in size and the space provided for door opening is not bigger.

Collapsible Door
Collapsible Door

More importantly, seeing through the door is possible hence it is used accordingly where it is necessary to see through. This property is useful for the gates of hostels, schools, and workshops where authority can keep eye on subordinates.

This door is manufactured from thin mild steel sections. This door may be made out of single or double shutters, which depends on the size of the opening.

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Collapsible Door Details

Basic Arrangement Of Collapsible Door
Collapsible Door Details

The fundamental arrangements of the door and method of construction, and principles of working operations are briefly explained below;

A collapsible Door is made out of vertical bars of rolled steel channels, 16 to 20 mm wide, joined together with the hollows of the channels on the inside; leaving a vertical gap between the channels of 12 to 20mm.

As shown in the figure, the roller is provided with both at their top as well as their bottom side so that shutter can be pulled or pushed sideways with slight force.

The vertical channel is spaced at 10 to 20 cm center and is joined to one another using hoop iron cross pieces or flats 16mm to 20mm wider& 5mm thicker which enables the door to open or fold/close.

These collapsible doors are suggested for a maximum height of 3 meters, but there is no restriction in width.

There may be single or double shutters. Usually, these doors are used for additional safety. They are commonly used for front doors, bank locker rooms, and school & college entrance doors.

Types Of Collapsible Gate

Collapsible gate can be further classified as;

  1. Doors fixed under the lintel
  2. Doors fixed outside the opening
  3. Doors fixed inside the opening
  4. Doors fixed on adjustable top and bottom channels with swinging.
  • The collapsible door is classified above with respect to their fixation and position of fixation
  • As made from mild steel is almost unbreakable without noise enables high-level security and also gives ventilation and vision. Even after the doors are folded or closed, communication is possible.
  • It is a practicable way of securing a point of entry. It is utilized as the main door for the entrance of the residential building, shops, go down, etc
  • It is probably the best-suited type of door for security purposes against thieves, vandals, and burglars.

Difference Between Collapsible Door & Revolving Door

Collapsible Door vs Revolving Door as follows

Sr.No.Collapsible DoorRevolving Doors
1A collapsible door does not provide privacy inside a room.Provide privacy inside a room.
2These doors operate sideways.These doors revolve.
3These doors provide exit and entry from the same side.These doors provide an exit from one side and entry from the other side.
4It is not suited for entry to air-conditioned halls.These doors are suitable for A.C. halls.
5These doors do not folds or close automatically when not in use.These doors close and open automatically when not in use.

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Collapsible Door Price

The Collapsible Door Price varies from size to size and quality to quality.
Forex. Side Opening Steel Swing And Side Open Elevator Collapsible Gate used for commercial purpose range from 2000 to 6000 whereas Hulk Metal Motorized Sliding Gates could range to 75000 or even around 1 lakh.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Collapsible Door

Collapsible Door has the following advantages,

  • They are easy to use and authentic.
  • This door gives you 100% opening.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • It is a highly visual obstruction to potential gatecrashers.
  • These doors are custom-made.
  • Only one side of a shutter can be used for easy access without having to open the whole door.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be opened as desired.
  • They are very light in weight as compared to other solid doors.
  • It can be controlled easily as it can be operated with a chain or lock.
  • This door provides more safety against burglars, vandals, and other intruders.

Cons of Collapsible Door

The disadvantages of Collapsible Doors are as follows

  • This door collects more dust in the guide channel and hence becomes difficult to operate.
  • If this door cannot be operated properly, the steel channels can get damaged, making the door very difficult to use.
  • There is a guide channel on either side; therefore there are chances of someone stumbling on the floor.
  • It requires more lubrication. So it is not completely maintenance-free.
  • It requires painting regularly as they get corroded earlier (If exposed to direct sunlight or rain).
  • It does not give privacy inside the room.
  • The collapsible door is not suited for air-conditioned halls.
  • These doors don’t close automatically when not underuse.
  • Ensure carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the collapsible door before you install it in the building.

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