Average Construction Cost Per Square Feet In India, USA, Canada and UK

What is the Construction cost per square foot?

When you think about constructing a new house and you are searching for the right contractor this term must be heard by you. The Cost of Construction per square foot for a residential house depends upon a lot of factors.

Construction cost per square feet
House Construction

Factors Affecting Construction Cost Per Square Feet

The following Factors Affecting Construction Cost Per Square Foot

1. Purpose of Construction of the House

The Cost of Construction for a rental house construction may be low, whereas a standard house for personal use will start from a high price level.

2. Type of Internal Finishing Expected

The Quality of painting, woodwork, Bathroom Fittings, flooring, electrical fittings, etc. you use will affect the cost.

3. The type of Exterior Finish

If you want a good front elevation design, you have to pay higher construction costs like stone cladding Extensive Grillwork, etc.

4. Total Built-up Area

The wider the area and the more the no. of floors, the lower the price for construction for the same type of features.

5. Location of Land

If you are constructing a house in a remote area, where construction material and Labor are not easily available. The cost of construction is much higher than in other areas.

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Cost of Construction Per Square Feet

The following are some values of the cost of construction in various countries and major cities of the world.

1. The United States

The Average Construction Cost In the United States for various cities of at $ 200, though the national average stands at $ 250.

Residential: Single Family Detached-Medium Quality – 150 to 400 $ per square foot.         

Apartment/Condominium-Mid Rise –   200 to 500 $ per square foot.

This figure varies in various cities in the united states like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, etc.

2. The United Kingdom

The Average Construction Cost In London several factors affect the cost and therefore a minimum of £2,000 per square meter (£185 per square foot) may be a more realistic estimate.

3. Canada

When it comes to the average cost of construction to build a house in Canada, according to Home Builder Canada, the price per square foot for a detached home in major Canadian cities is as follows:

Vancouver: $130 – $230

4. Australia

Constructing a new house in Australia is not easy for lower-class residents. If we consider Site Costs $10,000 – $70,000, Basic cost – $10,000 Driveways and Flooring – $10,000.

So it would generally need to add around $40,000 or more to the cost of the build-in extra costs.

The cheapest house you can construct in Australia is somewhere around $155,000.

1)Project Homes (basic) – $620-$780/square meter

2)Project Home (deluxe) – $1,000 – $3,000/square meter

3)Custom Built Homes – $1,500 – $3,000/square meter

Cost range per floor area ($/m2)

Sydney          $1,780          Melbourne   $1,720         

Adelaide        $1,580          Brisbane        $1,800

5. India

The average construction cost per square foot in India would range between Rs.1200 to Rs.1800/-.

This range may vary from city to city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc.


CountryAverage Construction Cost per Square Foot
IndiaVaries widely by location and quality of construction. On average, ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 per square foot.
USAAverages between $100 to $400 per square foot, influenced by project complexity and location.
CanadaRanges between CAD $150 to CAD $300 per square foot, based on materials, labor costs, and scope.
United KingdomAverage construction costs around £100 to £200 per square foot, subject to regional variations.
AustraliaApproximately AUD $1,200 to AUD $3,000 per square meter, varying based on project specifics and location.
GermanyAverage construction costs range from €1,000 to €2,500 per square meter, influenced by project details and region.
ChinaVaries significantly by city and project quality. On average, ranges from ¥3,000 to ¥10,000 per square meter.
BrazilAverage construction costs in Brazil range from BRL 800 to BRL 2,000 per square meter, influenced by location and project characteristics.
South AfricaConstruction costs in South Africa vary widely. On average, they range from ZAR 6,000 to ZAR 12,000 per square meter, influenced by project specifics and location.
JapanConstruction costs in Japan average around ¥50,000 to ¥150,000 per square meter, subject to project complexity and regional variations.

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