how to reduce construction cost

How to Reduce Construction Cost

Building a dream home is everyone’s aspiration. Every person wants to construct a home where they can cherish their memories. But when people want to make their dream into reality it is very hard to fulfill. This is because house construction cost is not cheap nowadays.

Here, I am sharing some cheap construction methods & important tips on how to reduce house construction cost while constructing your home, and some DIY Ways to Reduce Construction Cost

How to reduce construction costs in Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

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How to Reduce Construction Cost

The following are the ways to reduce construction costs and some of the practical strategies and best practices for reducing construction costs while maintaining project integrity.

1. Selection of Plot

Plot Area
Selection of Plot

This starts with selecting a plot for your home. Always go for a roadside plot where transportation facility and communication to every necessary center is possible. Because that can reduce your transportation cost for a lifetime.

But many sellers are there who take the opportunity of high demand and sell the roadside plots at a very high price. So be careful while choosing the plot. If you are getting it a little far from the main road then it is ok.

2. Conduct a Soil Test

Soil Penetration Test
Conduct a Soil Test

While selecting a plot, just do not focus on the communication facility but do a soil test which is a much essential part of the construction. Because there are different types of soils available, and each soil behaves differently. Before buying the plot check the soil if it is a paddy field, agricultural field, or soil with hard soil.

Because if the soil is not good or if it is loose soil then you will have to incur a huge cost. And after if it comes to know that the plot has a paddy field then the foundation cost is huge and again to get permission to make the home is huge.

This is the best check when you are searching for tips on how to reduce the cost of house construction

3. Confirm Electrical and Water Supply in the Area

Conduct Soil Test
Electrical and Water Supply

If there is no electric and water connection near your plot then you have to apply for a separate poll connection near your home and have to make a separate connection for plumbing, which is again expensive. So look after these factors before buying a plot.

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4. Choosing Construction Materials

Construction Materials
Construction Materials

In any type of construction building materials play a major cost-effective role. Among all the construction materials bricks, cement, rod, and sand make a large part of the construction material.

If you purchase material in the lot (mane one order for whole material) manner then there will be less expenditure regarding construction material. Because the dealer will give you more discount as you purchase more amount of material.

5. Prepare Structural Drawings

Preparing structural drawings for the house is essential. The majority of people ignore this and don’t know about the structural drawings of buildings.

They only thought about the architectural drawings of the building. But structural drawing is all about foundation plan detail, framing plan detail, column & beam plan detail, and other structural components of buildings.

From this structural drawing how much amount of rod, sand, cement, and bricks will be required can be calculated in advance.

And if this is done accurately then there is a chance of saving lots of money. This is important while you are searching for how to reduce building construction costs.

6. Saving in Finishing Materials:

Not only is the construction material only responsible for rising costs. Along with that finishing, the material is also responsible.

While we consider finishing work there is flooring material, doors and windows, and especially wooden works for the interior absorbs a huge cost.

Finishing Materials
Finishing Materials

But this can be reduced if you are choosing the proper material and buying material in bulk amounts at a time. If you are purchasing this material in a phase-by-phase manner the shopkeeper may not give you a discount, but if you are purchasing in a bulk amount and from one shopkeeper then you can save your money.

7. Do not Make Change After Construction Starts

Sometimes people approve one plan before construction and during construction, they suddenly change their plan. This is one of the major reasons which again increases the construction cost. Try to avoid this thing unless & until it is necessary.

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8. Go for Pre-fabrication Work

Prefabrication in Construction
Pre-fabrication Work

To minimize the cost of house construction you use modern technology. Use prefabricated parts for the construction of your home.

In this type of construction, a part of the building is constructed at the factory or in a separate place and then combined into a site to make the house. It has a lot of benefits. It not only reduces the cost but also reduces the time of construction.

9. Use Fly Ash Instead of Red Bricks

Fly Ash Brick Instead of Red Brick
Fly Ash Brick Construction

If you want to reduce the cost then choose to fly ash bricks instead of red bricks or other bricks. Fly ash bricks are less costlier than red bricks but have good strength for construction.

It can reduce the cost of construction by a considerable amount. By adopting these tips you can significantly reduce the construction cost of the house.

10. Select Good Color and Putter

Paint Colors
Good Color

If you wish to reduce color cost then go for lime-based color. Put the color twice to make the color brighter. Don’t use putty. Generally, putty is often used when we need a smooth wall surface the wall is very rough or there are larger sand particles showing.

To avoid extra cost for putty always purchase the standard size of sand for the purpose of plastering. If it is used according to standard size you may not be required to apply putty in your house, and it will save your cost.

11. Buy Material from Local Vendors

While purchasing materials for construction try to purchase from local vendors because it will reduce your transportation costs as the transportation of construction materials is costly.

12. Saving in Labor Cost

Construction Labor
Saving in Labor Cost

Labor cost is also a large part of the construction which can not be cut easily. But try to calculate the work in hours how much labor will be required to finish work and how much time.

In this way you can save your cost by estimating the labor cost otherwise the labor will work according to their time and you have to spend more.

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13. Saving in Machinery Cost

Machinery Cost

Construction machines are always hired on a rental basis and their rental cost is too high. So try to take maximum advantage of construction machinery in a calculated way by which construction costs can be saved. By taking care of this point you can save costs in construction.

14. Saving in Flooring

House Flooring Work

Flooring can be done both costly and economically. Tiles come in a wide pricing range. Select one of them according to your budget. Also, cement flooring is a great option for reducing cost and is one of the long-lasting floorings. Red oxide flooring is also a good option.

15. Saving in Wooden Work

As far as possible, if there is no essential need for wooden work try to avoid it. You can also try to avoid the use of costly woods for construction Instead You can use a jackfruit tree, wild jack (jungle jack), and similar wood most available in your place to reduce the total cost of wood up to 50%.

16. Selecting a Good Shape of the House

The shape of the house also contributes to increasing the cost of construction. When the size of the home increases it increases the surface area and ultimately the cost of construction.

So try to design a house in such a way that it will reduce the surface area and reduce the cost. This is the best suggestion for your search of how to reduce construction costs in India

17. Reduce the Number of Wall

Make the home more spacious by reducing the number of walls. It ultimately reduces the surface area and also decreases the cost. It also permits natural light to enter the house and decreases the number of electricity expenses.

In this way, you can reduce the cost of construction.

18. Bulk Purchase

Buying construction materials in bulk can result in volume discounts from suppliers. This is especially beneficial for materials like lumber, concrete, and other commonly used items.

19. Use Recycle Construction Waste

Implement a waste recycling plan to reduce disposal costs. Recycling construction waste materials can also contribute to sustainability efforts.

20. Alternative Foundation Types

Explore alternative foundation types that might be more cost-effective for your specific location and soil conditions. Different types of foundations have varying costs, and selecting the right one can result in savings.

21. Multifunctional Spaces

Design multifunctional spaces to maximize the utility of each area. Spaces that serve multiple purposes can reduce the overall square footage needed, leading to cost savings.

22. Regular Cost Reviews

Conduct regular reviews of project costs at various stages. Identifying potential cost overruns early allows for proactive measures to be taken, preventing budget deviations and ensuring the project stays within financial constraints.


Cost Reduction StrategyDescription
Detailed PlanningThoroughly plan and design the project before construction begins to minimize changes and unexpected costs.
Value EngineeringIdentify cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality, optimizing materials, and construction methods.
Competitive BiddingSolicit bids from multiple contractors to ensure competitive pricing for labor and materials.
Material Cost ManagementSource materials strategically, negotiate bulk discounts, and explore cost-effective alternatives without sacrificing quality.
Efficient Project ManagementImplement efficient project management practices to streamline processes, reduce delays, and avoid unnecessary costs.
Skilled WorkforceEmploy skilled and experienced workers to enhance productivity, reduce errors, and prevent costly rework.
Technology IntegrationUtilize construction technology and software to enhance efficiency, communication, and project coordination.
Sustainable PracticesEmbrace sustainable construction methods and materials, which may qualify for incentives and long-term cost savings.
Regular Monitoring and ControlImplement strict monitoring and control mechanisms to identify and address cost overruns promptly during construction.
Risk ManagementIdentify and mitigate potential risks through proactive risk management strategies, reducing the likelihood of unexpected expenses.

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