How to Remove White Stains on Wood

Wood is a strong, durable, and cheapest material that can be used to cast furniture and some wooden equipment that are used to carry loads. With advantages, wood has one disadvantage, it gets stains from water and heat, and when we put some things on a wooden platform or furniture like glass, cups, or anything.

So, we need to remove that again and again and we can use some chemicals for that, but those chemicals sometimes damage wood also. Therefore we have some methods to Remove White Stains On Wooden Surfaces without the chemicals that we mentioned below.

Main Causes of White Stains On Wooden Surface        

The main reasons or causes of white stains on wood are heat, water, and food. Sometimes, we tend to put hot water glasses on wooden surfaces for quite a long period when the wood gets white.

Also, wooden tables are widely used as dining tables in restaurants, and houses, so we drop food and water on the table and if we forget to clean them for a long period, the results will be white stains.

Methods to remove white stains on wood surface,

Best Methods To Remove White Stains on Wood

There are several methods you can use to remove white stains from wood surfaces. Here are a few effective techniques:

Method 1: Using a Heating Method

As heat is the cause of white stains on wood, heating is also a solution for white stains on wood. This is the first and simplest method to remove white stains from wood. In this method, we require a hair dryer, iron, tissue paper, and water.

First, take tissue paper and put that on the stain. Here we need to use a hair dryer first and use that at minimum settings but it takes a long time and also there is a risk of damaging wood due to heat.

So, the solution is tissue paper. Once we put tissue paper on the white stain from wood, turn on direct heating on that stain.

If this does not work then we can use iron heating to remove those stains. The method is just like the previous one, put tissue paper and use the iron directly on that tissue paper.

Probably there is a high chance that stains went out, if not then below are some other ways to remove white stains on wooden surfaces.

Method 2: Using Solution And Paste

We have many different solutions and pastes to remove white stains on wood, like we can add lemon and salt, and toothpaste and salt. Also, we can use acidic vinegar.

Using Toothpaste and cotton clothes

Using Toothpaste
Using Toothpaste and cotton clothes

Generally, we use toothpaste as teeth cleaning paste and know the only use of it. But we can clean our wooden surface where we have some white stains on wood surface.

So, the method is very simple. First, apply the paste to white stains and rub it for a minute. After that, clean it with cotton clothes.

If the stain is still there then repeat multiple times to clean the complete surface. We can use steel wool to rub the surface and clean it with toothpaste.

Using Mayonnaise and Vinegar

Using Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise and Vinegar

The process is the same as above, first, we have to apply mayonnaise on the surface where stains are prevented. And rub it softly with a cotton cloth or tissue paper.

After rubbing for some time, clean it properly and check the surface. Again, if stains are still visible then repeat this or use another method.

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Using Car wax

I think we all use wooden dining tables to put cups of tea and drink it in the morning, but when we put that cup or other utensils, we get white stains on the wood table.

Car wax is also a good chemical or liquid that can be used to clean the white stains on wooden table. Just apply wax with the use of a finger or stick and then rub it with steel wool or cotton cloth and at the end clean the surface with water.

Use A Solution of Lemon + Salt/Lemon + Salt

Using Lemon and Salt
Lemon + Salt/Lemon + Salt

I think everyone knows about the benefits of salt, which is also very useful in cleaning. But the effectiveness is increased when we add lemon or toothpaste to that.

The method is so simple: take one small tablespoon of salt and half a lemon and make a solution out of it.

Apply that solution to the stain and rub it with a brush, just wait for some time and clean it with water. Probably the white stains on wooded surface will be removed.

Also, with these, we have many other solutions like baking soda + toothpaste + salt, baking soda + lemon + Salt, or any salty liquid that is workable.

Using Multipurpose Bleaching

Using Bleach

This is the last but not least option. The stain will be removed by the above methods but if not then you can try multipurpose bleach, which is easily available in supermarkets. Just spray it on the table and try to clean that spot or stain.

In conclusion, there are some special chemicals used to clean white stains on wooden surfaces which are easily available but quite expensive and sometimes toxic. But salt, toothpaste, and other products are available in your kitchen.


To conclude, removing white stains on wood surfaces can be achieved using various methods and household items. Heat can be used to remove stains, but caution must be taken to avoid overheating and damaging the wood. Solutions and pastes such as toothpaste, mayonnaise, vinegar, and lemon can also be effective in eliminating white stains.

Multipurpose bleach can be used as a last resort if other methods are unsuccessful. It is important to consider the type of wood, finish, and severity of the stain when choosing a removal method. With the right approach, white stains on wood can be successfully removed, restoring the appearance of your wooden surfaces.

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