What is Porch and 15+ Types of Porch for Home

What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home

What Is a Porch?

A Porch is a structure extended from the main structure to form a shelter cover that is attached to the front entrance of the building or house.

It is an element that can be included in your house plan to make it more functional. It also improves the aesthetical value of your house.

For those who are confused about What Is a Porch, let’s get a brief idea about it. The front area covered by the shelter at the entrance of the house is called a porch.

What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 19

Can you imagine yourself sitting out in the open in the evening enjoying a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage while the cool breeze swept through your face?! Yes, you can enjoy yourself out in the open on a porch within your premises itself!

Whether you should opt-out for a porch or not for your home you can decide after going through this post. Here detailed information is shared and you can go through it to gather a preliminary idea about it.

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Different Types of Porches

You cannot plan for a porch without knowing how many types are there. There are different types of porches are prevalent in the market. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Open Porch

Open Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 20

Open Porches are actually open- they do not have an enclosure on any side. On the base, it has a deck or slab made out of concrete or wood. However, on the top, it may be supported by a roof.

As the sidewalls are absent in this type of porch, it is more like an outdoor area. The roofing material is supported over the columns. Here you can enjoy the breeze and bask in the natural atmosphere.

In a hot climate, the temperature inside this shed is lowered by about 10-15 degrees as compared to the outside atmosphere. How nice would it be to have a nice outing with your friends?

But, privacy is compromised on this porch because of its openness.

2. Front Entry Porch

Front Entry Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 21

Front Entry Porch is in the form of a small concrete slab just adjacent to the front door of the house.This porch is a very simple place and it is not a place for you to relax.

It has a few steps that direct towards the main door of the house and some decorative elements are placed here to increase the aesthetic value. Chairs or plants can be placed in this space. It is a budget-friendly option as less material is required in its construction.

3. Back Porch

Back Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 22

As inferred from its name, a Back Porch is constructed at the backside of the home. The design is similar to the front porch, just its location is shifted to the backside of the house.

It is covered and attached to the back door of the house. A kitchen can be connected to this porch and the porch might be decorated too. The back porch can be made a place to enjoy the outside views.

Unlike the front porch, a back porch offers considerable privacy. You can sit here without being disturbed by commuting people or other sources. You can add decorative elements to make it more attractive. Also, chairs or other seating arrangements can be placed.

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4. Screened Porch

Screened Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 23

In a Screened Porch, a roof is there while screens occupy all four insides of the porch. You can think of going for a screened porch if you want more living areas. It can serve as an extension of the living room.

This ensures the circulation of air and at the same time, mosquitoes and other trouble-making insects are kept away. In summer, you can sit inside a screened porch and spend a relaxed time.

This is one of the most widespread porches because of its number of options. You can increase the functionality of the screens by making them controlled by a remote. The enclosure of this porch can be made by either railing or short walls up to a height of around 3-4 feet can be constructed too.

The screening material can be fiberglass mesh- it is easy to install; however, it can tear up too. Another material is aluminum mesh- it will resist corrosion also, however, it may lose its color sooner. Tightly woven screens are also available that can provide shade.

In roofing also, different options are available for you to choose from- skylight, gable roof, etc.

5. Farmer’s Porch

Farmer’s Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 24

Farmer Porch is constructed in the form of a farmhouse. While it’s facing is kept towards the street so that the people can be welcomed inside. Its width is kept equivalent to the front side of the home. It either is kept elevated or up to ground level.

The porch is covered and support beams are installed too. Even railings are installed. The porch has enough room so that the people can get together and enjoy themselves together.

6. Deck

Deck porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 25

Decks are open spaces outside without roofs. To make it appear warm, it is mostly made out of wood. They are constructed at different levels and are surrounded by railings.

You can have an amazing view of the surroundings from the deck and also relax along the way. Decks are costly. Its construction also needs to be well planned while it requires timely maintenance to keep it in a similar condition. Else, their appearance is daunted.

A permit may be required from the local authorities to build a deck on your premises.

7. Patio

What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 26

The floor of the Patio is paved and it is kept at ground level only. But, the surface is leveled first. Moreover, its roof is also absent. It can be detached from the house too- it is not necessary to construct it joining the house.

Also, its design is not necessary. This gives freedom with respect to size and design.

8. Detached Porch

Detached Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 27

As indicated by its name a Detached Porch is separate from the house- it is not attached to the main house. For connecting it to the house, a separate pathway of either gravel or wood is constructed. Alternatively, pavement can also be made.

A lot of flexibility is included in its design as it is a separate structure. It can either be kept open on the sides or its screens can be used to enclose the area. Or even glass walls can be used. However, the cost is naturally more as it is constructed separately from the house.

9. Arizona Room

Arizona Room
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 28

It is an extension of the main structure of the house, which is a feature of Arizona houses. It is a semi-outdoor structure. Their access is granted from the living room or kitchen. Large windows are also included in their design that can be opened completely.

Arrange the furniture as per your comfort and you can easily get rid of the heat without using air conditioners much.

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10. Rained Porch

Rained Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 29

As understood from its name, it protects from the rain. The roof is extended for this porch. The roof is extended beyond the porch to ensure it does not get wet by about 3-6 feet.

Also, the extension is dipped at a certain angle so that the porch below is completely protected from the rain. You can enjoy the rainfall on this porch without getting wet.

11. Portico

What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 30

Portico is constructed in the front of the house entrance and the top is covered by the roof. Columns are constructed for supporting the roof of the portico.

It adds an aesthetic element to the entrance of your home as it directly opens to the front entrance of the home. Moreover, you can make it as grand as you may like; or just keep it simple. They do not serve entertainment purposes. You cannot gather on this porch.

12. Loggia

Loggia Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 31

Loggia is a luxurious element to enhance the exterior of your home. It is a statement of construction found all over the world in grand structures like palaces.

Loggia is kept parallel to at least one side of the house and is in the form of a corridor. A roof covers it while it has outer walls too. Decorative arches or columns are used to support the roof of this porch.

Verandah Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 32

The veranda is an open-air porch that is located on the front and sides of the house. It has a platform as a floor and it is sometimes enclosed by railings. Its level is mostly kept the same as ground level. You can enjoy the outdoors on the veranda.

14. Lanai

Lanai Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 33

Lanai is constructed mostly for houses constructed in a hot climate. The design is original to Hawaii.

The design and concept are similar to the porch except it has wider living areas. A roof is attached. But, it lacks more than one wall so that the natural atmosphere can be enjoyed.

Screening or paneling is normally done to maintain the temperature inside the house. Paneling includes glass panels or plastic panels.

15. Wrap around Porch

Wrap around Porch
What Is a Porch | 15 Types of Porch used for Home 34

Wrap Around Porch is one the oldest style of porches. It wraps your home- hence the name. Either the entire home is wrapped or a part of it is wrapped up. The wrapping starts from the front part of the house and turns at least one corner of the house.

The roof is kept but walls are not included in this porch. A large and spacious porch is achieved by this concept. Different spaces can be allocated for different outdoor activities considering its large space.

Like you can dedicate a space for reading books if you prefer to read books. Or even a gazebo can be included in one corner. It will not only enhance the architectural element but also let you spend quality time.

Also, there is always a shady spot, no matter what time of day it is. One important factor to consider in this porch is the sunlight. If not designed properly, the inside will become shady, as sunlight will not be able to reach at all.

But, they are expensive considering such a spacious construction.

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Purpose of A Porch

  • It is the first thing the guests can see at your home.
  • It can add aesthetic value to your home.
  • You can enjoy outdoor time on a porch.
  • It shelters you from rain and heavy winds.
  • It adds to the grandeur of the home if designed properly.

Are Porch and Veranda Same?

Porch vs Veranda

No, the veranda and porch are not the same. The porch is a broader term and veranda is a type of porch.

A porch may be enclosed by screens on the sides while a veranda is an open-air space with a roof. However, railings may be provided on the sides. The porch demonstrates more functional usage while the veranda has limited usage options.

The porch can be considered as a projected room attached to the house while the veranda is like a gallery- open from the sides.

How to Infer What Porch You Need?

1. Open PorchHas a roof but is open at the sides.
The flooring may be of concrete or wood.
Columns support the roof.
Helps in reducing the temperaturePrivacy is compromised.
2. Front Entry PorchSimple construction- just enough to provide shade to the visitors.
It is a small concrete slab adjacent to the main door.
Low budget option.
3. Back Porch  Construction at the backside of the house.
The kitchen or other living spaces can be connected to the porch.
Decorative elements and seating adjustments can be done.
The privacy of the occupant is preserved.
4. Screened Porch Covered by the roof while the sides are occupied by screens.
Can be in the form of an extension of the living room.
Ventilation is achievedKeeps the annoying mosquitoes away.
Most widespread porch.
Fiberglass mesh, aluminum mesh, or tightly woven screens can be used on the sides.
5. Farmer’s PorchConstructed like a farmhouse.
Facing is kept toward the street.
The width is similar to the front side of the house.
Level- ground level or slightly elevated.
The railing is installed around the porch.
Gathering can be organized.
6. DeckOpen spaces sans roof.
Wood is preferred.
Beautiful views can be enjoyed from the deck.
Well-planned construction.
Timely maintenance is costly.
May even require a permit for its construction.
7. Patio  Paved flooring.
The roof is absent.
May be either attached to the house or detached.
More versatile with respect to size and design
8. Detached PorchNot attached to the main house building.
A pathway connects it to the main house.
As it is a separate structure, the design is flexible mostly.
9. Arizona RoomFeature of Arizona houses.
Extension of main houses- semi-outdoor.
Kept accessible from the living room or kitchen.
Helps in keeping the temperature down.
10. Rained Porch  Roofing is extended for about 3-6 feet.
Shelters from rain.
The extension is dipped at a certain angle.
11. PorticoConstructed in front of the house.
Columns support its roof.
Can be constructed huge or kept simple.
Gatherings cannot be held.
12. LoggiaA statement construction that is even found in palaces.
Parallel to at least one side of the house.
Roof and outer walls are present.
Arches and columns both are added to an architectural touch
13. VerandaOpen-air porch located at front or sides of a house.
Can be enclosed by railings.
Mostly kept at ground level.
14. Lanai Originated from Hawaii.
Design is especially for hot weather regions.
Living areas are kept widerRoof is present more than one wall if absent.
Screening or paneling is done.
15. Wrap around PorchOne of the oldest styles.
Either the entire house or part of it is wrapped by the porch.
Dedicated spaces for different outdoor activities can be allocated.
A shady spot is present irrespective of time.
Careful design is required so that the inside of the house does not become devoid of sunlight.


In conclusion, porches can be a wonderful addition to any home, providing a comfortable and welcoming space to enjoy the outdoors. With the variety of porch designs and styles available, homeowners have the opportunity to create a unique and personalized space that meets their specific needs and preferences.

From traditional front porches to modern screened-in porches, there is a porch option for every home and every taste. Consider the different types of porches and find the perfect one to enhance the exterior of your home and add value to your property.


What is a porch?

A porch is an external structure that is attached to the entrance of a house or building. It typically has a roof and may be open or enclosed, providing a covered space for outdoor activities.

What are the benefits of having a porch?

Porches offer several benefits, including expanding living space, providing a place for relaxation and entertainment, enhancing the curb appeal of a home, and creating a transitional space between indoors and outdoors.

What is a front porch?

A front porch is located at the front entrance of a house and serves as a welcoming area. It is often used for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying the view of the surroundings.

What is a sleeping porch?

A sleeping porch is a screened or open porch that is specifically designed for sleeping. It is typically located on an upper floor and allows people to sleep outside during warm weather.

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