18+ Features to Consider While Building A New Home

20 Features To Consider When Building A New Home 2024

Are you planning to build a new home and confused about what to consider? Then there are some of the Features to Consider When Building a New Home (2023) that can help you increase the functionality of your home. Nowadays, Building a home is just constructing an unclosed concrete structure. Home construction should be done considering different factors and therefore, an architect tries to utilize every possible area of the home.

There are lots of important features to consider when building a new home like space planning, Automation, Smart Home Technologies, Bonus Room, Lighting planning, shelving under stairs, pet areas, etc.

Features To Consider When Building A New Home 2023

Building a new home can be an exciting and daunting task, with so many features to consider when building a new home. From the foundation, walls, and roofing to fixtures, floors, and ventilation – it can all seem overwhelming. Fortunately, this guide will help you find the perfect features for your dream home in 2023.

1. Space Planning

Space should be properly planned for your home. Orientation should also be considered. You can refer to the basic principles of planning for the same. The living room can be placed in the south direction. Bedrooms can be located in the southwest or southern direction. The study room can be kept in the northern direction.

The kitchen should be located in the east so that the morning rays can remove the dampness. Openings should be kept in the northern direction to allow diffused light. These are important features to consider when building a new home.

2. Building Materials

Selecting the correct building materials are also a necessity. It is crucial to opt for relevant materials to increase the Energy efficiency of your home.

If proper insulating materials are used, then a lot of the budget can be saved on electricity. Acoustics are also affected by building materials. The noisy environment also affects your health; hence materials should be selected wisely.

3. Lighting

Lighting Planning in Home

Lighting is another important part to pay attention to while building a home. Check out the spaces that require more lighting that is direct and provide sockets for them. Even 3-way switches can be employed. A master switch controlling all the other lighting can be of help too.

Correct lighting can bring warmth to your home. Also, it can set up the correct ambiance that you want. There are many options available nowadays for the same. Lighting Planning is one of the important Features To Consider When Building A New Home.

Even garden illumination should be done properly by adding a touch of grass and garden lights with medium illumination. By doing this, you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Driveways and garages should be kept well-lit for safety.

4. Smart Home Technology

As we advance in technology and our lives become busier and busier, technologies are becoming handy. Home automation and security systems are taken care of by such technologies.

Following are some of the technologies that you can consider:

  • Security system:
    • Smart locks
    • Surveillance cameras
    • Doorbell camera
    • Security alarm system
    • Home automation system
    • Smart appliances
    • Smart lighting systems
    • Speaker system
    • Power outlets at necessary and convenient locations

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5. Wiring

While completing the wiring of your house, do keep its plan handy for future reference. Besides, security systems and cameras need to be wired while installing the wiring of the house if you are planning for an automated home security system.

6. Automation

Automation is gradually becoming a part of our lives in all aspects. You can on and off the lights with just a click. Even Google Assistant Controlled Home can help with the automation of the house.

7. Closet

If you are someone who can go crazy about shopping, then you sure need to pay attention to your closet management.

Closet Planning in House
Closet Planning in House

If proper space is not left for the closet, then you may face difficulties managing your clothing and other stuff. Leave enough space so that you can install rods to hang clothes too.

A closet does not only store garments. Following are some of the items that need to be kept in a closet:

  • Cleaning items
  • Decorative items
  • Electronic items (USB ports, charging cables, pen drives, etc.)
  • Festive items

8. Kitchen Organization

Kitchen organization is important When Building A New Home. The kitchen should be well organized too. If attention is not paid to the details, it will cost a lot more to make further adjustments. The kitchen is an important space requiring a lot of consideration.

Following are some of the points to remember while designing a kitchen:

  • Decide the type of kitchen platform you want to include. It can be a free island to many other types that you can go through. Once the kitchen platform is finalized, you can arrange other features based on its location.
  • Keep the refrigerator close to the kitchen to avoid traversing long distances while cooking. Reserve space for the refrigerator while allocating space for the kitchen.
  • Arrange proper shelves in the kitchen for storage of containers or appliances.
  • While doing wiring of the home, do remember to provide the necessary plug sockets.
  • Drawers can be provided for efficient usage of space.

9. Bonus Rooms

Essential rooms are more or less planned. If you have extra space, then instead of just increasing the dimensions of the living room or bedroom, you can opt for providing extra rooms. Now, which room should be allocated depends on your living habits. If you are a movie person and your family enjoys spending time over movies frequently, then you can provide a media room.

A large projector can also be installed with a television for a better experience. Do not forget to provide comfortable seating arrangements. If your family members are health-freak and practice exercising, then you can even dedicate separate space for yoga, gym equipment, sport space, etc.

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10. Pet Area

Pet Area in Home
Pet Area in Home

If you have a pet or are planning to adopt one, then you can always leave some space for them. Dogs are to be given bathe too. Crates can also be kept there. Do not forget to include a dog bath in your laundry room. You can even provide a dog house under the staircase to conserve the space.

11. Shelves Under Stairs

Under Stairs Books Storage
Under Stairs Books Storage

If your house does not have adequate space, then you can even utilize the space left under the staircase for storage. It is an essential and space-saving features to consider when building a new home.

You can even install drawers in the risers. Or you can build shelves under the staircase. You can even convert the space into a closet!

12. Built-in Shelves

Accumulation of items is human nature. You may find all your closets stacked up in a while.  You can then opt for built-in shelves.

Not only this, you can even display showpieces on such shelves. Benches can be built below the window for seating.

13. Security

Security is something that should not be compromised. You have a lot of options for security systems too in the market.

Security does not affect the construction procedure, however, it is to be kept in mind during construction.

For security systems, you can install –

  • Security locks
  • Smart lighting system
  • The strong locking system on windows and doors
  • Sensors on doors and windows
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Motion detectors, etc

You don’t need to have all of the above options, but it is preferable to have a few for safety purposes.

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14. Maintenance

Maintenance of the house you are building is something that you cannot avoid. But you can definitely take a few steps to reduce its cost. You can select materials that require less maintenance. Exterior cladding should be so selected that it can stay intact for a longer period, else it will wear out much faster is it is less durable.

Aluminum window frames and plastic decking can be preferred. LED lighting should be installed as they have a longer life as compared to the other options. Vinyl flooring provides an easy cleaning option.

15. Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space Planning
Outdoor Space Planning

At this point when we all are thrown into busy schedules, outdoor activities are something we all have come to love. It is not feasible to plan a trip around every time. But if you have planned your outdoor space properly, if available, then you can enjoy outings now and then.

Comfortable seating can be provided in the outdoor space. Or you can decorate a deck. Even a barbeque can be planned sometimes. Entertainment appliances like speakers can be placed to enhance the atmosphere.

16. Laundry Space

Laundry space should not be placed far away. It should be easily accessible from the bedrooms especially. This can increase the functionality of your home.

17. Heated Driveway

If you are residing in colder areas where freezing ice is more often, then you can opt out of a heated driveway. This can avoid the layers of snow on the driveway so that passage for vehicles is kept clear.

18. Secret Room

A secret room can also be provided to safeguard some of the necessary items.

19. Eco-friendly Features

You can include eco-friendly options for your home like the installation of solar panels. It converts solar energy into electrical energy, which can be used for your house. Solar water boilers are quite popular.

Even rainwater can be collected and stored. Rooftop rainwater harvesting systems can be adapted for your home.

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