how to keep house cool in summer naturally

How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally (12 Tips)7 min read

Summer has started and in the coming days, the temperature during the day reaches 48 degrees centigrade in many areas of the world. At the same time, with the increase in heat, fears of increasing power problems are being raised. As long as there is electricity, summer can be beaten with the help of a cooler or AC, but after the power goes out, there is a need to find How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally?

There are some special measures through which the house can be kept cool naturally. However, these methods are effective even at the time when there is no problem of power cut because in such circumstances, electricity bills can be controlled by special methods.

Let us know through which special methods you can keep yourself fresh this summer. Here are some tips to keep the room cool in summer without ac and cooler.

12 Tips to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally

You can try following measure to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally,

  1. Keep the Mood Green with Greenery.
  2. Get the Ceiling Sealed.
  3. Water-Based Painting.
  4. Get Windows in the Right Direction.
  5. The roof of House Painted With Light Color.
  6. Light Blue Color in the Room.
  7. Natural Ventilation.
  8. Keep Windows Open.
  9. Use of Curtains.
  10. Lay the light Bed Sheet.
  11. Plantation around House.
  12. Special Measures to Deal with Heat.

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1. Keep the Mood Green with Greenery

 There is no natural way to keep the house cool other than trees. Get trees outside and inside the house. You will get easy options in the market to plant plants indoors.

You probably have plants with pots around your house for aesthetic purposes. However, you need to add certain plants that can not only keep the air cool but also help flush out toxins.

Plants can help to keep house cool because they lose water during transpiration, which cools the air around the plants, leaving it purified and fresh.

6 Plants That Will Help Keep Your House Naturally Cool

6 Plants for How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Plant Help to Keep Home Cool
  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Areca Palm Tree
  3. Ficus Tree
  4. Fern
  5. Snake Plant
  6. Golden Pothos

2. Get the Ceiling Sealed

Roof Sealing - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Roof Sealing

Get roof sealing done on roofs. This creates an additional layer under the roof and the effect of heating the roof due to sunlight does not affect the room.

Another feature of this is that it also enhances the beauty of the room. You can remove the heat of the house by placing a chimney in the kitchen.

3. Water-Based Painting

Water based paint - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Water based Paint

Water-based painting is also effective in preventing heat. Oil-based painting is liked by many people and it is also related to status. However, its biggest disadvantage is that it makes the room warm. Water-based petting should be used to keep room temperature low. White paint should be used to reflect the energy of the outer wall of the house to become less hot. The color should be done here on the roof itself.

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4. Get Windows in the Right Direction

Wind Flow from Window - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Wind Flow from Window

As we know that sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If your house has windows to the east and west, a lot of heat will enter the house when the sun rises and sets.

For this reason, windows should be installed in the south and west direction. However, the window should be placed in such a place that air can enter inside the house.

How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally

5. Roof of House Painted With Light Color

The roof of the house should always be painted in a light color. According to the scientist, darker colors absorb more heat and heat up very quickly.

Therefore, use light color instead of postal on the roof. Doing white paint or POP in the roof reduces the heat in your house by 70 to 80 percent compared to before and keeps the coolness in the house.

6. Light Blue Color in the Room:

Light Blue Color Shade For Room - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Light Blue Color Shade For Room

To keep the room cool, use the lightest shade of blue color in your room. Blue color absorbs less heat and cools down.

The blue color gives the mind feelings of calmness or serenity. However, the blue color also used to decorate the office because research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.

7. Natural Ventilation

Consider which part of your house is airier. Where does more air come from? Keep the windows of that place open. Your room will get a natural ventilation. Your room will be very airy after sunset.

8. Keep Windows Open

Keep the windows open after the sun sets. Keeping the windows open in the afternoon due to hot air can cause sunstroke problems.

9. Use of Curtains

Curtain for Window - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Curtain for Window

In the afternoon, the strong sunlight of the sarju fills your room with warmth. Screen to avoid do. This keeps the house cool by soaking up the heat. Darker curtains draw heat towards them, same light colors, pastels

And the white color protects from the sun. The more light the color of the screen is in your house, the better it will be and it will be colder than most.

10. Lay the Light Bed Sheet

Light Color Bed Sheet - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Light Color Bed Sheet

If you want to keep your house really cool, then try this idea. Lay light color bed sheet. Light-colored bed sheets do not absorb the hit, so even if a straight blink is in your room

Even if you come, your room will remain cool.

11. Plantation around House

Tree plantation around home - How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally
Tree Plantation around Home

Pay attention to land scrapping to keep the house naturally cool. Trees, plants, in the front or garden of your house

Apply something like this to keep the coolness in the house. If shady trees are planted in the western direction, then this protects direct light from entering the house.

How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally

12. Special Measures to Deal with Heat

Use electronic equipment only when needed. The room that runs more power lights or TV has more heat than other rooms. Keeping this in mind, use LED instead of a mercury bulb in the room. Keep electronic devices such as computer-TV off when they are not in use.

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