The Emerging Trend of Color Skirting Boards in Modern Homes

White skirting boards are timeless and they normally give your home a very plain look. However, recently most people have been making a statement in their homes with colored skirting boards.

In the past, color choices have been pretty limited, with everyone preferring a glossy white skirting board, or on rare occasions, wood colors. 

But times have changed and color skirting boards are now legitimately trending. Below are some of the reasons why you may consider buying colored skirting boards online for your home.

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Gives Your Room A Contemporary Aesthetic

Whether you prefer an industrial or minimalist interior design, the color of your skirting boards may play a major role in giving your home a modern feel.

You can give your home a contemporary twist by pairing a lightly shaded wall with darker skirting boards.

This creates the feeling that the walls are elongated and lighter in contrast. It adds more bonus of making the room appear brighter and airier.

This effect is, on most occasions, achieved by matching grey skirting boards with white walls. But, you don’t have to stick with this outlook.

Any combination of light walls with a slightly darker shade of skirting board may be just as effective.

Creates The Illusion of Space

For a spacious feel, choosing a uniform color for your walls and skirting boards may be the ideal solution.

This simple hack is very effective as it removes the visual contrast that normally exists between walls and skirting boards. 

It helps bring out a clean and striking look that exaggerates the available space. This trend works well with contemporary or more traditional properties.

Creates an impactful and a vibrating space

There are various ways of adapting this style to your home. For a subtle burst, you should consider painting the top of your skirting boards with a bright color. 

Choose a hue that will compliment your walls. You may settle for yellow skirting boards against purple walls or blue walls paired with orange skirting boards.

Alternatively, for a bolder look, you may go all out by choosing a skirting board color that will stand out intensely against your walls and floors.

You may also create a striking contemporary look by inter twinning primary-colored skirting boards with both the wall and the floor.

Brings out the color pop effect

The use of contrasting colors and vibrating spaces has become the trend in interior design. This has pushed the limits of designing and waved goodbye to the minimalism that has been trending in the past.

Colored skirting boards have helped bring about a very impact color pop effect in various homes. This makes the home feel more stylish and modern.

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Any time you decide to install or replace your skirting boards, don’t just settle for the old boring white color. Stop and think for a minute.

Decide what you would like to achieve with your skirting board and consider all your options. Be a little bolder and braver and order colored skirting boards online that will be best suited for your home.


What are skirting boards?

Skirting boards are the decorative moldings that cover the joint between the floor and the wall. They are also known as baseboards or mopboards.

What are the benefits of color skirting?

Color skirting can make a room feel more cohesive by tying together different elements such as furniture and accessories. It can also add visual interest and depth to a space, making it feel more inviting and dynamic.

How can I incorporate color skirting into my home?

To incorporate color skirting into your home, choose a color that complements or contrasts with the other elements in the room. Consider painting or staining the skirting boards yourself or hiring a professional for a polished finish.

Is color skirting a timeless trend?

Color skirting is a modern trend that may not be timeless. However, it is a great way to add personality and interest to a space and can be easily updated if the trend falls out of fashion.

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