20 Essential House Cleaning Tools and Equipments

20 House Cleaning Tools and Equipment | Housekeeping Tools

Household Hygiene holds the top position in our priority list, to maintain a healthy, peaceful, and comfortable environment in our house and to keep a regular check on indoor hygiene, Housekeeping tools and equipment are a must-have for us.

With advancing times, it is very important that our Household Cleaning is well managed with our busy schedules and kept maintained with good quality. So, here are some of the essential house cleaning tools and equipment, which will make your household cleaning much easier.

House Cleaning Tools and Equipment

The following are the some of best and most house cleaning tools and equipment must have at work and office. Housekeeping tools include a range of items essential for maintaining a clean and organized living or working space.

1. Broom and Dust Pan

Broom and Dust Pan
Broom and Dust Pan

One of the very Basic tool is to have a Cleaning Broom; it simply makes all the corners of the house easily accessible for cleaning. The Dust-Pan is like an all-time partner to the Broom, which helps you to easily collect all the dust in one place, for its easy disposal in the Dustbin.

2. Waste Segregating Dustbin

With the advancing times of Technology and Development, we are resulting in the production of huge chunks of Waste. To keep our Household Hygiene maintained as well as Environmental-Friendly, there should be Colour-Coded separate Dustbins for the House, promoting Waste Segregation and Management.

Waste Segregating Dustbin
Waste Segregating Dustbin

On a very Primary Basis, there should be at least two separate Dustbins – Green and Blue. Household Biodegradable Waste, like Kitchen Wet Waste, Fruit/Vegetable Peels, and Garden Waste, should be collected and thrown off into the Green Dustbins. Recyclable Dry Waste, which is Non-Biodegradable, like Plastics Waste, Bottles, and Covering Wrappers, should be disposed of in the Blue Dustbins.

For better and more Hygienic Waste Management, there can be Black Dustbins also, which are used to collect Domestic Hazardous Waste like Bandages, Expired Medicines, Sanitary Napkins, Cotton Swabs, Blades, and E-Wastes as well like, Batteries, Button Cells, Mobile Phones, and other Electrical Appliances like Bulb, Grinders, Laptop.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner helps to keep the Flooring of the house clean in a way easier. It makes a lot of reduction in the Manual Cleaning Effort and also saves a lot of time. It is also Portable and comes in a Range of Sizes and Features.

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner

Approximate Price Range – 90 to 2000 USD

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4. Bucket and Mop

After cleaning the floor off Dust and the Particulate Matter, cleaning it with a Liquid Medium like Water or some Disinfectant makes it more Hygienic for our Indoor Environment.

To wipe the floor, clean the room, mopping after a party, the Mop and the Bucket, make your task very easy, effortless, and efficient. It helps easy soaking, rinsing, and the movement of the Mop and you can access even the threshold parts of drawers, beds, and furniture with your comfort and without bending.

Bucket and Mop (House cleaning tools and equipment)
Bucket and Mop

5. Bathroom Cleaner Kit

Bathrooms are very vulnerable to microbial colonies and always pose a danger for microbial infections therefore, it is very important to keep the bathroom clean and dry. Taking the cleaning the Toilet, the use of Toilet Scrubs with adjustable shafts and disposable scrubs makes it very easy to clean toilet grounds.

Also, the Faucets, Showers, Taps, Toilet Seats, Handles, Tubs, and Tanks must be cleaned with Disinfectants and Bathroom Detergents, to avoid Microbial Growth. The Humid and Moist Grounds if our Bathroom, result In Bacterial growth very often.

So, it is also important to have good Bathroom Ventilation for Air-Circulation and Aid-Exit after the Bathroom Usage and Wiping Off the Bathroom to avoid Water Layers to retain over the Bathroom Floors and Surfaces.

We should use Bathroom Towels, Cleaning Soap, Antiseptic, Disinfectants, Air Fragrance, Microfibre Cleaning cloth, and Wipers to keep our Bathroom Surfaces Clean.

Bathroom Cleaner Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Kit

6. Leather and Wood Cleaning Products

The furniture at our home and other ornamental products are often made of Wood and Leather, which is left without cleaning and acts as a breeding ground for Microbes.

We cannot clean Wood and Leather using normal cleaning products, as it may damage them, and instead use specific Cleaning Solutions or Sprays. This will keep them clean, Hygienic, and also help them maintain their wonderful ornamental beauty.

Leather and Wood Cleaning Products
Leather and Wood Cleaning Products

7. Duster and Gloves

There should be a regular dusting of Articles, Furniture, Walls, Floorings, Ceilings, Windows, and Doors as well, to avoid the settling of Dust to an extent. Dusting Gloves and Dusters with Microfibres, make this task much easier and quicker and help maintain Indoor Hygiene.

Duster and Gloves
Duster and Gloves

8. Disinfectants and Detergents

You should always have a sufficient and good quality supply of Laundry Detergents, Bathroom Detergents, Disinfectants, and Cleaning Solutions for your Household. Cleaning Indoors with Disinfectants and Cleaning Solutions make it safer, with activated Anti-Microbial Structured Chemicals, and prevents the growth or infections by Microbes.

Disinfectants and Detergents
Disinfectants and Detergents

9. Glass Cleaner

Glass Tables, Windows, and other Articles of Glass should be cleaned via special Glass Cleaning Solutions or Sprays, which will not damage them and accomplish the task of cleaning as well.

Glass Cleaning Tools
Glass Cleaning Tools

10. Scrubs and Sponges

For cleaning Utensils, Stain or Floors, Platforms of the Kitchen, and Tubs, the most essential cleaning tool is the Scrub and Sponge. You can simply soak and squeeze them in the Cleaning Solutions and start Cleaning.

Scrubs and Sponges
Glass Cleaning Tools

11. Grout Cleaner

To cleanse the Grout Lines in between the Tiles on the Floor, the Ceilings, or Kitchen Wall, Grout Cleaner simply helps you to apply the Cleaning Solutions and Clean them.

Grout Cleaner
Glass Cleaning Tools

12. Rubber Gloves

To protect your skin from any damage, infection, or sensitivity, Rubber Gloves are a must-have while you do Household Cleaning.

13. Squeegee

To wipe down the Floor, Windows, and Kitchen Platforms, a Squeegee can be used to make effective wiping.

Floor Squeegee
Floor Squeegee

Approximate Price Range – 5 to 100 USD

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14. Limescale Remover

To clean off Limescale over your Daily – Use Appliances like Kettle, Taps, and Boilers, you must have a Limescale removing solution.

15. Plunger

Plunger plays an important role to resolve the choking issues of your Sink, Basin, and Tubs, besides keeping it clean and easy for you.


16. Surface Wipes

To make the Cleaning of Household Surfaces more often and handy, surface wipes make it very easy.

Surface Wipes
20 House Cleaning Tools and Equipment | Housekeeping Tools 23

17. Surgical Spirit

To get rid of Gummy Stains or Grease from Glue and Oils, Surgical Spirit is very effective in keeping it Hygienic.

Surgical Spirit
Surgical Spirit

18. Bleach


With just a Clean Cloth, dipped in Bleach, you can Clean your Household Surfaces and appliances to avoid Microbial Infection.

19. Sanitizers and Sprays


It is very important to Sanitize the Indoors, as a regular movement of Indoor and Outdoor, can bring in a lot of Dangerous Microbes, and to avoid that, you must have Sanitizers and Sprays, to Disinfect.

20. Air and Water Purifiers and Vegetable Cleaner

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner
Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

To Regulate and Purify the Water and Air, entering the Indoors, as well as the Food including Vegetables and Fruits, one must have Purifiers for Air and Water and Cleaning Solutions for Food. To purify Vegetables and Fruits, you can also use Lukewarm Water with Salt.

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