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OTS In House | OTS In Building

What Is OTS In House?

OTS is full form is Open To Sky. It is an area in a house plan, which directly opens to the sky and is covered by fiberglass or some other translucent material. Open To Sky (OTS) is an area in a house plan, which doesn’t have a roof.

Sometimes the design of a house plan forces us to design a room without any windows. This is detrimental in the long run. An OTS goes up to the roof and brings in the light and fresh air.

What Is OTS In House | Open To Sky In House Purpose In House
OTS in House

OTS Meaning: It is a term used to indicate on architectural drawings (plans) that a certain area is not covered from the top or not having any slab or roof.

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Why OTS IS Provided In the House?

Providing ventilation and natural light in every room of the house is essential because this two-factor room becomes unhealthy and it causes suffocation to habitats. To serve these purpose in house windows and ventilation is provided to get a view of the outside and allow natural light to enter the room.

The sunlight and fresh air supply room necessary to make the room livable and no one wishes to stay in the room which is packed from all four sides. But, while the Architect is designing the house plan as per the client’s requirement, it is sometimes not possible to locate every room with a window that has an outside view.

It does not look big problem, but like it, construction and people starting to live in that space cause lots of problems.

For Example,

Let’s consider two rooms are sharing a single wall. If you put a window between them, it will not help to get natural light and fresh and it affects the privacy of both rooms.

So, if we put OTS between them which is open to the sky both rooms will get natural light and fresh air circulation in a room without sacrificing the privacy of each other.

Here, we can create OTS which is extended up to the terrace and open to the sky.

Purpose of OTS In Building

  1. If the buildings are constructed around the three sides of our building OTS is provided for VENTILATION PURPOSE.
  2. If we are constructing the building without the setbacks around the building OTS can be provided for providing DRAINAGE CHAMBERS.
  3. It can also be provided for running the plumbing and waterlines vertically from the top floors in order to make it aesthetically appear neat when seen from outside.
What Is OTS In House | Open To Sky in House Purpose In House
OTS In House | OTS In Building 5

below I have attached the floor plan with OTS for reference, in the below plan the OTS serves all three purposes.

importance of oTS in house

OTS stands for “Open-to-Sky” and refers to a design element in a house where a portion of the roof is left open to the sky, usually with a skylight or a courtyard.

The importance of OTS in a house can vary depending on the specific context and design of the house, but here are a few potential benefits:

  1. Natural light: By allowing natural light to enter the house through the open roof, an OTS design can reduce the need for artificial lighting and create a bright and inviting living space.
  2. Ventilation: An OTS design can help with natural ventilation, which can reduce the need for air conditioning or other cooling systems. This can be particularly useful in areas with hot or humid climates.
  3. Aesthetic appeal: An open-to-sky design can add a unique and visually striking element to a house’s design, especially if the area is well-designed and landscaped.
  4. Privacy: An OTS design can provide privacy by allowing sunlight and fresh air to enter the house without compromising the homeowner’s privacy.
  5. Connection with nature: An OTS design can create a connection between the occupants and the natural environment, helping to bring the outdoors inside and creating a peaceful and calming living space.

Overall, an OTS design can provide a range of benefits to a house and its occupants, making it an appealing option for homeowners and designers alike. However, it is important to ensure that the design is well-executed and appropriate for the specific context of the house to avoid any potential drawbacks or issues.

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