Top Paint Brand In India

Top 10 Paint Companies In India 2024

Paint is an essential element in beautifying surfaces and protecting them from damage. It adds color and character to walls, furniture, and other objects, while also providing a protective layer against environmental factors. In India, a country witnessing a growing demand for quality paints, several top paint companies in India have emerged to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

There are various ranges of Best Paint Brands in India that cater to various consumer preferences and requirements. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive overview of the Top Paint Companies in India and their contributions to the country’s vibrant paint industry.

Top Paint Companies In India

The following are the Top 10 Paint Companies In India

  • Asian Paints
  • Dulux Paints
  • Berger Paints
  • Nerolac Paints
  • Nippon Paint
  • Indigo Paints
  • British Paints
  • Shalimar Paints
  • Agsar Paints
  • Jotun Paints

1. Asian Paints

Asian Paint Best Paint Brand In India
Asian Paints

The Asian Paints Company was founded in 1942, and it has been a prominent brand in our Indian market as Asian Paint Is the Best Paint Brand In India for any type of wall paint.

Also, it has a wide range of paints that suffice personal as well as professional needs and offers home improvement and décor segments along with bath and kitchen products. It is easily available in urban and rural areas of India.

Advantages of Asian Paint

  • High-Quality Product.
  • Last Long period.
  • Easy to remove dirt and stains.
  • Available in an Affordable price range.

Popular Products

  • Asian paint Tractor Emulsion
  • Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion
  • Asian Paints Royale Luxury Emulsion
  • Asian Paints Royale Matt Emulsion

2. Dulux Paints

Dulux Paint
Dulux Paints

Dulux Paint was founded in 1931 and was launched in India in 2004 also it is an international company that mainly supplies sustainable paints and coatings for its customers. Dulux Paint is one of the top paint companies in India.

Advantages of Dulux Paints

  • This paint has longer durability.
  • Also, it is easily available in a wide range of colors.
  • This Dulux paint is environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of Dulux Paints

  • It requires a longer time to dry.

Popular Products

  • Weather Shield anti-Carb
  • Weather Shield TRE2000
  • Interior A900
  • Weather shield creation Stonetex

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3. Berger Paints

Berger Paint
Berger Paints

This Berger Paint is founded in 1760 in the UK, and Berger paints is one of the fastest-growing paints company in all of India. Berger Paints was launched in 1923 in India, Due to its vibrant range of colors and its quality it quickly became a household name.

Also, it provides decorative patterned templates to paints to make the wall looks more appealing which we included in best paint brand in India list 2024.

Advantages of Berger Paints

  • This paint is easy to use.
  • It is easily available in a wide range of colors.
  • These paints last a long time.
  • It requires a short Drying Time.

Disadvantages of Berger Paints

  • For better texture require more than one coat of paint.

Popular Products

  • Easy clean Fresh(White Color)
  • Luxol Xtra (Cornerstone-8A2578)
  • Silk Breath Easy (Green Stalk )
  • Weather coat long life

4. Nerolac Paints

Nerolac Paint
Nerolac Paints

The Kansai Nerolac paint company is generally known as Nerolac paint and it is one of the top-rated paint companies in India. It is a Japanese company that originated in 1918, and in 1920 it established its first Indian headquarter in Mumbai.

Advantages of Nerolac Paint

  • This paint resists stains.
  • It resists fungal.
  • It is a waterproof kind of paint.
  • It has a low odor.

Popular Products

  • Nerolac Excel Top Guard
  • Nerolac Excel Total
  • Nerolac Excel Mica Marble
  • Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen

5. Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint
Nippon Paint

This Nippon Paint is a Japanese paint brand it has been presenting in Indian markets for over a decade and it is one of the top-rated paint companies in Asia. It Is considered a good choice when looking for Top paint companies in India.

Advantages of Nippon Paints

  • This Nippon Paint is Eco-Friendly.
  • This Paint has Antibacterial properties.
  • The Nippon Paintworks is like Air purifying paint.
  • This Nippon Paint was used for a water resistance project.

Popular Products

  • Nippon Paint Breeze Emulsion
  • NipponPaint Vinilex Emulsion
  • Nippon Paint Atom 2 In 1
  • Nippon Paint Spotless NXT

6. Indigo Paints

Indigo Paint
Indigo Paints

This Indigo Paint was started in the year 2000 and it provides water-based paints like interior and exterior emulsion, primers, and distempers. It offers a unique range of products that is a concoction of elegance and style which shows the quality of the best paint brand in India.

Advantages of Indigo Paint

  • It produces a low odor.
  • It has mildew resistance and Fungus Resistance.
  • It gives a smooth finish kind of texture.
  • Also, it removes stains and dirt easily.

The Disadvantage of Indigo Paint

This Indigo Paint is a little bit Expensive.

Popular Products

  • Indigo Bronze Interior Emulsion
  • Indigo Acrylic Distemper Silver Series
  • Indigo Interior Emulsion Silver SerieIndigo Bright Ceiling Coat Platinum Series

7. British Paints

British Paint
British Paints

This British Paint is mainly used for Industrial painting purposes and it is one of the largest paint companies in India; also it provides customized painting services with customer satisfaction when looking for Top paint companies in India.

It comes to India in 1947 and soon became a leading supplier of industrial, architectural, and marine projects, and it is one of the best cost-effective paints companies which also offers a variety of decorative and industrial purposes considered the best paint brand in India.

Advantages of British Paint:

  • This paint gives excellent quality to the product.
  • This British paint is easily available in a different range of colors.

Popular Products

  • Sheer Class Splendor Luxury Emulsion
  • Glamour Advanced Anti Stain
  • Glamour Advanced Premium Acrylic Emulsion
  • Glamour Premium Acrylic Emulsion

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8. Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paint
Shalimar Paints

This Shalimar paint was established in 1902 in Howrah, West Bengal by Britishers, also mainly used for painting monuments and government infrastructure, The paint is used for exterior surfaces, Interior Surfaces, Floors, Wood Surfaces, and Metal Surface also.

Advantages of Shalimar Paints

  • It gives long durability.
  • This paint resists fungi and Bacteria.

Popular Products

  • Shalimar Aluminum Paint
  • Jetlac Care Wood PU Glossy Finish
  • Superlac Advance White
  • Superlac Universal Stainer Burnt Sienna

 9. Agsar Paints

Agsar Paint
Agsar Paints

This Agsar Paint was founded in 1974 in Tuticorin Tamil Nadu and it comes with three different brands namely, Ancillary, Industrial, And Decorative each offering specialized services and products.

Advantages of Agsar Paint

  • The nature of Paint is Eco friendly.
  • It resists Heat and Rain.
  • It easily purifies the air.
  • This paint is easily available in a different range of colors.

Popular Products

  • Agsar Ranger Colour Plus
  • DON Premium Exterior Emulsion
  • Micromatt
  • Exterior Wall Primer

10. Jotun Paints

Jotun Paint
Jotun Paints

This Jotun Paint was founded in the 1920s it is a Norwegian paint brand that initially started as a shipping paint supplier and then its created first readymade paint in the early 1930s.

Advantages of Jotun Paints

  • This Paint is Non-Toxic in nature.
  • This Jotun Paint is Safe for the Environment.
  • It dries quickly.

Disadvantages of Jotun Paints

  • This paint is a little bit Expensive.
  • It has a limited range of products for domestic use.

Popular Products

  • Jota Shield Colour Extreme
  • Jota Shield Ultra Clean
  • Jota Shield Anti fade Colours
  • Jota Shield Flex


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