House Types In India

13 Types of Houses in India

India, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant diversity, boasts a fascinating array of architectural styles when it comes to housing. The types of houses in India reflect the country’s unique blend of traditions, regional influences, and evolving modernity.

From ancient traditional dwellings to contemporary urban residences, the housing landscape in India is a testament to its rich history and dynamic present. Exploring the various types of houses in India offers a captivating glimpse into the diverse lifestyles, cultural practices, and architectural marvels that shape the nation’s residential fabric.

So, let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Indian homes, where each type tells its own compelling story.

Types of Houses In India

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned pro, it’s crucial to explore the plethora of housing choices available, especially when considering the types of houses in India.

1. Palaces


India is famous for its heritage place and cultural history. In which India many magnificent palaces are located in different places.

The royal families lived once upon a time in India. Their lavish, and luxurious lifestyles are alive today. Today most of these royal places are converted into museums, penthouses, tourist purposes, and hotels.

2. Huts


Hunt is the first house which is built by humans. Hunt is a simple and tiny shelter. Generally, the Hunt is made of locally available and easily available materials so that is cheap to build. Huts are mostly seen in rural areas of India.

3. Bungalows

A bungalow-type house means that can be either a single-story building, two-story, or one-and-a-half-story building, and bungalows are built with slopping type roofs or pitched type roofs. Also, it is known as a small – cottage type dwelling unit.

Bungalow Typ House

Advantages of Bungalows

  • More
  • specious
  • High privacy
  • Easy to move surrounding the house
  • Great playing for children
  • Connect with nature
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • In the future scope of the remodeling
  • Scope of extension to the home
  • Good for investor
  • High resell demand

Disadvantages of Bungalows

  • Worried about security
  • Lack of storage
  • More expensive
  • Renovation is required

4. Detached House

Detached Houses
Detached Houses

A detached dwelling unit means that the building does not share an outside wall with other houses or buildings. This dwelling unit excludes triplex, Fourplex, Duplex houses, etc. detached houses are mostly stand-alone in residential structures.

5. Raw House

Raw House as the name suggests a number of similar kinds of houses that are constructed or arranged in one single row. These types of houses are constructed considering a common wall between two plots. Also, the elevations of all houses are the same. Raw house is a single-family house.

Row Houses
Row Houses

Advantages of Raw House

  • To require less maintenance.
  • It is more affordable as compared to bungalows
  • To give greater privacy.

Disadvantages of Raw House

  • Less Freedom.
  • A homeowner fee is high.
  • To feel congested.
  • You have a pet restriction.

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6. Duplexes

Duplex houses have two stories or floors in the same building. It is a multi-family house. These duplexes house two stories and always share an outside wall as a common wall. The main purpose of sharing a common wall is to save the carpet area of the house. But the floor plan area can different.

Duplex Houses
Duplex Houses

Advantages of Duplex House

  • Sources of additional income
  • High in demand
  • Easy to resell
  • More in Privacy
  • Good for living in multi-family

Disadvantages of Duplex House

  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • No guarantee of rental income.
  • More disturbances due to the common wall.

7. Farmhouses

The farmhouse is located away from the city or urban area. Which is the main purpose is an agricultural setting. In the past few decades, the vertical development of buildings or apartments has gone fast.


This is responsible for the choked situation in terms of peace. So that investors started to invest in land which is located in remote areas and built full of modern amenities.

Such as swimming pools, theaters, gardens, etc. so most people attract to farmhouses and vacation houses.

8. Apartments or Flats

Modern building structures have several apartments or flats in them. The biggest advantage of such type of structure is each flat provides a set of rooms.

Apartment and Flat House System
Apartment and Flat House System

Where single or multi-family live together on one floor. Recently this type of accommodation facility has been most common across India.

Also full of lots of recreation places like an auditorium, gym, theater, Skating ring, swimming pool, etc.

9. Villas


Villa is generally identified as an upper-class home. Villas come in several sizes and types from ultra-large villas to king-size villas.

This type of villa has a private swimming pool, garden, lawn, and driveway, etc. Nowadays villas have gained popularity because they provide refreshing greenery.

10. Condominiums


The condominium is also known as a condo building complex. The condo building is constructed similarly to the flats but the main difference is the individual ownership of flats with sharing all other facilities.

Such as a garden, gym, outdoor play area, recreation area, auditorium, etc. all facilities are maintained under the association.

Advantage of Condominiums

  • Securities services
  • Amenities
  • All facilities are covered under maintenance

Disadvantage of Condominiums

  • Restriction to use
  • Used all amenities within a time limit
  • Less Privacy
  • Pay extra fees When damaging the public properties

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11. Penthouses


Penthouse is nothing new but the advanced version of multi-story flats or apartments on the topmost floor. This advancement/ moderation is achieved by elements and luxury features. Also, these houses are more lavishly and large as compared to other homes in that apartment.

The biggest advantage is personal access to a terrace which makes the penthouse very special and adds to the high ceiling inside the home. Pent houses are quite expensive as compared to other houses.

Advantages of Pent House

  • More Spacious than other types of houses.
  • Use the top roof, Terrace.
  • To visible good Far-ranging Views.
  • To give a symbol of high status.
  • To give extra Natural Light.
  • To provide a noise-free atmosphere.
  • Customization in indoor as well as outdoor design.

Disadvantages of Penthouse

  • Always depend upon the elevator.
  • High Risk in natural hazards.
  • For children playing in this area a little bit difficult.
  • In summer to warm feel and in winter to cool feel.
  • Away from nature because it’s on the top floor.

12. Studio Flats

Studio flat
Studio flat

Studio flats are not a new concept but they recently gained lots of popularity. This house is tiny but full of amenities. Also, this is popular with young working people.

Such as influencers, businessmen, socially active people, etc. the studio flat is divided into different compartments but has no separation or division of there.

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13. Eco-friendly Homes

Eco-Friendly House
Eco-Friendly House

Eco -Friendly homes are also known as Green homes. This is low- an impacted environmental house. Well designed and built using those materials and technology that required less energy consummation and reduced the rate of carbon footprint.

For water consumption used a rainwater harvesting system. The most important feature of an Eco-friendly home is naturally well-ventilated so that is less used for non-renewable energy.

Advantages of Eco-friendly House

  • Natural light or ventilation has improved the productivity and health of the occupant.
  • Some places give subsidies and grants to build Eco-friendly homes.
  • If you are using renewable energy sources and generating surplus energy then you can send it and earn additional income.

The disadvantage of Eco- a friendly house

  • Construction materials are not
  • easily available in the local market.
  • The initial construction cost is high.
  • It required more construction time.

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