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Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks Which is Better? | Best Bricks for House Construction

As we decide to build a new home, there are many question and queries comes in mind. House construction is not a temporary structure. we want to build a house that can last long for a too long period. for that, we choose to use the best practices, materials, and methods of construction. In which major question is Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks – Which bricks are best for house construction?

To satisfy this requirement we look for,

  1. Which brick is best for home construction?
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  7. Which bricks are best for house construction?

there are too many things we are looking for. so in this article, we will try to give you an answer by comparing Fly Ash Bricks vs Clay Bricks that is which is the best brick for house construction.

as we know there are two popular bricks available in the market one is fly ash bricks and other is red clay bricks. We will do some comparative study between them to decide which is best for house construction.

IS Specification of Fly Ash Bricks: IS 13757 : 1993 BURNT CLAY FLY ASH BUILDING BRICKS.

IS Specification of Clay Bricks: IS 1077: 1992 COMMON BURNT CLAY BUILDING BRICKS

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Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks

To decide which is best bricks for house construction following difference between fly ash brick and red brick.

Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks - Which is Better?

Following is comparative analysis of Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks.

Fly Ash Bricks Red Clay Bricks
These Bricks are made from cement, slag, fly ash.Red Bricks are manufactured form Clay Soil
Fly ash brick has more uniform shape as they are cast in machine mouldRed bricks do not have a uniform shape as they are hand mold-made
Fly ash brick has Cement grey colorRed brick has the color red to light brown depending upon type of clay used.
Fly Ash Bricks has compressive strength – 75 to 100 kg/cm²Red Brick has compressive strength – 30 to 35 kg/cm²
Density: 1700-1850 kg/m3Density: 1600-1750 kg/m3
Fly Ash Bricks wastage on site is around 2 – 5 %Red Brick wastage on site is more than 10 %
Fly Ash Bricks has Water Absorption of about 6 -12 %Red Brick has Water Absorption of about 20 – 25 %
Fly Ash Bricks Weight is 2.6 kgRed Brick Weight is 3.5 kg
Fly Ash Bricks Cost is about Rs. 4 to 6Red Brick Cost is about Rs. 5 to 8

From the comparison, anyone can clearly predict that Fly Ash Bricks has more advantages than clay bricks for new house construction.

Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks Price

Fly ash brick price is Rs. 4 to 6 per unit and Red Brick Price is Rs. 5 to 8 per unit

Fly Ash Bricks Advantages Over Clay Bricks

1. Fly ash bricks are less costly and lighter in weight.

2. Fly Ash bricks consume only 65 kg cement for the construction of 1 m³ of brickwork which is less compare to red brick.

3. By using fly ash brick we can reduce cement consumption up to 50 % as these brick walls not required plastering on both sides.

4. High compressive strength, fewer pours and light-weighted compared to clay bricks.

5. In high-rise building when structural load increase, this brick has lightweight helps in reducing stress on the building

6. Absorb less water compare to red bricks.

7. It is cheaper than the red bricks.

8. Fly ash bricks are made of waste materials that come from the combustion of coal in thermal power plants.

9. Clay bricks are made of clay that is collected from fertile land or the topsoil. This is the prime reason that makes Fly ash bricks more preferable to Clay bricks.

==> Conclusion ( Fly Ash Bricks vs Clay Bricks) <==

Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks Which is Better? | Best Bricks for House Construction

In all aspects fly, ash bricks are better than clay bricks. They are environment-friendly because the maximum constituent is ash and flies ash bricks have greater strength as compared to red bricks. 

We can choose to fly ash brick which is best brick for home construction.

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