Types of Transom Windows

Types Of Transom Windows

What Are Transom Windows?

A transom window it means is placed or installed just above the door and window of the house. It is one type of decorative window. It is also known as the “transom light” because it can able to let in more natural light or ventilation.

What Are Transom Windows
Transom Windows

This type of window is installed anywhere in the house where the designer and users are required to have more light. Transom windows come in different materials, styles, shapes, sizes, glass types, and designs.

Also, the frame materials come in different materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, etc. Same as the variety of glass materials like clear glass, textured type glass, frosted type glass, etc.

What Is a Transom?

The transom is nothing new or extra part of the window but it is one type of beam. This separates the top of the door and window from the wall level. The main aim of providing transom is to carry the load.

This word is derived from the Latin word Trans means across and summer means to take.

What Is the Purpose of Providing a Transom Window?

A transom window is more used a few decades ago for natural ventilation and lighting Purposes. Because that period air conditioning system is not invented.

So that mostly movable transom-type window is used. Were opened and closed the window to allow ventilation from Inside to outside and outside to inside and from one room to another room. But nowadays transom window is mostly used for decorative purposes.

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Types of Transom Window

The Following are popular types of transom windows,

  • Fixed Type Transom Window
  • Arched Transom Window
  • Bathroom Transom Window
  • Shed-type Transom Window

Fixed Type Transom Window

Fixed transom window as the name suggests this is not open and closed. It is fixed in one place. Installation of fixed transom window can be either placed along with the window and door or above the door and window. So that it can be able to pass natural light inside the building.

These types of windows are used for decorative purposes such as elevation parts, Living room, backyard, etc. Also, it comes in many varieties. Which depend upon the panel, dividers, etc.

Arched Transom Window

Arched Window
Arched Window

The above figure shows arched windows, semi-circular is best for the decorative purpose of the house. It is used on the gables and over the window, and door.

An arch transom window is most suitable for pitched roofs and slope roofs. This window is either fixed or movable which depends upon the requirements. It is not suitable for modern-type homes and clean roof lines.

Bathroom Transom Window

Bathroom Transom Window
Vanity Transom Window

Transom windows are a good option for vanity areas, shower stalls, and shower areas. Generally, a transient window is used in the steamy area and provides a good amount of ventilation. You can use either a fixed or hinged-type transition windows as per your requirements.

Shed Transom Window

Shed Transom Window
Shed Transom Window

A shed transom window is available in an elongated and rectangular shape. This is installed at the ceiling and top of the wall. If you require more brightness in the room then the height of the window is increased up to the ceiling.

Also, shed windows are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, glass, PVC, frame material, etc., and are used in temporary structures like storage rooms, and garages.

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Advantages of Transom Window

  • Privacy: Sometimes you do not want to light inside the room in that case you can choose a fixed transom type window.
  • Natural Light: it can give natural light to the room. This makes the room brighter and wider.
  • Affordable: These windows are cheap compared to the French window, and casement windows.
  • Energy Efficient: It is more energy-efficient, as compared to any other type of window.
  • Aesthetically sound: Is ransom window is not just functional but enhances the aesthetic look of the house or room.
  • Easy to operate: It is very easy to operate like close and open with the help of a metallic rod or rope.
  • Accent-type Window: this is an accent-type window that gives a very elegant and luxurious look. It makes the room very spacious and brighter.
  • Light Structure: in the case of making a light structure used a fixed glass type transom window above the transom beam.
  • For separation of two Rooms:  Transom can able to create a separation of interior walls or rooms such as dining room and kitchen, study room and bedroom, etc.

Disadvantage of Transom Window

  • Hard To clean: in the transom window cleaning is hard. Because not cleaning properly with a wet cloth then a high chance of mold and termite attack.
  • Not appropriate for all rooms: it is more appropriate for high-ceiling rooms and small ones.
  • No ventilation: In a fixed transom window do not open and close the window. Then it cannot provide natural light or ventilation.
  • Maintenance: It does not require vacuuming and dusting. But in the case of developed cracks and holes in the frame of the window then required high maintenance costs.

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