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What Is BOQ | BoQ Meaning | BoQ Full-Form | Example of Bill of Quantity for Construction

BOQ full form is Bill of Quantity. BOQ is an important document to be prepared by civil engineers on the construction site. Example of Bill of Quantity For Construction Free Download. Bill of Quantity is important to contract documents in construction projects.

What Is BoQ?

BoQ means bill of quanity is a document prepared by a cost estimator to calculate the exact costing of project work by multiplying item work by their rate. It is the most important document for tendering and contracting. Bill of quantity gives an idea about the cost of a project that is tendering firm willing to offer.

This information is important for them to fill a higher or lower rate with respect to their rate while contracting. It is popularly known as BOQ.

Types of Billing of Quantities (BOQ) in Construction is given below,

1. Bill of Materials

In this document, only material costing is estimated from the material quantity and their unit rate. For example, the Cement quantity is 400 bags for the project and its rate per bag is 300 Rs. So, its estimated cost will be,

= 400 x 300 = 12000 Rs.

2. Bill of Labour

In this document, only labour costing is estimated from labour quantity and they’re per day rate. For example, if 5 labours required to complete any work in 2 days on-site and their per day wages are 400 Rs, then the cost of labour will be,

= 5 x Rs .400 x 2 days = 4000 Rs.

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Example of bill of quantity (BOQ) for construction

Purpose of Preparing Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

  1. It is useful in cost planning before tendering process.
  2. Tendering – BOQ with empty unit rate is given to contractors or bidders. They fill rate as per there cost and bidder with lowest cost is announced winner. (also based on other qualification criteria).
  3. It provides basic idea to investor about costing of project. 
  4. It provides a basis for valuation of variation. (Variation is to be discussed in detail).

Format of Bill of Quantity

Generally, the Bill of quantity is prepared in an excel sheet. There is also some bill of quantities software like Procore, Assemble, and Spectrum. But the format of the bill of quantity is fixed even in software only difference is that software do auto calculation and whereas in the excel sheet you have to use excel formulas to calculate.

BOQ format includes Sr. No, Description of an item of work, Numbers, Quantity of material or labor, and Total Quantity with their suitable unit.  Example of bill of quantity for construction excel sheet format is given below,

Bill of Quantity Sample Sheet
Bill of Quantity Sample Sheet

Example of bill of quantity for construction

Process or Elements of Preparing Bill of Quantity (Boq)

1) Estimating Quantity of Material

Suppose, following is the bill of quantities sample for a house,

Item No. Item DescriptionQuantity
1 Excavation in foundation39.79 m³
2 Cement concrete in foundation11.33 m³
3 First class brick work up to plinth in C:M (1:3)21.80 m³
4 Damp proof course (1:2:4) above plinth walls10.92 m²
5 Earth filling in plinth14.81 m³
6 R.C.C. work for Slab (1:1.5:3)4.23 m³
7 Brick work for steps0.216 m³
8 Mosaic tile for flooring23.64 m²
9 Wood work for doors and windows19.74 m²
10 Smooth plaster on inside walls and ceiling58.17 m²
11 Brick work for parapet wall 200 thick5.92 m³
Bill of Quantity

2) Finding Out Unit Rate For Various Item of Work

The unit rate for a different item of construction is given in SOR (Schedule of Rate). SOR is a document which has a list of various item of work. It helps in the preparation of estimates and also serves as a guide in setting rates in connection with contract agreements, a schedule of rates for all items of work is maintained in the form of printed books as Schedule of Rate(SOR).

The schedule of rates consists of a group of items such as excavation items, concrete items, masonry items, demolition items, plumbing items, electrification items, etc. As the rate of items mentioned in the schedule of rates is likely to vary, the SOR is periodically revised, usually after 3 years.

The Public Works Department (CPWD), a premier construction organization of the government of India, maintains a printed schedule of rate books for various items of work, and an estimate is prepared with these rates. This SOR contains the rate of about 2500 to 3000 items. In the CPWD – SOR the items are covered under different subheads like building work, road work, water supply, and sanitary items, etc.

The rate of the finished item is worked out by the analysis of rate with the standard requirement of materials, labor, equipment, and necessary sundries like water charges, contractors’ profit, etc.

Sample of SOR Books and boq for civil works with rate 2021 is given below,

Example of bill of quantity for construction
SOR Andhra Pradesh

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Example of Bill of Quantity (Boq) for Construction Excel Sheet

Bill of quantities example for construction calculation is given below,

Bill of Quantity Sample Sheet for Construction
Bill of Quantity (boq) Sample Sheet for Construction

Free Download Example of BOQ Construction and BOQ Sample is given below,

Advantages of Bill of Quantity

Following are the major advantages of Bill of Quantity(BOQ)

1. It Provides Details of Work

In BOQ full details of an item of work is given with their quantity, which gives bidder fair idea about project work.

2.  It Offers Evaluation and Comparison Opportunity

The details of all the items of work are specified in BOQ, which will helps in evaluate it thoroughly. It helps in tendering process with facility of comparing each contractor on the basis of each item. Hence we will get the best deal.

3. Helps in Defecting Problem Before Work Starts

It includes full project work detail, which is useful to indentifying future problem. Thus we can find future problem and search for possible solution for that problem.

4. Better Project Planning

As we know planning of project is most important task in that BOQ plays very crucial role in the planning of a project. In bill of quantity item of work with their quantities are listed, thus half of the work of the planner is already done. Project planner only have to arrange resource and set duration of work completion, planning is done.

5. Provide Advanced Time to Find Good Suppliers

As we have material quantity, we have plenty of time to identify the suppliers and do negotiation with them. Ultimately, it will result in saving of project cost.

6. No Guesswork:

Bill of quantity provides exact and real information and eliminates any kind of guess work. Guess work is not recommended in project work. BOQ is necessary for smooth running of project.

7.  It an Efficient Tool for Limiting the Time Frame

It becomes an essential and efficient tool in project management. As we know quantity of material so we will arrange it on time. Thus the project work complete within time limit.

8. It Helps in Reducing Construction Cost

Cost and Time of construction projects are extensively correlated to each other.  As we complete the project in a given time period cost will reduce.

9. Better Project Management Tool

It is one of the proven best project management tools which offer an ease for the management when they are fully aware of the items/components, suppliers, time frame, etc. 

10. Transparency

In BOQ every item of work and their quantity with rate are given, hence everything automatically becomes transparent. There are no chances of corrupt practices.

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Q.1 How to calculate Steel?

1. Weight of bar in kg/meter should be calculated as (d2 ÷ 162) where‘d’ is the diameter of the bar in mm.
2. ‘L‘ for column main steel in footing should be considered as a minimum of 30cm/as specified.
3. For bent up bar add 0.42d in a straight length of the bar where’d’ is the clear depth of beam/slab.

Q.2 What are Bill of Quantities?

Bill of Quantities (BOQ or BQ) is documentation established to define the quality and quantity of works required to be carried out by the main contractor to complete a project. It is prepared by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant.

Q.3 What is the purpose of Bill of Quantity?

Various Purpose of Bill of Quantity listed below:
1. It is useful in cost planning before tendering process.
2. Tendering- useful in passing important construction tenders.
3. It provides a basic idea to investors about cost of the project. 
4. It provides a basis for the valuation of variation.

Q.4 What is the meaning of BOQ in tender?

BOQ stands for Bill of Quantities in Tendering.  Bill of Quantity gives an idea about the cost of a project that is tendering firm willing to offer. This information is important for them to fill a higher or lower rate with respect to their rate while contracting. 

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