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There two main materials used in any construction are steel and concrete. The quality and strength of construction depend on these two materials. By considering this we should choose the Best Steel for House Construction.

Here, we will be discussing the one important building material of building construction known as ‘Steel’, which plays a fundamental role in the construction of the building.

People are preferring steel instead of wood or concrete due to its various advantages as steel is very much easier and less time consuming when it comes to construction.

Steel has higher resistance power due to its strength which ultimately makes your building safer which can resist natural calamities like earthquakes. Therefore selecting the best steel construction is important. Before coming to the point which steel is best for house construction let’s take look on types of steel used in house construction.

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Best Steel for Construction

Types of Steel Used in Construction

Having known the beneficial qualities of steel in building construction, it is also important to know the types of steel used in construction.

1. Plain Carbon Steel or Mild Steel

2. Rebar Steel

3. Structural Steel

1. Plain Carbon Steel or Mild Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction
Plain Carbon Steel or Mild Steel

This is the most common type of steel used in building construction, which is known as mild steel. It is more strong and durable and ensures the safety of construction built.

Carbon steel is steel that contains between 0.12% and 2.0% carbon and is the main constituent of mild steel.

Due to the strength of carbon steel, it is hugely useful in buildings construction & has proved to be of great does not crack when bent, it is immensely flexible and ductile enough to resist loading.

Mild steel is the most common type of steel used in construction due to its low price and huge versatility and number of applications like malleable and ductile. It is often used when large quantities of steel are used.

2. Rebar Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction
Rebars for Construction

More commonly known as reinforcing steel, this type of steel is used as a tension material for reinforced concrete or reinforced masonry structure.

It is produced by carbon steel, with circular ridges given to it for mechanical anchoring in a better way in the concrete.

It holds the concrete into compression, and it is available in various types of grades which are usually found in varying specifications as yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation percentage.

It provides resistance, durability, stiffness, and aesthetic resistance that other types of steel aren’t usually equipped in.

With its recyclable tendencies, rebar is proven to be very useful and it also has high great expansion potential and comes in various sizes depending on the country and construction. Rebar is the best steel for house construction in India.

3. Structural Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction
Structural Steel Sections

Structural steel is one type of alloy (metal) used for making construction materials. It is classified into different shapes, each with its compositional properties which make them ideal for certain uses in construction.

Structural steel comes in various shapes like I-Beam, L shape (angle), structural channel (C-beam), T-shapes, bar, rod, plate, etc. standard structural steel varies in different grades with countries & different specifications.

Structural steel is ductile, strong, durable, and it can be molded into almost any shape based on the construction; it can be constructed almost immediately the moment it is received at the site.

Structural steel gives resistance against heat/fire but fire protection should be provided in case there is a possibility of it getting heated up to a point where it starts to lose its strength.

Corrosion must be prevented when it comes to structural steel. Taking into consideration the rate of marvelous construction, steel has proved rather favorable than other materials. Structural steel also one of the best steel for house construction.

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Best Steel for House Construction.

Different Grades of Steel and its Comparison:

TMT and TMX are two best steel for house construction.

1. TMT Steel

2. TMX Steel

TMT steel and TMX steel is the best for house construction. They are the latest generation of reinforcement steel, it has properties like high strength and more ductile than the ordinary type of steel.

They are graded as Fe415, Fe500, Fe500D. i.e. Yield strength of 415, 500, and 500 N/mm2 and higher grade is also available. 

1. TMT Steel:

TMT steel is called ‘Thermo Mechanically Treated’ steel bars and are manufacturing using ‘TEMPACORE’ technology, which makes the bars stronger and ductile.

 For residential construction the most widely used steel is TMT.

TMT steel has a 0.30 carbon percentage. The elongation percentage of the TMT bar is also less than the TMX bars. i.e.14.5%

TMT Rod ribbing is responsible for the bond between steel and concrete which minimizing the chances of cracks occurring in the structures. TMT steel is one of popular and best steel for house construction.

2. TMX Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction
TMX Steel

TMX steel is also abbreviated as “Thermex” steel bar which is called as ‘New Generation Bar’.

It is producing by using German ‘THERMAX’ technology with the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that result in the production of superior quality steel. TMX is also the most popular and best steel for house construction.

Thermex has a low carbon percentage i.e. 0.15%

One major property that highlights the TMX rod is its heat/fire resistance ability. Thermex bars also have higher elongation i.e. 16-23%

Specification of TMT bars chemical composition (%)

As per IS-1786:2008

Carbon (C)
Sulphur (S)0.0600.0550.040
Phosphorus (P)0.0600.0550.040
Sulphur + Phosphorus0.1100.1050.075

Best Steel for House Construction.

Comparison between TMT and TMX:

The major difference between TMT and TMX steel is its manufacturing process. Generally, both these manufacturing processes made different types of steel & in comparison with their physical aspects, Thermex steel is of higher quality than TMT steel.

When compared with the TMT steel rods, Thermex rods have better ductility, weldability, and bend anility property.

Thus TMX bars providing better resistance over earthquakes and other natural hazards while comparing with TMT steel bars.

There is one question arises in your mind after reading above information that which is best steel grade for construction?

Answers: Both are best for house construction, you can use any one of them. But use higher grade of steel like Fe415, and Fe500 steel for house construction in India.

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Standard Specification of TMT Bars for Weights (Kg/m):

As per IS-1786:2008

8 mm0.3950.3670.423
10 mm0.6170.5740.660
12 mm0.8880.8440.932
16 mm1.5781.4991.657
20 mm2.4662.3922.540
25 mm3.8543.7383.970
28 mm4.8354.6904.980
32 mm6.3166.1276.505

Mechanical properties of TMT bars:

IS specification for TMT bars

Yield Stress(N/mm2)415500500
Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm2)485545565
Total Elongation @ Max Force(%)5
Ration (UTS/YS)

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Best Steel Company For Construction In India:

Many companies manufactured different grades of steel. Some of them best steel brand for construction in india are listed and explained below:

  1. Essar Steel Ltd.
  2. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
  3. Jindal Steel
  4. SRMB Steel
  5. Electosteel
  6. Kamdhenu Steel
  7. JSW Steel Ltd.
  8. Tata Steel Ltd.
  9. Mesco Steel

1. Essar Steel Ltd.:

Essar Steel is one of the popular steel producing companies and is known for its high-quality steel products.

It has developed about 300 grades of steel for various kinds of applications. Essar Steel is a major steel producer company in India. It has a steel producing capacity of 10 million tons per year.

Essar manufactures products like steel plates, steel pipes, hot and cold rolled steel, etc. It has a total manufacturing capacity of steel is about 10 MnTPA.

2. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL):

Best Steel for House Construction

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is the biggest steel producing company in India.

It is one of the best steel manufacturing company which produces a huge range of steel products.

SAIL producing steel at different plants which are located in the eastern and central regions of India. SAIL is owned and operated by the Government of India.

3. Jindal Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction

Jindal Steel is one of the major manufacturers and power producers in India. The headquarter of Jindal Steel is located in New Delhi.

Jindal steel company produces an economical & strength efficient steel and power through backward and forward combination.

4. SRMB Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction

SRMB Steel company is the best TMT bar producing brand in India. It is one of the best steel producers in India and all over Asia and is known for its high-quality products.

The SRMB has a steel production capacity of approximately 0.5 million MT per year.

It provides service to various clients like NHAI, Indian oil, Indian Railways, etc.

5. Electosteel:

Electosteel is popularly known for its manufacturing of its Ductile Iron Pipes. It provides high-quality Thermo mechanically treated TMT bars.

The Electosteel group has established itself as an international brand that provides premium quality products.

Electosteel exports about 50% of its ductile pipes and fitting products to various countries like Europe, the USA, South America, etc.

Best Steel for House Construction.

6. Kamdhenu Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction
Kamdhenu Steel

Kamdhenu steel was founded in the year of 1995. Kamdhenu Steel is one of the biggest reinforcement bars manufacturing companies in India.

Kamdhenu steel has a different premium product with double rib bars, double strength, and safety which is suitable for buildings located in highly seismic zones.

The company is known for its best quality products in the construction Industry.

7. JSW Steel Ltd.:

Best Steel for House Construction

JSW Steel is a leading supreme steel manufacturing company in India. JSW Steel has become the 2nd largest private sector steel company in India.

The JSW has a manufacturing capacity of steel is about 18 MnTPA. Its headquarter is located in Mumbai.

8. Tata Steel Ltd.:

Tata Steel Limited is a Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited which is an Indian multinational steel manufacturing company that is based in Jamshedpur.

Tata steel manufacturing almost all types of steel and different grades using in construction industries.

It has a total manufacturing capacity of34 MnTPA.

9. Mesco Steel:

Best Steel for House Construction

It is one of the fastest-growing companies. Mesco steel is a metals and mining company.

It offers different steel sections, plates, iron ore fines, and other products related to steelworks.

The production capacity has been estimated to be around 7,00,000 tons per year.

The headquarter of Mesco is situated in Bhubaneswar.

Best Steel for House Construction.

Which is Best Steel for Construction In India FAQs:

Q.1 Which Steel is Best for House Construction?

TMT and TMX Steel both are best for house construction, but use higher grade of use like Fe 415 and Fe 500 Steel.

Q.2 Which Company Steel is Better for House Construction?

There are various steel companies available in India, but ESSAR, SAIL, and TATA Steel are better for house construction considering the quality of steel.

Q.3 Best TMT for House Construction?

There various companies in market which are manufacturing TMT bars, but ESAAR TMT, SAIL TMT and TATA TMT Bars has some superior quality.

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