effect of excess water in concrete

The Impact of Excessive Water on Concrete: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Water is a critical component of concrete, and it is essential for the material’s strength and durability. However, adding too much water during the mixing process can have adverse effects on the final product. Excessive water in concrete can lead to a range of problems, including decreased strength, increased porosity, and reduced durability.

These issues can result in structural damage, cracking, and water leakage. In this article, we’ll explore the effects of too much water in concrete and how to prevent it from happening.

We’ll also examine the importance of properly managing water content in concrete mixes to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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Too Much Water In Concrete Mix

Following are some of the effects too much water in concrete,

  1. Strength Reduction
  2. Drying shrinkage
  3. Loss of abrasive resistance
  4. Increase in permeability
  5. Dusting and scaling
  6. Reduced durability

1. Strength Reduction

Compressive strength is one of the major properties of concrete and the excessive quantity of water reduces the compressive strength of concrete. The extra water will not involve in the hydration process and retains in concrete even after hardening.

concrete cube testing
The Impact of Excessive Water on Concrete: Causes, Effects, and Prevention 7

In addition, this water may evaporate when exposed to the atmosphere and form voids in the concrete. The voids left are therefore responsible for the reduction of the compressive strength of concrete.

2. Drying Shrinkage

Drying Shrinkage
Drying Shrinkage

The drying shrinkage of concrete can be caused by excessive water. Which is responsible for making concrete weaker in tensile strength and as a result, cracks will form on the concrete surface.

3. Loss of Abrasive Resistance

The concrete abrasive resistance is directly proportional to its strength. When excessive water is available in concrete, the strength of the concrete decreases, and therefore, the abrasive resistance also reduces.

4. Permeability

Permeability of concrete
Permeability of concrete

After the evaporation of excess water in concrete, it makes a Porous cavity in hardened concrete. The Porous cavity formed will absorb water and make the concrete structure permeable.

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5. Dusting

Dusting is a defect in concrete, which is seen when excess water in the concrete mix brings the fine aggregate to the top, as a result, of hardening. Which left a fine loose powder and will settle on the top of the concrete surface. This effect is called dusting.

6. Scaling

Scaling  of Concrete
Scaling of Concrete

Excess water in concrete can also cause the Scaling of concrete. In this effect, the top layer of the concrete surface is removed. It happens due to the reaction of water with freeze and thaw effects

7. Reduced Durability

Above all effects ultimately lead to a reduction in the durability of concrete. Therefore, to make durable concrete, the water-cement ratio must be selected properly.

The selection of a low water-cement ratio helps to get more durable concrete. For more durable concrete air-entraining admixtures can be used which increase durability with a low water content which is shown in the graph below.


In conclusion, the effects of too much water in concrete can have significant consequences on the durability and strength of the material. Proper management of water content during the mixing process is crucial to prevent issues such as cracking, structural damage, and water leakage. Various methods can be employed to maintain the appropriate water-to-cement ratio and ensure optimal performance of the concrete.

These include using chemical admixtures, reducing the amount of water added, and employing proper curing techniques. By understanding the effects of excessive water on concrete and taking preventative measures, builders and construction professionals can ensure that their structures are strong, durable, and long-lasting.

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