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What Is Grade of Concrete | Grade of Concrete As Per IS | Types of Concrete Grade

What is Concrete Grade?

Grades of concrete are defined by the concrete mix proportion and the minimum strength of concrete at end of 28 days curing period. The grade of concrete is can be known by calculating the compressive strength of concrete in Mpa, where M stands for mix and the MPa denotes the overall strength

Concrete Grade is the classification of concrete according to its compressive strength.

For making concrete we use cement, sand, aggregate, and water which are mixed with a certain ratio, and concrete is cast and put in a cube of 150 mm size and put in a water bath for 28 days and afterward, it is tested in a compression testing machine. The compressive stress result is known as the “grade of concrete. It is expressed in N/mm²

Concrete grade is denoted by M10, M20, M30 and so on according to their compressive strength.

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Concrete Grade As Per Indian Standards

Grade of Concrete

The “M” refers Mix and Number after M (M10, M20) Indicates the compressive strength of concrete after 28 days of curing and testing.

M indicates the proportion of materials like Cement: Sand: Aggregate (1:2:4) or Cement: Fine Aggregate: Coarse Aggregate.

If we mention M10 concrete, it means that the concrete has 10 N/mm2 characteristic compressive strength at 28 days.

In the designation of concrete mix M  to the mix and the number to the specified compressive strength of 150 mm size cube at 28 days, expressed in N/mm^2.

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Concrete Grade Per British/European standards:

As per  BS 8500-2 British/European standards The grade of concrete is denoted as C10, C15, C20, C25, etc., ‘C’ which means ‘Concrete Strength class’ and the number behind C refers to characteristic Compressive strength of Concrete in N/mm2 @ 28 days when tested with the 15 cm dia. & 30 cm height cylinder in a direct compression test.

Concrete Grade

The grade of concrete is also denoted as C16/20, C20/25, C25/30, etc., which means Concrete Strength Class (C) the number behind C refers to Compressive strength of Concrete in N/mm2 when tested with Cylinder / Cube.

Different mix proportions of the materials used to make concrete namely

  • Cement
  • Coarse aggregate
  • Fine aggregate
  • Water

Result in concretes with different properties.

Following are the Standard Concrete Grade with their Mix Proportions and Strength:

Grades of  Concrete Mix Ratio (Cement : Sand : Aggregates) Compressive Strength
MPa (N/mm2)
Lower Grade of Concrete
M5 1 : 5 :105 MPa725 psi
M7.51 : 4 : 87.5 MPa1087 psi
M101 : 3 : 610 MPa1450 psi
M151 : 2 : 415 MPa2175 psi
M201 : 1.5 : 320 MPa2900 psi
Standard Grade of Concrete
M251 : 1 : 225 MPa3625 psi
M30Design Mix30 MPa4350 psi
M35Design Mix35 MPa5075 psi
M40Design Mix40 MPa5800 psi
M45Design Mix45 MPa6525 psi
High Strength Grade of Concrete
M50Design Mix50 MPa7250 psi
M55Design Mix55 MPa7975 psi
M60Design Mix60 MPa8700 psi
M65Design Mix65 MPa9425 psi
M70Design Mix70 MPa10150 psi

The Selection of the Grade of Concrete Depends on the Situation and Uses:

Concrete Grade (N/mm2)Ratio  Cement, Sand, and AggregatesUsage
201:1.5:3Normal Construction Concrete
251:1:2Reinforced concrete/precast
30Concrete Mix DesignHeavy Reinforced concrete/pre-cast
35Concrete Mix DesignPre-stressed/pre-cast concrete
40Concrete Mix DesignVery heavy reinforced concrete/pre-cast/prestressed
45Concrete Mix DesignVery heavy reinforced concrete/pre-cast/prestressed

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