How to Hook Up Internet in New Home

How to Hook Up Internet in New Home3 min read

There are currently over 22 million people in Australia that use the internet. It is safe to assume that you are a part of that statistic, or you want to help raise the number even more. If you have had internet access before you are probably familiar with the process on how to hook service up in your new home. But if not, or if it is a brand-new home that has not had service before, you need to follow a few steps to get it up and running.

You must first make sure that your new place is able to get hooked up. New houses that have just been built will not have the cables necessary to hook the service up. If this is the case, you have a couple of choices to go over.

You can buy the cable that you need and run it throughout your house. It is suggested that you do this during the building stage, but if that was out of your control you will need to feed the wires through the walls. Every place that you exit into a room will need to have an outlet hooked to it. Crimp the ends on tightly and install the covers.

You can hire a professional contractor to come in and feed the wires where they need to go. Just make sure that they understand exactly what you need. Get several estimates and choose one that you felt comfortable with, but make sure that they are not the cheapest estimate. The cheapest is usually that way for a reason.

The third way is to have the service provider drill some holes and to gain access into the house and then have them hook it up to one router. This is the easiest, and cheapest, way to have internet in a smaller home because you can invest in a good router and have service everywhere within your house.

Once the house is ready for internet you will need to call some service providers to get one set up for your new home. This can be done the old school way, by using a phone and calling them all, or you can use an online comparison platform, such as iSelect. When you go through the service offers you need to compare the prices, as well as the service itself. There is no point getting a low cost on a service that will not run all the devices that you need. The speed that you need will depend upon your specific needs.

After comparing all the choices in front of you it is time to schedule an install. Call the provider that you have chosen, or use an online platform, and set up an appointment. Most of the time there will be a window of an hour or two in which they schedule you for. This is because they never know what size of job they are getting into before they get to a house. It is simply not possible for them to be on an exact schedule.

While you are waiting for the technician to show up get your equipment set up. Position the router where you want it. That way the tech can do what he needs to do on the outside and then be able to hook it up to your device. They will then test it and away you go.

That is all that there is to the process. It is not complicated, but it could take some time. If you know when you are moving in, you can schedule an install as soon as you are there. Just make sure that your equipment is where you want it, otherwise when it gets hooked up it may be in the wrong spot.

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