How To Choose the Best Hung Windows for Your House?

How To Choose the Best Hung Windows for Your House?

Choosing windows for your home can be a daunting task. There are many options to choose from, and you need to consider various performance factors if you want to buy and install not only good-looking units but also energy-efficient ones.

That is why we have reached out to Ecoline, window and door installation experts, and asked them all the necessary details you want to know when choosing the best hung windows in Canada that are reasonably priced, efficient and look terrific. Interested? Stay tuned!

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What are Hung Windows?

Hung Windows
How To Choose the Best Hung Windows for Your House? 4

Hung windows are units with movable panels or sashes that slide open and close vertically. These windows have been in existence for centuries, but over the past two decades, they have regained their popularity with the increasing demand for replacement windows. So nowadays, these units are one of the most trendy picks for homeowners, and you will find hung windows installed at almost any house in Canada.

Types of Hung Windows

Due to the increasing demand for hung windows, you can find a great selection from various manufacturers to choose from that will meet both your aesthetic and functional demands. There are two main types of hung windows, namely:

  • Single-hung windows, and
  • Double-hung windows.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a single movable sash that fits perfectly within its frame. They are ideal for buildings in areas with plenty of wind load. The units are durable and highly energy-efficient, but ventilation might not be optimal due to just 1 operable panel.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have top and bottom operable sashes that move vertically or tilted to provide better airflow. Double-hung windows offer better air circulation. Thus, they are perfect for rooms like bedrooms or kitchens. They are easy to clean, aesthetic, and bring a modern touch to your house.

A Complete List of Hung Windows Pros

There are several benefits to installing hung windows. Here are the key reasons why many Canadian homeowners love them:

  • Hung windows have plenty of affordable design options to choose from; 
  • Single-hung windows are super energy-efficient, allowing you to save costs on utility bills. 
  • New hung windows are highly durable and will serve you for the next 30 years at least;
  • They are easy to install. Double-hung windows have easily replaceable panels in case one of them breaks.
  • Hung windows offer great air circulation and much light coming to your space;
  • New hung windows will boost your property value and improve curb appeal.

Points to Consider When Choosing the Best Hung Replacement Window

When choosing a hung window, careful research and planning need to be carried out. Here are a few essential points you would definitely want to consider:

  • Energy Efficiency

There are many benefits to choosing energy-efficient windows for your house. Higher insulation helps to maximize comfort in your home, minimize energy costs incurred by your HVAC systems, minimize your carbon footprint, and protect your furniture from fading due to UV rays.

To know that your hung windows are energy-efficient, they need to be Energy-Star rated. This rating reassures you that your windows have been tested in accredited labs to meet several strict heat gain and loss guidelines, such as low U-factor ratings, low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and low air leakages. 

The U-factor ratings indicate how much non-solar heat your window conducts over time, while the SHGC indicates how much solar heat permeates through your window. 

  • Glazing

Another essential point is choosing between double-, or triple-glazed windows. Before making this decision, you need to know that the more panes of glass you get, the higher the insulation against cold air drafts. Therefore, if you live in regions with harsh weather, it is better to pick triple glazing for your new units since it offers up to 50% better performance compared to double glazing. Moreover, windows with triple glazing offer better resistance to condensation and increase your home’s value. However, keep in mind that the price for such units is usually 15% higher, and if your house thermal performance is good enough already, the ROI will not be that high.

  • Correct Measurements and Installation

Choosing the best hung window is half the journey. A reliable company should do the installation since this is definitely a tough DIY task, so dealing with experts is highly advised. To find the right installer, check their reviews online, ask friends for references and always ask for every tiny detail regarding your project before signing the replacement contract. Hassle-free installation is vital for your comfort and peace of mind.

The Best Rooms for Installing Hung Windows

Hung windows are perfect for rooms that require lots of ventilation, such as:

  • kitchen;
  • bedroom;
  • offices;
  • living room;
  • and dining room. 

These units are also great for bathrooms because they happen to be the most humid rooms in a building. 

Hung or Casement Windows – What is Better?

Unlike hung windows that open vertically, a casement window swings open like a door. In fact, casement windows are also one of the most popular options for replacement projects, so homeowners are usually curious about which window to buy and install. While everything boils down to your personal preferences, here are some comparisons that might come in handy.

  • Energy-efficiency: In terms of energy efficiency, casement windows, when closed, are better because they are sealed with no air gaps between the panes and the frame.
  • Open views: When it comes to unobstructed view outside, casement windows take the lead here due to a huge glass area and no check rails in the middle.
  • Cost: Since both are made of similar materials, they cost the same on average, having only slight differences depending on the manufacturer.
  • Ventilation: Although you might get a better breeze from a casement window, studies have shown that double-hung windows offer better ventilation. They let the hot air flow out through the top and cool air flow into the room through the bottom sash.
  • Placement: Hung windows may be designed to fit literally any rough opening strategically, so they are definitely a better pick here.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best hung windows is not difficult. Just make sure you analyze your home’s thermal performance, design, exterior and ask yourself whether you are comfortable with vertically sliding units. Afterwards, do not forget about finding a reliable window company to help you with the installation. Good luck!

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