14 Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft

14 Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft

We are safer nowadays than before thanks to modern technologies, and devices and much of the credit goes to our security guards means our country’s police forces.

But however, according to 2019 Burglary and Home Invasion Statistics, “the number of robberies in the United States is between  2.3 and 2.6 million robberies every year and the lowest cases of robberies are in the month of  February.

when cold and snow tend to deter would-be criminals. The highest number of robberies in home invasions is July when people are on vacation and out of town the most.

This is because the numbers are huge. We all know what to do when the robbery is done in-home, but as well said that precautions are better than cures. How to avoid robbery in your home.

Here are some tips to protect your home from theft or home security tips and tricks.

Top 14 Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft

Following are 14 tips to protect your home from theft when you are not home,

  1. Always Check Door after Lock.
  2. Regularly Update or Change Your Old Locks.
  3. Strictly Install Home Alarm System.
  4. Put Caretaker, Before going for Long Holidays.
  5. Always Choose a More Secure Place for hiding Key.
  6. Reinforce Doors, Windows, Locks, and Hardware.
  7. Never Post anything about Your Future Trips.
  8. Place Packages Inside.
  9. Keep Your Tools Inside.
  10. Keep Good Relation with Neighbors.
  11. Always Have Dog Notice Outside.
  12. Keep Your Garden Clean and Unobstructed.
  13. House Number Plate must be Clear.
  14. Keep your valuables out of sight.

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1. Always Check Door After Lock

14 Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft
Check Door Lock

It has been seen many times that many people do not close all doors and windows before going out of their homes.

Not only this, if you are just in the backyard, then close your front door because the thieves do not take much time to get in and get the goods quickly and are in search of chances.

Some estimates suggest that most thieves come in through open doors and windows and require only 10 minutes to complete the work.

2. Regularly Update or Change Your Old Locks

Protect Your Home from Theft
Change old Lock

If you have not changed your lock for a long time then it is time to take a small survey. Check how many of the locks were damaged.

Maybe there is an extra key out in the hand of a thief? Check exterior locks may be easy to pick, jimmy, or bump open.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it could be time to re-key your locks or replace them with more tamper-proof versions.

After that make sure you replace them with ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts.

3. Strictly Install Home Alarm System:

When you are leaving home for a long time always set your security alarm system on if you have one, and if you don’t have a home security system, it might be worth considering.

A home alarm system is essential to home security you must install in the home. This just does not secures your house and also gives you peace of mind as you know your home is safe.

It could help you save on your home insurance premiums too.

4. Put Caretaker, Before going for Long Holidays

Before going for a long holiday, arrange for someone who can look up for home, pick up your mail, and park in your driveway.

This activity may look seen as if you are still at home and help deter robbers. Sometimes, it is a better idea to set timers on indoor lights and install motion sensors on outdoor lights.

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5. Always Choose a More Secure Place for hiding Key

14 Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft
Hide Key

Sometimes, the Old way of hiding keys under the mat or in a flower pot near the door makes things much too easy for opportunistic burglars.

Instead, provide the extra key to a trusted neighbor, find revolving and unexpected hiding places, or better yet, pick up an inexpensive combination lock box and install it in a concealed place.

It is always better to cure more for extra little security.

6. Reinforce Doors, Windows, Locks, and Hardware

Many houseowners keep their locks very tough but they do not care about the strength and condition of doors, windows, or hardware, they may be weak and flimsy.

A good concentric slam or kick could allow someone inside in seconds. To avoid such mistakes’ especially those on the first floor, and replace, repair, or reinforce them as needed.

Always check and replace any weak exterior doors that are thin, hollow-core, or broken. We can also add some additional support with a door barricade or security bar.

7. Never Post anything about Your Future Trips

Protect Your Home from Theft
No Post on Social Media

Never post any information regarding your future upcoming trips on social networks. Thieves always keep eyes on online posts to determine when homeowners will be out of the house, especially around Christmas, March Break, and during the summer months when people are more likely to go on holiday.

8. Place Packages Inside

Never leave any packages, especially for high-priced items like TVs, computers, etc., in your driveway or carport. This gives a sign to potential burglars that you have goods worth stealing.

9. Keep Your Tools Inside

To protect your home from theft it is important that house tools like ladders, wire cutters, and hammers can all be utilized to gain illegal access to your home.

Thieves are very well known that this item unlocked garage or shed, it is dangerous. Don’t leave any tools open or unlocked garage that can help thieves to enter your home.

10. Keep Good Relations with Neighbors

Consider a neighbor very important as they will keep watch on unauthorized activities around your home. A good relationship involves neighbors reporting any suspicious activity around your residence.

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11. Always Have Dog Notice Outside

Protect Your Home from Theft
Dog Notice Outside

If you have a pet-like dog make everyone know about him. Even when you do not a pooch, consider putting up a ‘beware of dog’ sign anyway. It’s said that burglars avoid houses with dogs.

12. Keep Your Garden Clean and Unobstructed

Always keep your garden clean from hedges, trees, and bushes well-trimmed, especially if they are near doors and windows.

Extra-wide and dense trees can provide cover to the thief, making it easier for burglars to access your home without a neighbor’s sees.

Also, cut any tree branches close to your second floor to discourage thieves with a knack for climbing.

13. House Number Plate must be Clear

Always keep your house number plate clean and clearly displayed outdoors day and night as this will guarantee emergency crews can find you quickly if your home is broken into. It is very important to protect your home from theft.

14. Keep your valuables out of sight

Don’t try to show up with your expensive items. Don’t keep your expensive assets like bikes and other easy-to-grab items locked up or safe in the garage when you’re not using them.

Always use curtains or blinds to stop passers-by from casing your home. Similarly, if you are not using any expensive items keep them behind a locked door. Don’t leave important electronics, jewelry, cash, or important personal documents in plain sight.

Make habit of putting all the most valuable goods and documents in a household safe locker.

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