Types of Measuring Tools: Name & Uses

Measuring Tools

Various types of measuring tools are used for measuring a physical quantity, in the civil field such as quality assurance, physics, and engineering drawing, measurement is the activity of obtaining and comparing quantities of particular objects.

The measurements give numbers related to an item under study and reference units of measurement and the measuring instruments with a perfect method.

That describes the use of the measuring tools are how this relation of number is obtained, and in this article, we discuss different types of measuring tools.

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Types of Measuring Tools

The following are the different types of measuring tools with names and pictures used for all purposes,

  • Angle Locator
  • Bubble Inclinometer
  • Caliper
  • Compass
  • Digital angle gauge
  • Level
  • Laser Level
  • Micrometer
  • Measuring Squares
  • Odometer
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Protractor
  • Ruler
  • Speedometer
  • Tape Measure
  • Thermometer

1. Angle Locator

Angle Locator
Angle Locator

As the name suggests angle locator locates the replicated angle of an existing area and measure the angle, and it is also called an angle finder, this angle locator is mostly used for carpentry purpose or construction purpose.

It consists magnetic base which allows them to be attached to a metal measuring section, it has a manual tool with a digital display, and the locator allows the measurement of angles from 0 to 90.

2. Spirit Level

Level Measuring Tool
Spirit Level

The level is a type of measuring tool which is used to indicate the horizontal plane, this level is an optical device that consists of air bubbles in a liquid medium to display measured results.

This bubble tube is fixed horizontally and sealed to a block of wood with a smooth bottom surface, and the glass tube of the level is tilted and the adjustment in horizontal is indicated by the movement of the bubble.

Level tools are used for metalworking shops, woodworking, and construction works, also the builders generally used longer level instruments which range from 2, 4, and 6 feet in length.

3. Laser Level

Laser Level
Laser Level

This laser level is one type of measuring tool that consists of a rotating laser beam projector it can be attached to a tripod, and it is leveled as per the accuracy of the tools and projects a green beam or fixed red in a plane about the vertical and horizontal axis.

These laser levels are usually used for leveling and aligning applications in the construction and surveying industry.

4. Protractor

Types of Measuring Tools: Name & Uses 18

This protector is a very useful measuring tool that is made up of plastic material and is shaped like a half circle, also used for measuring angles and marking with degrees.

The protectors have an inner scale and an outer scale and it marks from 0 to 180 degrees after a long time of invented bevel protectors also you can say the improved version of it.

5. Odometer


This odometer is used for automobiles to measure the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a car, or bicycle. The distance traveled by car is used for such a purpose. It can e manufactured electronically, mechanically, or by a combination of the two.

This mechanical odometer is the most common type mounted by a flexible cable made from a tightly wound spring, the odometer is being replaced by a digital odometer which offers additional features and is cheaper but they are not good enough.

6. Micrometer


The micrometer is also known as a screw gauge This micrometer resembles a caliper that screws down instead of sliding and the spindle is very precise. The object to be measured is placed between the anvil and spindle. this spindle is rotated by adjusting the ratchet knob until the object is measured.

The digital micrometer produces a quick reading of the work distance between the two caliper heads and the micrometer is widely used for the precise measurement of components in mechanical engineering and machining. As well as in most mechanical trades along with their other metrological devices like digital calipers, dials, and venires.

7. Pressure gauge

Pressure Gauge
Pressure gauge

Pressure measurement is the analysis of force applied by the fluid on a surface and the pressure gauge is used to display the pressure of the fluid and measure it, pressure is measured in units of force per unit of surface area.

Aneroid gauges and hydrostatic gauges are the most common type of analog pressure gauges, also the pressure gauge is used for measuring everything from altitude to air pressure. From depth to blood pressure, etc the advantage of using a gauge is it easy to read and rapidly appears on the screen.

8. Ruler


This ruler is measured in both customary units and metric, the standard distance above the ruler is indicated in centimeters and below in inches and the interval in the ruler is known as the hash mark, nowadays ruler is mostly used.

The ruler measuring tools is used for geometry and technical drawing as well as in the construction and engineering industries for measuring the distance between two lines or drawing straight lines.

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9. Speedometer


This speedometer also comes in the list of measuring tools that are used to display and measure the immediate speed of a vehicle and it became available in the early 20th century. The speed-indicating mechanism is driven by a circular magnet that makes 1000 revolutions per mile of vehicle travel.

10. Tape Measure

Measurement Tape
Tape Measure

This tape measure is a flexible ruler tape it can be measured the distance or size of the object also you can fold it into any shape, its simplest form consists of a ribbon of plastic or fabric marked with measurements in centimeters, inches, and millimeters.

Commonly the measurement range is 12 feet, 25 feet, and 100 feet in length, also this tape is compact in size so that easily fits in the pocket.

11. Thermometer


As the name suggests the thermometer is used for measuring the temperature and it is widely used for different activities such as medical practice, scientific research, and manufacturing. Also, this thermometer is durable, accurate, cheap, and easy to calibrate.

The thermometer consists of two elements like a temperature sensor in which something changes with a change in temperature and some means of covering.

This change into a numerical value, a thermometer is widely used for monitoring processes in technology and metrology, scientific research, and industry.

12. Compass


This measuring tool is a very essential tool for different tasks like drafting, navigation, Math, and another purpose also made up of metal and it consists of two legs that are attached to a hinge that can be adjusted to allow varying the radius of the circle drawn.

The compass is a technical drawing tool it can be used to draw arcs and circles, and as the divider, it can be used for separating distance on maps, etc.

13. Caliper


A caliper is a measuring tool it is used for measuring the dimension of an object’s outside and inside diameter, depth, length, width, and thickness this measuring tool provides multiple-dimension measurement and is generally made up of steel material.

This caliper is used in various fields like medicine, metalworking engineering field, construction field, household, etc.

The total length of an object is easily measured via a fixed ruler and different types of a caliper allow the measurement to be read on a controlled scale, digital display, and dial.

14. Bubble Inclinometer

Bubble Inclinator
Bubble Inclinometer

If you want to determine a particular inclination then this inclinometer is an essential and smart choice for it, this is specially designed for measuring the range of stability of the grade and the range of motion of the joint.

Firstly you identify the range of motion joint and measured it then set the bubble inclinometer to zero then determine the difference and its changes.

Mostly it is used by sports therapists to test a healthy range of motion at critical junctures of the body.

15. Digital Angel Gauge

Digital Angel Gauge
Digital Angel Gauge

It is very essential for workers to measure angles, and they need access to accurate data so angle gauges have been invented, also give quick measurement or dimension of any angle surface that is attached to the gauge.

This digital angle gauge is a very useful tool for workers who need to find angle data so it has been invented, also this digital angle gauge tools used to measure any angle surface attached to a gauge. Compared to the analog angle gauge the digital angle gauge is easier, faster to use, and gives high accuracy.

it has an automatic calibration device and also has a powerful magnetic base which is useful to determine precise bevel and miter angles on powered saws lastly it very affordable and very precise tool.

16. Measuring Squares

Measuring Tools
Measuring Squares

These measuring tools are referring to a 90-degree angle although a miter square is used for a 45-degree angle. A square measuring instrument consists of two straight edges set at a right angle to each other.

This tool is available in a variety of special forms like drywall square, speed square, framing square, and combination square, this tool is usually used by machinists and carpenters.

To check the accuracy of the right angle when drawing lines on the material before cutting, some types of square measuring instruments include a scale for measuring distance or calculating angles.

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