What Parts of Door Frame and Types of Door Frame Used in House

Parts of A Door Frame: Types & Size

The door frame is a framework that supports the door. There are different parts of a door which includes side jambs, sill, and head jambs. Most of the time Wooden or timber material is used for residential door frames. Nowadays, composite materials, fiberglass, and aluminum are also used for door frames.

A door Frame can be defined as a simple assembly of vertical and horizontal members that form an enclosure to which the door can fix.

Door Frame

The door frame provides a border to the door which makes the door more attractive or beautiful. According to the size of the opening, the size of the frame has been decided.

 Door Frame
Door Frame

The cost of the frame is depending on the size of the frame with increasing size the cost of the frame is also increased. The door frame has various parts every part has its own importance.

Parts of a Door Frame

The following are important parts of a door frame

Parts of Door Frame
Parts of a Door Frame

1. Sill

It is the bottom part of the frame which is sealed or fastened to the floor. During or after construction, it helps to prevent the bending of vertical members of the frame.

It has so many advantages like it prevents the entry of insects and dust. But it has a disadvantage also it creates an obstruction for moving and cleaning.

2. Door Jambs

It is the vertical member of the frame which supports the door opening. Side jambs are attached to the wall face which helps to door lock or open.

3. Head Jambs

It is the member that runs horizontally and is situated at the top of the frame,

4. Horn

The horn is the projection of horizontal members of the frame at the bottom and top. The main advantage of the horn is that it fixes the frame in a wall opening.

5. Threshold

It is a piece of wood that is used for exterior openings, and for filling the gap between the bottoms of the door and the floor. It also helps to drain off water from outside so that doors can open and close easily.

6. Sidelight

Sidelights are nothing but narrow vertical windows which are placed on one or both sides of doors. It helps to create lighten up a drab entry space.

It helps to improve the look of the door and the home’s air quality. It also creates a stronger connection with the outdoors.

7. Transom

It is a horizontal crossbar that is situated over the doorframe, or between the window and door. The transom is used to allow a way to air and light even when the door is closed.

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Types of Door Frames

The following are the most popular door frame types,

1. Inward Opening Door Frames And Outward Opening Door Frames

It is very important to keep in mind the direction of opening the door when we are buying an external door set frame for our house. Most of the hinged doors are open in only one direction.

So, to place the door stopper in the right position, it is essential to know the correct opening direction of the door, so that door can’t open in the wrong direction.

Most of the external frames are chosen which are inwards opening but there are exceptions.

2. Open Door Frame

Open Door Frame
Open Door Frame

It is the very most commonly used door frame. It is simple in design as well as easy to construct with the two vertical members. The main thing that makes it different from others is it does not contain a sill at bottom of the frame.

The open door frame is mostly manufactured for the interior of the house so that it’s not containing a sill, therefore, gets easy access.

3. Closed Door Frame

Closed Door Frame
Closed Door Frame

It is a frame, which contains all the parts of the door frame sill at the bottom, vertical members called side jambs, head jambs as well as threshold.

It is mostly manufactured for exterior doors. Because it provides a complete frame that seals and protect the house from entering unwanted dust, insect, etc.

4. Door Frame with Glazing Panels

Door Frame With Glazing Panel
Door Frame with Glazing Panels

 It is a frame, which is used for extra light or added decorative features to the house. Different options we are getting to add are glazing panels with different sizes and various shapes.

5. Pocket Door Frame

Pocket Door Frame
Pocket Door Frame

It is a frame, which is used where the door is recessed into the wall, i.e. called pocket door frame. It is not suitable for load-bearing walls because the frame might weaken the strength of the wall.

If we have limited space then we can use the pocket door frame. It is mainly used in bathrooms, home offices, closets, and utility rooms.

6. Fanlight Door Frame

Fanlight Door Frame
Fanlight Door Frame

If the glazing panel is placed above the door or an over panel it’s called a fanlight. With an over panel when the jambs of a frame reach the height of the room, it will usually be called a story frame because it reaches the next story of the building.

If the horizontal part of the frame which joins the main door frame to the fanlight is usually called a transom bar.

7. Sidelight Door Frame                                  

SideLight  Door Frame
Sidelight Door Frame   

If the glazing panel is placed at the side of the frame it’s called a sidelight. Glass panels are always used to more sunlight. Side panels are of any shape or size which makes the door frames more attractive and beautiful.

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