23 Different Types of Windows For Home

What Is Window?

A window is defined as a wall opening to admit fresh air and sunlight into the building and also to give an outside view. The window is provided for aesthetic purposes.

The window is an essential component of any type of structure. It provides sufficient insulation against heat and cold.

There are different types of windows are available based on framing material, location, design, operational movement of shutter, position, casement size and shape, casement material, manner of fixing, aesthetic purpose, etc.

The window is mainly divided into two parts,

  • Window Shutters
  • Window Frame

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Selection Criteria for Windows

The selection of a suitable window in a particular type of structure or place should be dependent on the following factors,

  • Direction of wind
  • Location of Room
  • Utility of room
  • Climatic condition
  • Size and shape of a room
  • Architectural point of view

Based on the above factor we can select suitable windows for our buildings or home.

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23 Types Of Windows To Consider For Your Home

The following are types of windows used in homes & buildings,

  1. Fixed Windows
  2. Sliding Window
  3. Casement Window
  4. Pivoted window
  5. Metal Window
  6. Sash Window
  7. Corner Window
  8. Bay Window
  9. ClearStory Window
  10. Single Hung Window
  11. Double Hung Window
  12. Sash Window
  13. Metal Window
  14. Oriel Windows
  15. Transom windows
  16. Bow Windows
  17. Dormer Windows
  18. Round Windows
  19. Arched Windows
  20. Jalousie Windows
  21. Gable Window
  22. Lantern Window
  23. Sky Lights

1. Fixed Windows                      

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Fixed Window

Fixed windows as the name suggest these types of windows are fixed to the wall. It cannot be closed or open. Also, it can be easily transmitted light into the house with fully glazed shutters.

The shutters of windows are fixed with the frame of the window. It is also known as a picture window. Because it can provide only outside of the view of nature. It is cheap as compared to other types of windows.

2. Sliding Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Sliding Window

Sliding Window as the name suggests the window shutters are movable or slide in the frame of the window. The movement of the shutter is depending on the roller bearing.

The sliding window is moved within the internal space of the frame. No outside or extra space is required to open it. Generally, this type of window is wide. The biggest disadvantage of the window is that it cannot be opened fully like a casement window. In that one side of the window is always closed.

The following type of Sliding Window:

  • Double Track Sliding Windows
  • Triple Track Sliding Windows
  • Multi-Track Sliding Windows

3. Casement Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Casement Windows

Nowadays Casement window is widely used in India. The window shutter is attached to the frame and these can be close and open typically like a door and rebates are provided to the frame to receive the window shutter.

The panel of shutters may be solo or pair. Casement windows offer more ventilation as compared to any other type of window and this type of window is not recommended in walkways, streets, and traffic areas.

Advantages of Casement Windows

  • It required low and easy maintenance.
  • It gives Good Quality insulation.
  • This window is easily customized in shape and design.
  • This window provides excellent ventilation.

Disadvantages of Casement windows

  • Not very secure.
  • The casement window is limited in size.

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4. Oriel Window

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Oriel Window

Oriel Window is commonly used on the upper floors or stories. This window is supported by brackets and corbels.

Advantages of Oriel Window        

  • It gives elegant
  • It allows more natural sunlight to enter the buildings.
  • It gives luxurious look to your home.

Disadvantages of Oriel Windows

  • This window is expensive compared to other types of bay windows.
  • Not suitable for everyone because it gives direct sunlight.

5. Bay Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Bay Window

Bay window is also known as projected windows. This increases the area of the opening. Also, the projection of the window comes in different shapes like rectangular, triangular, polygonal, etc.

That increases the beauty of the house and most of the case side window is opened for ample light and provide excellent ventilation

Also, the bay window is commonly used in the family room and kitchen where the large sill level of the window is utilized as a seat or to place plant pots, decorative items, etc.

Advantage of Bay window

  • The Bay window is providing good ventilation and proper lights.
  • It is easily customized in shape, size, and design.
  • Inside the wall, extra space is useful for decorative purposes.
  • It gives a good appearance to your house.
  • It can add property value.

Disadvantages of Bay windows

  • It is expensive.
  • Bay window can let lots of light into the house.

6. Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to the bay window the main difference is instead of having this window is hexagonal and has straight edges or arched. This bow window is larger than the bay windows.

Advantages of Bow Windows

  • This window adds space to the interior.
  • It gives the most elegant look to your home.

Disadvantages of Bow Windows

  • A bow window is costly compared to other windows.
  • It is difficult to clean.
  • Not for everyone because it provides extra light and heat inside the room.

7. Round Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Round Window

A Round window is a gothic architectural type of window. This window is inspired by rose-type windows.

This is popular in Europe during the middle age it is fixed or open in nature. It is also known as the porthole window.

Also, they are used on stairs or in darker areas that lack light. The Round window transfers a good amount of light. It is having around corners.

Advantages of Round window

  • The round window Comes with a unique design and detail.
  • It can add more natural light to the area.
  • It required low maintenance cost.

Disadvantages of Round Windows

  • Most round windows cannot be functional.
  • This window is difficult to install.
  • It can show a limited visual view.
  • It is not suitable for a house.

The following type of round window is used,

  • Full circle window
  • Half Circle window
  • Quarter Circle window
  • Oval window
  • Elliptical window

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8. Arched Window

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Arch Window

The arched window is rectangular in shape at the bottom and its top is half-circle or arched in shape. An arch window can be used to give a Victorian-like effect on your house. Also, it is known as a radius window.

Advantages of Arched Windows

  • An arched window is offered uniqueness in your home.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Maintenance cost is low.
  • The arched window is veritable for different types of homes.

Disadvantages of Arched Window      

  • An arch window is not given proper ventilation in your home.
  • It did not provide an ideal opening for emergency cases.

9. Single Hung Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Single Sash Window

The single sash window looks like a double-hung window but the main difference is a single hung window in one sash is open and closed while another sash is fixed.

In most single windows, the upper sash is fixed. In a double-hung window, both sashes can slide.

Advantages of Single Hung Windows    

  • Single Hung Window installation is easy.
  • It provides greater ventilation.
  • It is cheap.

Disadvantages of Single Hung Windows     

  • It is hard to clean.
  • It is a limited option in design, size, and shape.

10. Double Hung Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Double Hung Window

In Double-hung window pair of shutters is attached to the frame. The pair of shutters can slide or open vertically within the frame of a window and these shutters are arranged one above the other.

Advantages of Double Hung Window

  • Double Hung Window is provided excellent ventilation.
  • It is easy to clean.

A disadvantage of Double Hung Window  

  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • Greater possibility of air leak.

11. Pivoted Window

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Pivoting Window

Pivoted Window is also known as openers. Pivots are provided to the window frame. Which is helps to oscillate the shutter of the window and the swinging of the window shutter may either vertical or horizontal based on the arrangement of pivots. The sashes of the pivoted window are rotated 90 to 180 degrees.

Advantages of Pivoted Windows

  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is open widely so they provide maximum ventilation.
  • It is more durable compared to other types of windows.

Disadvantages of Pivoted Window

  • This type of window intrudes on the inside space of the window.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is difficult to install.

12. Jalousie window

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Jalousie Window

Jalousie window is the most common type of window style which splits into many different slats of metal, wood, and glass. It is open like a set of blinds, by cranking the lever the slats.

This type of window is generally used where excellent ventilation is required, the view is not important.

Advantages of Jalousie Windows

  • It provides proper Ventilation.
  • It can maintain airflow during rains and storms with a slanted design.

Disadvantages of Jalousie Windows

  • It is not secure as another type of window.
  • It does not look good. Only used for a bathroom where outside of view is not important.

13. Louvered Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Louvered Window

Louvered windows are providing for proper ventilation without any outside view or vision. The louvers are made of different materials such as metal, glass, wood, etc.

Louvers can function by the pulley. We can easily maintain the slop of louvers by lifting the cord and tilting the cord. Also, a louvered window is similar to the louvered door. An angle of inclination is about 45 degrees.

Advantages of Louvered Windows

  • A louvered window offers Superior ventilation.
  • Louvered windows can be easy to clean or maintain.
  • A louvered shutter can open fully. So that they give maximum airflow.
  • A louvered window gives classic look to your home.
  • It can provide easy outside access during fire extinguisher.
  • A louvered window is cost-effective. Because it can reduce you’re cooling and heating charge.

Disadvantages of Louvered Window

  • A louvered window is not air-tight.
  • A louvered window may allow the noise from outside of your home.

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14. Metal Windows  

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Metal Window

The Metal window is made from mild steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, and wrought iron. But mild steel metal window is cheap compared to these other types of windows.

They can offer more durability. So that nowadays used widely in public buildings and private buildings etc. Metal windows have come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Advantages of Metal Window

  • The metal window’s strength level is high.
  • The metal window is easy to clean.
  • A metal window is easily available in different sizes and designs.

Disadvantages of Metal Window

  • In metal, a window is at a high risk of rust.
  • The metal window is heavy in weight.
  • The metal window is expensive compared to the casement window.

15. Sash Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Sash Window

The Sash window is constructed from two movable sashes; one sash is sitting in front of the other one. They have decorative sash horns or bar, which feature is added to look like classic windows.

The Sash window is similar to the casement type of window. But the sash window panel is fully glazed. The space between the different rails is divided into small panels called glazing bars or sash bars. The Sash window consists of its bottom, intermediate, and top rails.

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16. Corner Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Corner Window

The corner window as the name suggests is installed at the corner of the room or Building. In the Corner window, air or light can be entered the room in two directions.

Because this window has two faces in a perpendicular direction. Also, it increases the appearance of the building.

17. Dormer Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Dormer Window

A Dormer window is a structural element of a building, which is constructed on a sloping roof. It provides proper light and ventilation inside the room and also adds extra space to rooms.

A dormer window increases the aesthetic look of your house. It comes in different styles and sizes. Which depends upon the roof style.

The following type of Dormer windows;

  • Gable fronted dormer
  • Hipped Roof Dormer
  • Flat Roof Dormer
  • Shed Dormer
  • Wall Dormer
  • Link Dormer
  • Seamless Gable Dormer
  • Twin Dormer

18. Clearstory Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Clerestory Window

The clearstory Window is an Egyptian type of window style. If the room in your building is a different ceiling height at that time clearstory window is a more suitable option. In this window, the shutter is working with the help of a cord over the pulley.

19. Lantern Windows

23 Different Types of Windows For Home
Lantern Window

Generally, the Lantern windows are provided over the flat slab or roof. The main aim of this window is to provide fresh air and more light into the house.

20. Gable Windows

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Gable Window

This window is provided in a pitched roof building at the gable end. So that is called a gable window. Gable window increases the beauty of buildings.

21. Skylight Window

23 Types of Windows | Window Types and Window Styles Used For Home
Skylight Window

A Skylight window is installed on the top of a pitched or sloped roof.  It is admitted more than three-time of light as compared to the vertical window.

It is open or closed when required. It is also known as roof light. Generally, it is made with transparent glass or Plastic.

The following type of Skylight.

  • Fixed Skylight.
  • Ventilated Skylights
  • Tabular Skylights
  • Custom Skylights
  • Pyramid Skylights.
  • Dome Shaped Skylights.
  • Barrel Vault Skylight
  • Curb–Mounted Skylights
  • Ridge Skylights.


What Are Different Types of Windows

Fixed Windows
Sliding Window
Casement Window
Pivoted window
Metal Window
Sash Window
Corner Window
Bay Window
ClearStory Window
Single Hung Window
Double Hung Window
Sash Window
Metal Window
Oriel Windows
Transom windows
Bow Windows
Dormer Windows
Round Windows
Arched Windows
Jalousie Windows
Gable Window
Lantern Window
Sky Lights

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