10 Best Water Tank In India 2024

The Water Tank is one of the important essential components of any building whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. Therefore choosing the best water tank in India requires prime attention.

Arrangements must be made to store water where human beings reside. Because a human can survive for many days without food, but without water, he can only survive a few days. For this reason, water tanks must be installed everywhere to store and supply.

Best Water Tank In India

As water tanks are an essential house component every house owner tries to select the best water tank in India. The following are some of the best water tank company in India in 2024

1. Sintex Water Tank

Sintex water storage solutions ensure the highest standards of hygiene at a reasonable cost. The Sintex Ace, an innovation that offers a side manhole feature for easy cleaning along with Sintex Pure, Sintex Titus, Reno, Loft Tanks, Sumps, FRP, PUF, and SMC panel tanks covers the entire range of water storage solutions.

Sintex Water Tank
Sintex Water Tank

Sintex Plastics Division was started in the year 1975, and today we have the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the world. Sintex brand is one of most recommended and purchased Best Water Tank In India in 2023

Sintex Water Tank Prices:

500 LiterDouble LayerRs. 4500
1000 Liter Double LayerRs. 9600
1500 LiterDouble LayerRs. 14400
2000 LiterDouble LayerRs. 19000

Visit the Official Website for More Products and Price: SintexIndia

2. Plasto Water Tank

R C Plasto has been an industry leader in plastic product fabrication. Plastic has been awarded as an innovative and high-growing company by FT High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2020.

We offer one of the largest selections of water storage tanks, pipes, PTMT, plumbing solutions, agriculture fittings, bathroom fittings, CPVC, and UPVC. Our 13-acre production company is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

 Plasto Water Tank
Plasto Water Tank

Plasto’s wide product manufacturing, competitive pricing, a wide network of dealers and suppliers, are the reasons why Plasto has so many long-standing, committed customers. We are privately owned and manufacture millions of products each year.

Plasto water tanks have a high-quality product that is also one of the best water tank brands in India,

Plasto Water Tank Prices:

500 LiterDouble LayerRs. 4300
1000 Liter Double LayerRs. 9100
1500 LiterDouble LayerRs. 13900
2000 LiterDouble LayerRs. 18000

To Know Pasto Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: RCPlasto.com

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3. Supreme Water Tank

Founded in 1942, Supreme is an acknowledged leader of India’s plastics industry. Handling volumes of over 3,20,000 tonnes of polymers annually effectively makes the country’s largest plastics processor.

Not surprisingly, we also offer the widest and most comprehensive range of plastic products in India.

Supreme Industries Limited is India’s leading plastic processing company with seven business divisions. The company has forayed into different types of plastic processing in Injection Moulding, Rotational Moulding (ROTO), Extrusion, Compression Moulding, Blow Moulding, etc.

Supreme Water Tank
Supreme Water Tank

Supreme Industries limited offers a wide range of plastic products with a variety of applications in Moulded Furniture, Storage & Material Handling Products, XF Films & Products, Performance Films, Industrial Moulded Products, Protective Packaging Products, Composite Plastic Products, Plastic Piping systems & Petrochemicals. Supreme produces the best water tank for residential and commercial uses.

2018-19 will see The Supreme Group turnover cross a projected Rs.125 billion (USD 2 billion).

Supreme Water Tank Prices:

500 Liter6 LayerRs. 4800
1000 Liter 6 Layer Rs. 8000
1500 Liter6 Layer Rs. 11300
2000 Liter6 Layer Rs. 14600

To Know Supreme Water Tank Products Visit the Official Website: Supreme.co.in

4. Ashirvad Water Tank

Ashirvad Pipes has been the benchmark of quality in the Indian water management industry since 1998. We adhere to the highest international standards set for manufacturing products for potable water supply through smart solutions and intelligent technologies that ensure sustainability and convenience.

It is the choice of many residual and industrial owners as the best water tank for bulk storage of water.

Ashirvad Water Tank
Ashirvad Water Tank

In 2014, Ashirvad was selected by KPMG, the global audit firm, as one of the “fasted growing marketing brands in Asia”.

Ashirvad Water Tank Prices:

500 Liter4 LayerRs. 4050
1000 Liter 4 Layer Rs. 8100
1500 Liter4 Layer Rs. 15000
2000 Liter4 Layer Rs. 19000

To Know Ashirvad Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: Ashirvad.com

5. Penguin Water Tank

It is a “Penguin Tank”, a polymer-based manufacturing house, producing a comprehensive range of polymer containers and other custom molding articles to support a wide range of client bases throughout eastern and western parts of India.

With a profound experience extending over 15 years, the founders of our company are proficient in management and manufacturing techniques and are uniquely equipped to provide innovative solutions that cater to contemporary industry needs.

Penguin Water Tank
Penguin Water Tank

Their flagship unit Flexi Plast India & Perfect Poly Plast was established in 2004 at Amreli, Gujarat followed by three other units in different regions of India including the Eastern region.

Besides the polymer molding business, they are associated with Polymer Compounding, Textile & Graphics business as well.

Penguin Water Tank Prices:

500 Liter4 LayerRs. 3950
1000 Liter 4 Layer Rs. 7800
1500 Liter4 Layer Rs. 13000
2000 Liter4 Layer Rs. 17200

To Know Penguin Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: penguintank.com

6. Storewel Water Tank

The company founded in 1987, as Rotomatic Containers Pvt. Ltd. manufactured the widest range of useful, attractive, and high-quality plastic molded products under the ‘STOREWEL’ brand.

The main categories are Water Storage Tanks, Chemical Storage tanks, Material / Garbage Handling Bins – Wheelbarrows, and Agricultural assortments, in combination with many other products.

Storewel Water Tank
Storewel Water Tank

It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company having our Plant and Registered Office at Ambad, Nashik. Production amenities offered by the company’s Work Shop include Rotomoulding/ Rotational molding Machines, Compounding Extruders, Pulverisers, Captive Tool Room and Fabrication Shop, Independent Quality Control, an Equipped Testing Laboratory, Designing Services, Custom Molding Services, etc.

To Know Storewel Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: Storewel.com

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7. Vectusl Water Tank

Vectus Industries Limited is one of the leading polymer-based water storage solutions companies in India, primarily in the business of manufacturing water storage tanks and piping systems for more than three decades.

We are among the few recognized brands which use all four types of techniques i.e. Extrusion molding, Injection molding, Blow molding & Roto molding, to process the plastic.

Vectusl Water Tank
Vectusl Water Tank

Vectus Industries Limited is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company. Their products are manufactured as per IS standards which are accepted across the country.

To Know Vectusl Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: Storewel.com

8. National Plastics Water Tank

National Plastics is a Pioneer Company in manufacturing Plastic Water and Chemical Storage Tanks.

National Plastics is India’s No: 1 company, having the largest range, sizes available from 200 Its to 35,000 It’s capacity in one piece molded without any joints manufactured by Rotational molding process.

National Plastics Water Tank
National Plastics Water Tank

Their Existing Products :

  • Water & Chemical Storage Tanks. (200 Ltrs. To 35,000 Ltrs)
  • Open Top Vessels with a flat bottom. (200 Ltrs. To 25,000 Ltrs)
  • Conical Bottom Tank with Open Top. (500 Ltrs. To 10,000 Ltrs)
  • Electroplating Tanks, Pickling Tanks, Textile Trollies, Troughs.
  • Insulated Ice-Boxes.
  • Dust Bins
  • Pallets.
  • Crates
  • Bucket and Ghamela

To Know More about National Plastics Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: National Plastics

9. Aqua Tech Water Tank

Leading Plastic Water Tanks Manufacturers in India

Carris Pipes & Tubes Pvt. Limited started its journey of growth from a small village in the Ernakulam district. Managed by a group of entrepreneurs, bringing expertise from various fields, Carris Pipes and Tubes manufactures Aquatech water storage tanks, cold boxes, defense drop boxes, garbage bins, and a host of custom-molded artifacts.

An ISO-certified firm, it has FDA and ISI approvals for its products manufactured by the process of Biaxial Rotomoulding.

Aqua-Tech Water Tank
Aqua-Tech Water Tank

The company has three production units in three different states. These are Unit I near Kodanad in Kerala, Unit II near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, and Unit III near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The scattered units help to reach a larger number of customers and facilitate the timely delivery of goods.

To Know More about Aqua Tech Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: Aqua Tech

10. Ocean Water Tank

An Insight into our Business

Ocean Group manufactures an extensive array of Water Tanks (both ISI and non-ISI) catering to various segments in various colors using virgin food-grade material.

Ocean Group has achieved its success through a transformation as a leading manufacturer of various plastic products and it continues to remain the only way forward.

Ocean Water Tank
Ocean Water Tank

Their transformational DNA is helping us leverage opportunities across various markets they continue to leverage their expertise built on our capabilities, to provide agile and adaptive solutions to our customers and establish themself as one of the leading players.

To Know More about Ocean Water Tank Products Visit Official Website: Oceangroup.net.in

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